• Sanjiv Gupta
    Jul 02, 2018 08:29 AM

    Food habits affect both our mind and body (Nutrition Famine: What’s On Our Plate?, June 28). Since our lifestyles have become busy and stressful, and abundance of fast foods all around, we pick them for ease and palatability and, thus, ails from lifestyle diseases. It is in fact (like smoking) we are injecting a ‘poison’ into our body on a daily basis. How can parents inculcate healthy habits in their children if they eat unhealthy stuff themselves and believe in placating them with ‘happy foods’? Among the so called ‘modern’ foods, we need to remind ourselves repeatedly to grab only the nutritious food. To curb burgeoning waistlines and reduce nation’s medical expenditure, many countries like France, Norway, Japan, Mexico etc have introduced higher taxes on foods with high sugars and saturated fats. Australia too is considering to reduce sugar by 20% in foods loaded with this ‘poison’. Can India follow suit on such foods uniformly at the national level? Moreover, healthy diet guidelines of WHO can work wonders if our politicians can promote them instead of indulging in mud-slinging politics. It is really appreciative of Outlook to run a cover story on nutrition and I dare to coin a slogan conscientiously ‘Mind Your Bite’!

  • Rajneesh Batra
    Jun 30, 2018 11:18 AM

    “Ignoring the ‘SOUL’ of the ‘FOOD’ and going by its ‘LOOKS’ only, is causing ‘DEFICIENCY’.