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Wet’nJoy Lonavala: The Ultimate Family Destination!

India’s largest amusement park in Lonavala.

Wet’nJoy Lonavala

Planning for your next family trip?

Situated in the beautiful hills of Lonavala amidst the cool mountain breeze, Malpani group has achieved in creating the perfect experience for your loved ones filled with adventure and fun. Emerging as the best place to spend time with your family in Lonavala, with activities for every age group. They certainly know how to double the fun with over 50 international rides for you to try out. It has emerged as a bucket list Lonavala trip destination, with a unique experience and combination of amusement park and waterpark. Also, they have a special Combo offer granting access to both Amusement park and Waterpark ensuring you don't miss out on anything.

International Rides and Slides:

At the heart of Wet'nJoy Lonavala lies a collection of over 50+ international rides and slides, imported from Germany, Italy & Canada delivering an unparalleled adrenaline rush. For the first time in India international rides like Turbo Force and Space Trainer have been assembled in a amusement park, from the gravity-defying Z-Force to the 360-degree panoramic views atop the Sky Screamer, every ride promises an adventure like no other. The Mega Jump Star, Rush Hour, and the Giant Frisbee are just a few examples of the pulse-pounding experiences that await visitors.

Along with the High thrill rides, they also have various rides for your family and kids to try out, with a combination of 16 exciting family and kids rides at Wet’nJoy. Also, the exciting part is that kids get free entry to the park!

Fun doesn’t stop here, after enjoying the rides at the amusement park you can continue having fun in the waterpark with 26+ International rides and slides. In the combo ticket offer by Wet’nJoy you are granted access to both the parks, after defying the rules of gravity in the amusement park you can head over to the waterpark with the splash of joy.

This is just a glimpse, they have surprises waiting for you in the land of adventures. Where you

cherish every moment with your crew. Also, the Wet’nJoy team has built extensive shed areas to ensure you are protected from the sun all the time and your energy stays on the peak all the time.

But wait, there's more! They have scattered various entertaining games and multi-cuisine restaurants throughout the park to ensure laughter and excitement for everyone, because who doesn't love a good dose of fun with some tasty bites?

Delight To Your Taste Buds

Yes, you heard it right its not just adventure and fun we are talking about.

What we are also talking about is the alluring food and beverage options in various restaurants at Wet'nJoy premises, they even offer a combo ticket with a buffet lunch included. So makes sure you never feel hungry!

Special Attractions This New Year

Ensuring you have the perfect vacation before a successful new year, Wet'nJoy has curated some special performances and decor for their guests. You can expect a top-notch experience with picture-perfect selfie points, and dazzling fairy lights amidst the beautiful weather of Lonavala.


Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

  1. Acrobatic: Witness breathtaking performances by skilled acrobats, defying gravity and creating a visual spectacle that adds a touch of magic to your visit.
  2. Magic Show Marvel: Be transported into a world of wonder with an enchanting magic show that will leave you questioning reality.
  3. Fun Games Galore: Engage in a variety of fun games placed across the park, offering a delightful break between rides and shows.
  4. Camping: Wet’nJoy allows you to camp in the hills of Lonavala this new year. Camp under the beautiful clear night sky of Lonavala. Count stars after a day-filled adventure and fun. Visit their website to book your start gazing adventure.
  5. Christmas décor: Santa Clauss has made it clear the best Christmas celebration is at Wet’nJoy Lonavala. At Wet’nJoy the celebrations are no ordinary celebrations with live music, family-friendly atmosphere and a lot of picture-perfect spots to set the right tone for the day.
  6. Neon Theme Party: A party organised in the land of adventure amidst the beautiful weather of Lonavala is what everybody loves. Get ready for the perfect start to the new year with Wet’nJoy.

In this digital era of social media, Wet'nJoy gives you the perfect opportunity to capture the best moments of your life with the park's enchanting selfie points placed throughout the premises, adorned with lights and decor along the pathway creating a whimsical ambience that enhances the beauty of every selfie. You just cannot stop smiling when you are in Wet'nJoy.

They also organise various events on festivals and occasions to give their guests a unique experience on every occasion with waves of thrill and joy.


Attention: Exciting Offers and Discounts

Wet'nJoy Lonavala believes in making the festivities accessible to all. As a special gift, children enjoy free entry to the park, creating a family-friendly environment for everyone to revel in. Additionally, for groups looking to celebrate together, Wet'nJoy Lonavala offers an exclusive 25% group discount and various enticing offers to add an extra layer of excitement.

They also have combo offers, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of an amusement park and the waves of waterpark in a single ticket. So stop thinking and visit their website right now to get updated with their latest offers and discounts

Wet’nJoy Lonavala is a family-friendly destination that offers you a wide range of activities to have a day filled with adventure and joy. Over 50+ International rides and slides with the maximum thrill and fun await your presence to try them out. A day full of memories is what Wet’nJoy offers to the guests. Once you visit Wet’nJoy it becomes hard to leave it behind, they curate such a beautiful experience for you.

Give yourself the break you deserve with the spice of adventure and fun with your family. Let’s

touch "Masti Ki Nayi Heights Together."

Adventure Awaits! Visit Today!

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