• Opinionated-Bewda
    Feb 08, 2020 10:14 PM

    Heavens this article could be written in the ISIS website. Nasser talk about Muslims not saysing anything about CAA, NRC. Well they had their own discriminatory citizenship process. Didn’t allow anyone to move into Kashmir, took the reservations meant for lower class Hindus, took 4 times the per person allocation from Hindu majority tax payer while practicing genociode of Pandit’s. Protest? They declared loudly on Masjid loudspeakers for Pandit’s to convert, get killed, leave while the Muslims would rape the Pandit women. It was a Muslim perpetrated holocaust on Pandit’s. All this talk about NRC, CAA each of the Muslim men/women would show every piece of identity to visit Haj. They would never date look the Saudi police in the eye who spit on them. Naseer Ganai you are crook and a liar.