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World Renowned Astrologer Hemant Barua Honoured With The Prestigious 'Doctor Of Astrology And Global Best Astrologer Award'

Hemant Barua has been making the country proud with his exceptional and exemplary contribution towards populating the wonders of astrology in the world.

Astrologer Hemant Barua honoured with the prestigious 'Doctor Of Astrology And Global Best Astrologe

The world is fascinated with astrological science.

Astrology is the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events and Hemant Barua is an acclaimed master of this divination.

Hemant Barua has been making the country proud with his exceptional and exemplary contribution towards populating the wonders of astrology in the world. Hemant Barua is a celebrated astrologer who has been recognised with several prestigious awards, the recent one being the prestigious 'Doctor of Astrology and Global Best Astrologer Award,' by the Astrological Integrated Research Institute in the serene Jim-Corbett territory of Uttarakhand during the recently concluded 'International Astronomy Seminar' helmed by the founder Dr. Rakesh Dagar and co-founder Rekha Joshi Dagar, attended by top astrologers around the world including Pandit Beni Prasad Goswami, Pandit Rajeev Sharma, Dr. Ajay Sharma, Jyotishacharya Indra Kumar and VIP Guest, MLA of Ram Nagar constituency, Diwan Kumar. 

Hemant Barua has also been bestowed with the 'Jyotish Shreshtham,' and the 'Jyotish Ratna Award,' last year for his phenomenal contribution in the field of Astrology. 

Hemant Barua is known for predictions based on a blend of Vedic Astrology with modern astrology, Divisional charts, Ashtakvarga, deep and logical calculations of horoscope and classic references. His consultation uncovers the truth and never misleads. Hemant Barua has, so far, transformed personal and  professional lives of more than 75000 people across the globe.

He is globally known for his honest, at times, brutal predictions. The entente of his consultation lies in his 'honesty,' a term which is sacred in astrology. Hemant Barua is also fondly called the, Myth Buster, given the fact that he helps people to believe in astrological science and not in superstition. Hemant Barua's predictions are authentic, logical and scientific in nature, building his credibility with every consultation. 

To help people understand and differentiate between astrological science and myths, he started his own YouTube Channel. His channel has a whopping 1 lakh+ subscribers and has playlists covering topics like Sade Sati, Mangal Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Rahu Ketu yog, etc. through Vedic astrology.

Hemant Barua is the top astrologer in India and his most celebrated work is the Trimayasha Remedial Process, which is a breakthrough light in the domain of astrology. The Trimayasha remedial process, curated by Hemant Barua has revolutionized and elevated the Indian astrological science. Trimayasha remedial process is used to find out the root cause of the problem in a person’s horoscope by deeply analyzing the planetary positions. Every person has their own Trimayasha code or, we can also say alignment. Once it is calculated, the Trimayasha Remedy helps a person get perfect solutions for all his astrological problems. Hemant Barua is undoubtedly the Best Astrologer and is indeed putting India's name on the global map with his unmatchable aptitude.

You can also transform your life by connecting with India's top astrologer, Hemant Barua by booking a consultation through his website

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