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Odisha Train Accident: Guide To Hassle-Free Insurance Claim

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Odisha Train Accident: Guide To Hassle-Free Insurance Claim

Affected policyholders can seek assistance and guidance from dedicated support channels set up by the insurance companies for a smooth claim process.

Insurance proceeds could be the greatest relief that the Odisha train accident victims might need. Here’s a guide to help them navigate the claim process.

How to Make an Insurance Claim?

Insurers have simplified the insurance claim procedure after the train accident to help expedite the process for the affected policyholders or the nominees.  

They can submit a claim form or give a written intimation with policy details and the date of the incident. Provide a copy of the death certificate or a report issued by the local authorities, such as the railways or police, confirming the death.  

Further, nominees should submit their identity and residence proof, along with their bank account details, for receiving the claim amount.  

By streamlining the documentation process, insurers aim to ensure a smooth and timely claim settlement process and prompt financial relief for the affected families.

How Much Time Will the Claim Process Take?

Policyholders impacted by the Odisha train accident may wonder about the expected waiting time for claim settlement. The waiting period may vary based on individual circumstances, but insurers say they are expediting the process to provide prompt assistance. The claimants should maintain regular communication with the insurance provider for updates on the claim status.

Where Can You Seek Help From?

Affected policyholders can seek assistance and guidance from dedicated support channels set up by the insurance companies. These channels offer personalised aid and information regarding the claim process. The following options are available:

Contact the insurance provider's dedicated helpdesk: Insurers have established dedicated helplines, contact numbers, and email addresses to assist policyholders with their claims. These channels can provide the necessary guidance and support.

Reach out to the insurer's customer service: Insurance companies have customer service departments that can address claims-related inquiries. They can offer information on the claim process and provide updates on the progress of the settlement.

While a final official figure of the total number of dead in the accident is still pending, with scores of injured still battling for life in hospitals, most media reports estimate the toll so far at more than 280, one of the most devastating train accidents in India’s history.  

As condolences pour in from across the world, the Indian Railways has set up a special 24x7 helpline number, 139, to facilitate family, friends, and relatives looking for their near and dear ones missing after the accident or have come to take back home their dead relatives and friends for cremation. 

The tragic accident occurred last Friday in Odisha’s Balasore district when the Coromandel Express derailed at full speed after hitting a stationary freight train. The impact was so massive that several of its coaches flung onto the opposite track and were hit by another oncoming passenger train.


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