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Zaptek Bug Zapper Reviews - Effective Portable Mosquito Repellent Lamp or Scam?

Developed by Zaptek, the bug zapper is a solar-powered, portable, chargeable, and safe blue-light equipment that keeps bugs and insects away from your living space or tent when camping.


Zaptek Bug Zapper

Pesky bugs, mosquitoes, and insects can be significant nuisances, especially during warm summer, whenever you go camping at night or head on a safari. Not only are they irritating, but they can also transmit diseases and cause allergies. A reliable and effective bug zapper is essential to keep these unwanted guests at bay. 

This is where the Zaptek Bug Zapper comes into play. The bug zapper is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, night and day, and is portable to travel with. The bug zapper is chargeable, safe for humans, and eco-friendly, ensuring that over 375 sq ft. around you remains free and protected from pestering mosquitoes, bugs, or insects. 


What is Zaptek Bug Zapper? 

Developed by Zaptek, the bug zapper is a solar-powered, portable, chargeable, and safe blue-light equipment that keeps bugs and insects away from your living space or tent when camping. The Zaptek Bug Zapper helps to attract bugs, trap them within the equipment then zap them to prevent the annoying bugs from interfering with your quality time. 

In addition to its bug-zapping capabilities, the Zaptek Bug Zapper also features a super-bright lamp that functions as a flashlight and camping light, making it an indispensable device for outdoor enthusiasts. 


The bug zapper crucially focuses on three features that make it stand out from its competitors: 

Small and portable: The zapper is a lightweight mobile device that allows customers to carry it wherever they go or move it around as needed. 

Effective & efficient: The Zaptek Bug Zapper is solar-powered, which makes it efficient and convenient for outdoor activities for long periods. Additionally, it uses blue light to attract insects and bugs, traps them, and zaps them instantly. 

Safe for kids and pets: The zapper is designed with a child-lock feature that prevents children and pets from touching the 'hot' core. 

Long-lasting: It is also durable & waterproof. The manufacturer also offers warranties on their products. 

How the Zaptek Bug Zapper Eliminates Bugs and Insects 

The Zaptek Bug Zapper employs a unique and innovative approach to effectively remove bugs and mosquitoes from your surroundings. Its advanced mechanism is based on a combination of proven scientific principles and cutting-edge technology to keep these pesky insects at bay. The solution works in three distinct steps: 

Attracts bugs using blue light emission 

The Zaptek Bug Zapper is equipped with a powerful UV light source that emits a 365 NM wavelength, a spectrum of light scientifically proven to be irresistible to bugs and mosquitoes. The blue light lures these insects towards the device, as they are naturally drawn to this specific wavelength, believing it to be a potential food source or breeding ground. 


Traps and zaps the bugs 

Once the insects are drawn to the Zaptek Bug Zapper, they are caught in an ingenious trapping mechanism. At the heart of the Zaptek Bug Zapper lies a high-voltage core, a safe yet powerful electrical grid that is carefully concealed to prevent accidental contact with pets or children. As the attracted insect approaches and contact the electrified grid, they are instantly zapped, ensuring quick and effective removal from your living space. 

Hassle-free cleanup with a removable tray 

The Zaptek Bug Zapper is designed with user convenience in mind. All the zapped insects are collected in an easily removable tray, making cleaning a breeze. Detach the tray, empty the contents, and clean it before reinstalling it for subsequent use. 


Why Choose Zaptek Bug Zapper? 

The Zaptek Bug Zapper stands out as a top-tier choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient means to combat bugs and mosquitoes. Its multifunctional features, safety measures, and effectiveness make it a superior option among bug zappers available in the market. Here are some of the advantages of using Zaptek Bug Zapper: 

Dual Power Options: Solar energy and USB charging provide uninterrupted protection in various settings, including remote locations. 

Integrated Bright Flashlight: The built-in LED light serves multiple purposes, such as a flashlight or camping light, with three adjustable brightness levels. 

Silent Operation: The Zaptek Bug Zapper's noiseless function ensures a peaceful environment, free from the annoying buzz of insects and zapping sounds. 


Safety and Eco-Friendliness: The device is free from harmful chemicals, safe for children and pets, and environmentally conscious, making it a responsible choice. 

Indoor and Outdoor Adaptability: The Zaptek Bug Zapper's design allows for versatile placement inside the house or during outdoor activities, providing comprehensive protection. 

Long-range targets: The bug zapper attracts and kills insects up to 16 ft away, giving you protection up to 325 sq ft. 

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How to Buy Authentic Zaptek Bug Zapper 

  • Buy one Zaptek for $39.99 + fast shipping (50% discount). 
  • Buy two Zaptek's for $37.99 each ($75.99 for the pack). Saves 55%. 
  • Buy three Zaptek's for $35.99 each ($107.98 for the pack). Saves 60%. 
  • Buy four Zaptek's for $33.99 each ($135.97 for the pack). Saves 65%. 
  • Buy five Zaptek's for $31.99 each ($159.96 for the pack). Saves 70%. 


Zaptek Bug Zappers come with a 30-day return policy. You can contact customer service if you have any questions about the return policy or anything else. 

  • Telephone: 1-855-206-4046 
  • Email: 


The Zaptek Bug Zapper is a versatile, portable, and effective solution for keeping your living spaces free from bugs, mosquitoes, and insects. With its solar-powered capabilities, built-in powerful flashlight, noise-free operation, and eco-friendly design, this bug zapper is essential for indoor and outdoor use. 

Moreover, its safety features make it suitable for homes with children and pets. By choosing the Zaptek Bug Zapper, you can enjoy a bug-free environment and prevent insect-borne diseases, infections, and allergies, ensuring a more comfortable and healthier living space for you and your loved ones. 


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