• Atulkrishna Biswas
    Jul 02, 2018 07:09 PM

    Are you sure Niravs and Mehulbhais, Kotharis, Vijas and Ajais will not gatecrush and occupy most lucrative spaces, sell the country to foreign powers  and escape from the soil which is loving motherland to tens of  millions of illiterate, ignorant and underprivileged. We are not clear why should private sector honchos be at all keen or up and doing to deliver for them? Their philosophy, ideology and targets, their jets, and mansions never ever jell with objective for uplift  such sections of multitudes. 

    If at all. send them to mountain and forests areas of N-E, Chattisgarh, MP, Jharkhand, Naxal infested areas, in desert districts of Rajasthan,  to perform and transform dazzlingly. Let them give education by their wonderful skill up their sleev to all the illiterate countrymen 70 years of freedom has failed thus far to achieve. 

    Tell them that law will punish them, as severely as any civil servant,  if they betray the trust of the country, compromise the soverign authority of the nation,  violate the oath they take under the Constitution for self  aggrandisement.