May 05, 2018 12:43 PM

    Chinese Economy is Five Times Bigger than India -Why ?

    Because there was no Nehru Gahndi Parivar and Congress Sarkars ever in China .wh
    Congress looted and looted India dry .
    WE IDIOTS time and Voted Congress Govts and allowed looters to loot us .

    Take the case of Bank NPAs and LOC scams all these scams started ,nursed and peaked during Congress Rule .Now Rahul asks why Mallya and Nirav ran away ? Well looters do run away after looting India due Mehrabanis of Congress .

    In China top Ministers if proved corrupt are shot down after basic Trials .In India Congress made such Rules that no chor Politiican will ever be punished .Take case of Lalu the friend of Rahul  .Lalu is jailed for nearly 40 years still Inidans Vote for him and his Party .

    Sidhu is guilty for muyrder of an old man and is sentenced for Jail for 3 Years still Sidhu is Minister of Congress Govt Sarkar in Panjab.

    All corrupt Netas of Congress are roaming free and contesting Elections .

    China is progressin because their systems are robust .Our Economy is in doldrums because we Indians have the love for the corrupt Politiicians

    Reast assured Chores we will Vote Back sooner or later !

    China has no Parliament Houses but we have RS an LS both are hostage to miniscule Congress and Opposition .Chinese system works but Indian system does not !

    Let Modi go .India will again be an poor Copuntry .
    Phir loot lenge India woh !

  • Biswapriya Purkayastha
    May 05, 2018 11:40 AM

    "India is an open economy"

    "The Chinese economy is five times the size of India's"

    Both statements in the same article, and yet no attempt to analyse the implications.

    Of course the Chinese model is better. Besides, it is going to happen in India too, sooner rather than later.