• Sharad Ashani
    Jun 07, 2019 04:56 PM

    It is sad to learn that an aspiring Dr. ended her life using fan in hostel room. To curb suicide by using fan, we have developed an Anti Suicide Fan Rod. If this rod would have been used for hanging fan then the life of the Dr. Tadvi would have been saved.
    Earlier in Sept. 2017, a Dental student of Nair Hospital ended her life using fan in hostel room located in Curry road area. We had sent e mail suggesting to replace normal fan rod by our Anti Suicide Fan Rod, as done by several hostels. However, we did not get response at that time. We now wish that this time management will consider using Anti Suicide Fan Rod. Form more details visit our site www.goldlife.co.in. The working of Anti Suicide Fan Rod can be seen using following url https://www.facebook.com/sharad.ashani.988/videos/125753681466640/