Jun 11, 2018 02:14 PM

    If people vote for a coalition in 2019 India is still not mature enough for democracy.

  • GHAI
    Jun 09, 2018 03:22 PM

    My choice is Tejaaswi Yadav being the lesser corrupt all other contenders .

    If Courts work speedily then all these condenders would be in Jail for corruption already going on against them before the 2019 Elections.

    India Ki Izzat ko Char Chand lag Jaein ge Jab Hammara future Pradhan Mantri Jail se Sarkar Chalaey ga !

  • Rajneesh Batra
    Jun 09, 2018 11:22 AM

    “In PMO the ‘PM’s Chair’ will have to be replaced with ‘PMs’ BENCH’ to accommodate so many ‘Ambitious Souls’.

  • G.Natrajan
    Jun 08, 2018 11:50 PM

    The only thing that unites these PM wannabe bozos is their anti-BJP stance. They will come  together only to keep the BJP out of power.  Once that happens, they'll soon let their Himalayan sized egos take over and ensure that any alliance among them will fall apart like a house of cards within three years. We have seen it all before. If the Indian voters don't give the mandate to a single party in the next election, they will more than ever, as Winston Churchill put it, get a government they truly deserve.