• kapil bajaj
    Aug 31, 2018 01:36 PM

    Using the words "circle of hate" for a person 20 of whose family members were brutally massacred and raped before his very eyes is an act of monstrous sickness! If there is ever anyone in this world who can be described as the a quintessential example of a victim of an inferno of hate, it would be Madan Lal Pahwa. He was the innocent and undeserving victim of hatred, not the bearer of "the circle of hate". There is only one thing that this article shows -- that Madan Lal Pahwa was the epitome of courage, fortitude and the ability to struggle against savage and unwarranted hatred -- that he was, in fact, among the toughest of Indians who have ever lived. The way he has been portrayed in a negative light here by the writer is absolutely shameful and disgusting.