Dec 18, 2019 05:41 PM

    It is funny how all the comments says it is only for illegal immigrants not for Indian citizen. How do you prove you are an Indian is a big question. With the hatred against the Muslim and greed for the money what guarantee do you have that the police will do their job honestly. Illegals are illegal irrespective of religion or caste. Looks like Modi

  • A Anil
    Dec 18, 2019 06:40 AM

    No legal Citizen of India is worried. It's only the illegal immigrants who are being used by CONgress to spread violence.

  • Vijayalakshmi Menon
    Dec 14, 2019 07:36 AM

    It's the vicious Congress and Communist parties which are spreading falsehood to destabilize the country! Indians of all communities are safe here!This is a political conspiracy against the BJP and this country by the vested interests of the Congress and the Communist parties!It's high time these vested interests are exposed!