Thursday, Oct 06, 2022
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CrossTower Ties Up With Ripple, Adds NFTs Minted On XRP Ledger In Own Marketplace

CrossTower has already made a mark in the NFT domain and has caught the attention of projects like Antara and David Bowie World

CrossTower Ties Up With Ripple, Adds NFTs Minted On XRP Ledger In Own Marketplace NFT

Crypto trading platform CrossTower has announced its partnership with Ripple for integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted on XRP Ledger, into the CrossTower NFT marketplace. Ripple is a leader in enterprise Blockchain and crypto solutions.

XRP Ledger or XRPL is known to be an ultra-fast, carbon-neutral, and, cost-effective Blockchain. Integrating this technology into the CrossTower’s marketplace will pave the way for new-age infrastructure, invariably reducing the time to on-board projects, CrossTower announced the development in a press release.

According to the release, the out-of-the-box mediums include payments, wallets, liquidity support, among others. Ultimately, the time-to-market for on-boarding projects will be accelerated. 

“Ripple’s commitment to building a developer network in India is particularly exciting for CrossTower, as we are committed to developing India’s Blockchain talent. We look forward to the growth of our global NFT platform,” said CrossTower CEO Kapil Rathi. 

CrossTower has already made a mark in the NFT domain and is aiming to expand its marketplace. The expansion will only be possible by improving the marketplace’s functionality to incorporate and support XPRL, the company said. 

The end result is expected to significantly lower both cost and barrier for potential creators who are looking to mint their projects on this Blockchain technology. The Blockchain will also enable the appropriate settlement and liquidity of tokenised assets. 

In addition to creators, fans are also expected to benefit from this partnership.

The CrossTower marketplace already provides an engaging user-experience, connecting fans to their beloved creators and notable brands. 

Additionally, the XPR Ledger will improve the digital purchase experience, thus enabling users to buy and sell NFTs via credit cards. The assets bought can then be received through integrated wallets (one of the out-of-the-box mediums mentioned above). 

While this partnership is an ongoing move towards expansion, CrossTower has already attracted the attention of projects, such as Antara and David Bowie World on its dedicated marketplace. An array of inaugural projects on the proposed XPRL Blockchain technology is expected to attract a global audience. 

Details regarding the inaugural session will be announced in the coming weeks.