• Dr. Dev Gupta
    Nov 09, 2019 09:52 PM

    Saurav, an achiever, would be the right person to bring W. Bengal from the brink of disaster. To recover from a Century of self inflicted decline Bengali Hindus specially its pretentious, do nothing Bhadralok ( upper caste Gentry, about 7 % of the population with disproportionate influence ) must stop their self delusion and suicidal behavior ( following the Third Rate poet Tagore, Marx, a VIOLENT Kali like politician from Kalighat in preference over self made Scientist / Industrialists like Acharya P.C. Roy or responsible high achieving politicians like Dr. B. C. Roy ). W. Bengal has now fallen far behind even once war ravaged Bangladesh which has developed a $ 40 billion a year garment export industry.

    Whatever little WB now exports ( still Tea and Jute ) are in the hands of the Marwaris and they do NOT contribute to the State's welfare other than providing some low paid jobs to local Bengalis.

    THE BENGALI MIDDLE CLASS ( about 10 % of the total population of nearly 100 million of WB ) MUST POOL THEIR OWN CONSIDERABLE RESOURCES AND START A BENGAL BANK OF DEVELOPMENT. Then train and back Entrepreneurs in growth areas like High End Software, manufacture equipment and engineering for Water ( tubes, tanks, pumps, boats, bridges, hydro electric power plants, .. ) and engineering components for e-vehicles, renewable energy,..

    WB is still located in a very strategic area with easy access to surrounding countries and even the whole world. Hindu Bengalis MUST STOP depending on handouts from Delhi ( like the much delayed E-W Metro of Calcutta ) instead GET MOVING themselves.

    Saurav would be a GREAT LEADER to change Bengali mindset