• Selena Jacque
    Apr 30, 2020 01:28 AM

    Herbal supplements have existed for thousands of years and can be traced over several different cultures. For now. Herbs are now used to cure diabetics, herpes, chronic pain, asthma,hepatitis b, cancer , ALS , Ovarian Cyst and even  GENITAL HERPES. I like herbs so much. Most of the time, the injection and the drug are only a loss of duration. I was cured of GENITAL HERPES   last year with the use of herbs, I suffered from GENITAL HERPES   for 13 years, but with the help of DR. Hazim Usman  Herbal Medicine, I was cured in a few weeks of using the herbs he sent me by UPS Service Delivery. I don't know the kind of health problem you are facing right now, but I assured you that you will be cured if you contact Dr. Hazim Usman and explain your problem to him, that the issues will resolve in a few weeks , contact Dr. Hazim Usman by his e-mail address:-----( usmandrhazim@gmail.com )-----or reach him via
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  • Duma Sino
    Apr 20, 2020 06:14 PM

    My girlfriend ex had herpes and didn't tell her. Then she had a breakout, but we didn't know what it was until after it went away. We had sex a few days after that. I was itching all the time. I went to the doctor to find out I had herpes. My herbal doctor (DR JOE) gave me HSV HERBAL REMEDY, and I took two teaspoon daily for good one month and three weeks just as instructed. I haven't had a breakout yet, and My last test came out Negative. For more information about this remedy, visit: ww w. besthealthherbalcentre .c om

  • S Sarangi
    Mar 22, 2020 10:30 AM

    Article is a let down, quite like hearsay. Meeting Pandian or fact checking his results would have made it real

  • Honesy Gen
    Mar 21, 2020 06:00 PM

    I was tested Herpes 1&2 last 3years. I keep on managing the drugs i usually purchase from the health care agency to keep me healthy and strengthen, i tried all i can to make this disease leave me alone, but unfortunately, it keep on eating up my life, this is what i caused myself, for allowing my fiance make sex to me insecurely without protection, although i never knew he is Herpes positive. So last month i came in contact with a lively article on the internet on how this Powerful Herb Healer cured someone from herpes. So i copied out Dr abaka the traditional healer’s email id, and I mailed him immediately, in a little while he mail me back, I was please at that time. And i continue with him, he said he will make some herbs for me which i will take for 14 days, morning and night, that he shall get back to me as soon as he is through. I was very happy. later on, he sent me the drugs to my home address and i took as instructed, and after 14 days, i went for checkup in the hospital and my result came out negative, i am the happiest person on earth, i need to share this testimonies to everyone who seek for cure, i will advice you contact him today for your healing at the above details: Email drabakaspelltemple@gmail.com or call +2349063230051.

  • Chakradhar Mohanta
    Mar 20, 2020 03:05 PM

    All revers meet at sea : All system is for the public interests. The traditional system is no doubt rotten one n it can't fulfil public intest now days ! So if this direct approach series is good for public interest, then it is ok.Just river meeting the seas. Since 73 yrs we have paid a lot in the name of system n democracy !