Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022
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Winner Mrs India Queen of Substance 2022 (Emerald Category)

I began the journey of Mrs. India with the dreams of my partner in my heart, twinkle of my daughter in my eyes and blessings of my family on my head.

Mrs India Queen of Substance 2022
Mrs India Queen of Substance 2022

“A journey of thousand miles begins with one step.” 

I began the journey of Mrs. India with the dreams of my partner in my heart, twinkle of my daughter in my eyes and blessings of my family on my head. 

I come from the “Pearl of the Orient”, Goa and am currently a resident of garden city, Bengaluru and am working with an IT company. 

Camera was never a stranger to me as during my early days of my career, I appeared for few still stints. Gradually in the walk of my life from there I realized my strengths professionally and personally. 

A childhood near the beaches among a boisterous, affectionate family gave me sails to overcome the high tides of life. 

My professional life taught me to focus on the process and cultivate an open approach towards challenges. My strive to be a leader with purpose evolves from here and as a self-motivator I use the opportunities which infuse positive transformations. It has been a sharp catalyst in enriching my vision and I have utilized this prospect to reach out to other women who need a reboot of careers. 

I believe in celebrating each milestone as I progress. Every experience brings a new dimension and makes me believe of attaining learnings. Each time I influence someone to be their better version I count it as an achievement. 

What is life without dreams and then the journey to reach out to those milestones. My marriage became a beautiful amalgamation of rich cultures of Goa and Rajasthan. I met the love of my life who helped me to converge my dreams into reality. My transition to empowerment continued in form of mother-in-law who became a catalyst in my inspiration reference. 

The vivid cultures blended in to broaden my vision of beauty in a format of respect, trust, love, and compatibility. I learnt to see the life more vibrantly in the little festivities of the families and beauty took a shape of twinkle inside out. 

The warmth of being a woman engulfed my senses when I saw the radiating smile of my daughter. A true blessing, she bought the joy any heart could ask for. She re-defined the word beauty to me and I basked in the glory of complete healthy and happy family with true heart cconnection. 

My investments in my travel pursuits gave me enriched returns as they made me sensitive to the different approaches, perspectives and frames of mind that people carry with them. I realized that sometimes the worldview of where we come from can hold us back and it can be empowering to contextualize that way of thinking and re-evaluate how you see where you come from. It’s not a bad thing to realize that our successes and failures, which are significant to us, are still just tiny whispers in a shouting, buzzing world of human beings, all working to live the best life possible. 

The natural beauty around the world taught me humility and I understood experiences are always above possessions. My travel diary is always open for more learning and exploring. 

The Mrs. India, Queen of Substance 2022, platform came as an embryonic step towards my central growth. My decision to be a part of this pageant came with a belief of discovering myself in addition to use this stage as a medium to showcase women as both beautiful and strong. It was not just about fulfilling my dream, but taking help from this platform to empower me to support and guide other women and children. 

The journey to this stage elevated my array of skills and I became a better version of myself. It taught me so much about myself, and I learned so much about other key things in life from poise, grace, proper communication, building self-confidence, networking, and much more! 

Wearing this crown today I remember the quote, "You define the crown, the crown does not define you, so do something good, amazing, and make a difference.” 

As a Charity Ambassador now I would like to pave way into empowering women and children through different platforms to rise and create a safe environment to live and laugh. Stay focused on MIQS mission to enhance strength, energy and spirit for the advancement of women and positively impact their communities. 

What started off as a step has now morphed into a walk that leads to a cause, a cause which changes the definition of beauty, which radiates our souls, spreads the aura of positivity, and brings in faith. 

As Kalpana Chwala rightly said, “Daring to rise, braving the odds, reaching for the stars, dreams are forever.”