• Atul Biswas
    Mar 16, 2019 11:32 PM

    Let me cite Henry Cotton, ICS who was hailed in Annual Congress Conferences for his perspective for Indian aspiration. He wrote in his book, India In Transition, 1885:

    "The result of education has tended to equalize the races, and the nearer the equality the stronger the dislike. The more Anglicized an Indian is, the more he is disliked by Englishmen. The sense of jealousy becomes greater. Whatever may be professed, Englishmen are ready to encourage natives who speak broken English, those who are subject to Hindoo prejudices more than those who have renounced them, and generally who are far removed from English habits of thought and life more than those who made a close approach to them. They are more pleased with the backward Hindoo than with his advanced compatriot, because the former has made no attempt to attain equality with themselves.” Henry Cotton, India In Transition, (first published in 1885),
    "The security of our Raj in India depends more on the sympathy and goodwill than on British bayonets..........
    "No system of government can be permanently safe where there is a feeling inferiority or of mortification affecting the relations between the governing and the governed............

    They are embittered, deeply embittered at their exclusion from power, at the deliberate neglect of assurances in their favor solemnly made and repeatedly renewed, at the contemptuous manner in which they are treated by Europeans, and at the insolence with which their legitimate aspirations are spurned and set aside............
    The educated classes are the voices and brain of the country."
    Low Price Publication, Delhi, reprint 1993, p. 67

    Dalit and tribal are embittered, deeply embittered. We have seen what role the then HRD Minister and Labour Ministers have played. The Vice-Chancellors of Central Universities, and UGC chairman are all simple puppets. Rohit Vemula is not a student. He is a symbol of protests.
    All over the country the insensitivity and ruthless antipathy against dalit and tribals are so evident all over.