Jun 25, 2018 01:12 PM

    Full text: Bar Council of India launches scathing attack on retired Supreme Court judge J Chelameswar



    Editor's note: The following is the full text of a press release issued by the Bar Council of India two days after the retirement of now-former Supreme Court judge Justice J Chelameswar. Aside from slamming the former judge for interviews given to the media, the press release also condemns him for the damage done to the Supreme Court of India by him. Further, the release consistently misspells his name throughout the course of its 500-plus words.

    The statement is being reproduced here verbatim and has not been edited by Firstpost.


    Self restraint by the Hon'ble judges of the highest court seems to be a forgotten virtue. They have to prevent themselves from issuing statements without giving any thought to the consequences such statements could entail., The manner in which Hon'ble Justice Chemeleshwar went to the media and gave controversial and, irrelevant statements Immediately upon retirement, was not expected of a person holding such a high post and was infact against the dignity of the post he had held. Such statements and comments are liable to be deprecated. Such statements cannot be tolerated, accepted or digested by the Advocates including the rest of the countrymen.

    Justice Chemeleshwar has resorted to usage of such controversial words like" Bench fixing". Now if a handful of Lawyers of the highest court filed matter/ s and mentioned it before Justice Chemeleshwar and other chosen judges, and tried to get it listed, then that would have been "Bench fixing". Such instances have been repeated not once but on two-three occasions. Justice Chemeleshwar should have raised an objection at that point in time. But Justice Chemeleshwar did not do so and, infact accepted and agreed to hear certain matters himself which led to the beginning of a wrong practice. Had such irregular or unlawful orders been sought to be set aside by the Chief Justice or by some other judge then there would have been no harm done. Before issuing any statements relating to judges meeting politicians, Justice Chemeleshwar should himself do an self introspection.


    The fact that Justice Chemeleshwar met CPI Leader and Rajya Sabha M.P. D Raja immediately after his Press Conference, clearly deciphers the mystery and the motive behind the controversial statements being issued by Justice Chemeleshwar. The amount of damage which has been done to the institution since last January, would take a long time to be repaired and rectified. However, we have full and utmost faith that the Lawyers of the country, especially the younger generation would criticise and dislike such kind of statements and do their level best to salvage and protect the dignity and decorum of the Highest Court of the Land.''

    Justice sahib met D Raja a Left Party Politican ! What was the need to bring in Politician if the matter was purely of Administrative nature Nature of SC  ? Once Raja  came in the matter becoame Political matter .

    THe reputation of the highest Court has been severely damged .

    We are supposed to trust Courts but can we now after D Raja was involved ??

    Common man'sTrust has been badly shaken in Courts due to actions of Judges

    Now Bar Council has too comdmned the Press Conference .