Sunday, Dec 03, 2023

More Women Are Now Travelling Solo, Here’s How To Plan One

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More Women Are Now Travelling Solo, Here’s How To Plan One

More women are now travelling on their own. The choices are endless – from a backpacking trip to Spiti or Vietnam to a 14-day luxury cruise to Antarctica depending on how much your pocket allows

Today, more and more women are travelling solo. In fact, travelling is a non-negotiable lifestyle choice for many women today, cutting across ages.

Financial independence and jobs have opened up a world to them that was rare a generation, or, even a few decades ago.

For many women, travelling as a hobby took roots when they began travelling on work assignments. They fell in love with the idea of being on their own, and decided to take it up further through solo travel or group travel with a few like-minded friends.  

But travelling requires extreme and meticulous planning, right down to the last details, more so if you are travelling on your own, abroad, or in the outdoors where you are likely to have less connectivity.

If you are going on your maiden solo travel and are a little bit worried with the nitty-gritty of planning, travel and accommodation, you could get in touch with a registered guide or a reputed travel agency to help you with the essentials so that you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday. That said, take care to check the credentials of the agency from multiple sources. 

Safety First

Here are a few important things to keep in mind if you are travelling solo.

Do not cut costs on accommodation, transport or while choosing an agency. If you are travelling with an agency, make sure you travel with the right kind of like-minded people and/or age group.

Do not plan impromptu trips to secluded places with strangers or unknown people or those whom you have just met on the trip.

If you are travelling solo and are on a budget, look for women-friendly hotels or good backpacker’s hostels with female dormitories or single room in a reasonable location.

When in the outdoors, make sure someone known knows your precise camping spot. 


Here are a few additional tips to make your holidays more comfortable, if you are travelling abroad

Knowing a foreign language is helpful. But if that’s not possible, at least learn a few basic words, phrases and numerals so that you can better communicate, and at least read the road signs, car and/or bus registration numbers. 

Use Google Translate or Apps that can translate signboards in local language into English.

Use Apps to share live location with friend or family.

Use public transport or rentals from reputed agencies for travel.  

Carry a map, if required. 

Use plastic money wherever possible. 

Carry local currency for emergency use. 

Keep important numbers handy in a diary. 

Keep digital copies of important documents. 

Keep a note of the local helpline number and the Indian Embassy or Consulate.   

Travelling is back to pre-pandemic levels. You can start with a few popular destinations, either with an agency or your close group of friends to begin with.