• Parshuram Gautampurkar
    Jul 22, 2018 01:19 PM

    Is it not amazing that despite being well aware of the said glaring fact -" We while travelling in railway trains drink contaminated water, we still use the same , as we do not have any other substitute /option , except  either to purchase  Soft drinks from the Rly stalls that too on a very rate of prices or to use the same water that we claim  to be un- usable/ not potable from the health point of view. The soft drinks too  sold on Rly food stalls are not guaranteed hygienially safe for their use. Consequently ,there are travellers who take drinking water with them from their homes just because of said reasons.

    The word contaminated , in addition to that what it has been mentioned  to be meant for in the said report, means also that what I have witnessed in person several times during journey. People after attending to Nature`s call ( after returning from urinals and lavatories ) use  the same water taps provided  for drinking water, to wash their hygienically dirty hands.  A few of the people/ passengers can be seen taking  bath and wash their dirty clothes also by using the same tap water.

    The Blog , undopubtedly, is  an eye opening material for immediate action.

    One  not only hopes but  would be confident too that  the authorities concerned in the matter would take necessary remedial /corrective measures enabling the passengers to get rid of the said worrisome situation.

    Psarshuram Gautampurkar,Sawai Madhopur,Rajasthan.