• Ajay Chandra Sadhuneni
    May 13, 2019 07:47 PM

    There are many half-truths and plain lies being propagated about the role of Globarena in the recent controversy on Intermediate results in Telangana State. While some people are intentionally misleading the public for their own political gains, some well-intentioned, learned people too are spreading lies without verifying the facts
    One of the biggest lies being promoted is that Globarena did some mistakes which resulted in the suicides of some students. Nothing can be more farther from the truth. Students may take the extreme step only if they feel that they are not awarded the marks that they deserve. Who awards the marks? Marks are awarded by evaluators appointed by the Intermediate board. Globarena is in no way involved in awarding the marks to students.
    Globarena’s scope is not evaluation of answer scripts. In fact they do not deal with the student answer scripts at all. Their scope is only to capture the details from the OMR sheets after they are detached from the answer scripts. They do this by scanning the OMR sheets and capturing the data from the scripts. This data includes marks awarded by evaluators after evaluating answer scripts. Then they tabulate the marks, total them and process results. Throughout this process, officials of the intermediate board would verify after each stage.
    How can Globarena be held responsible for what happened in an activity which is not part of the scope of its activities? All learned people if they really want to do good to the society should consider the above fact before making any generalized comments on Globarena. The real reasons for student suicides could be multifold including excessive pressure, the current methods of teaching and evaluation in Intermediate or any other factor. We are failing to acknowledge and address the real problems by just conveniently blaming Globarena because they were awarded the contract for results processing.