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Veda Rehabilitation And Wellness Centre: India's First Ultra Luxury Wellness And Addiction Relief Center

Started in Mumbai in the year 2020, Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre is spread across an area of 12,000 square feet and is a luxe three story villa with every facility available.

Veda Rehabilitation And Wellness Centre
Veda Rehabilitation And Wellness Centre

With an increased amount of everyday stress and the glamorization of drugs, substance use and alcohol as the cool fad in pop culture, there becomes a greater need to talk openly about these issues and urge people to seek help if they fall into its vicious trap. The problem of substance abuse and addiction doesn't just end there; it is more like a breeding ground for multiple social, economic, psychological and familial problems which can sometimes prove to be fatal. Among many disturbing facts, the most alarming one is the number of suicide cases due to drug abuse and alcohol addiction. In 2019, 5.6% of over 1.3 lakh suicides across the country was because of substance abuse as reported in 2020 National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data.

It is allegedly reported that India sees more than 10 deaths every day because of drug and alcohol abuse. People with previous medical or mental conditions are at a greater risk because their current condition can be amplified. Addiction and abuse is a medical disorder, it is not a phase or just a bad influence which needs to be treated before it becomes fatal. There is still a lot of taboo around seeking help and treatment but thanks to some trailblazing centers who are setting an example that addiction needs to be treated just like any other health condition and it doesn't have to be corporal, one such center is Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness centre. 

At the very first glance, what one beholds in front of their eyes when they enter Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness centre looks very less like a De-addiction Centre and more like a luxury five star resort or a bespoke retreat. 

Started in Mumbai in the year 2020, Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre is spread across an area of 12,000 square feet and is a luxe three story villa with every facility available. A wellness retreat that is all set to become a trailblazing example of not only normalizing seeking help when it comes to substance use, addiction and mental well-being but also how Wellness centers need to move away from a more corporal system that feels like a white collar prison. 

A 1:1 ratio for exemplary results 

Veda is the only centre in India having 1:1 doctor and counsellor to patient ratio; furthermore, they offer a proprietary treatment protocol with a mix of medicine, counselling or talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Matrix Model Therapy, proper nutrition, Yoga and Ayurveda with the objective to provide them holistic treatment and healing.

What’s absolutely commendable is their approach to provide world class treatment and service to anyone who is looking to elevate their well-being or looking to seek help. You won't feel like you are being treated. 

There are permanent professionals at every centre which includes two psychologists, a chef and a sales executive, two three personnel for housekeeping and security each. Not only this, their team of consulting professionals who are involved to help anyone seeking treatment has a psychiatrist, physician, nutritionist and 2 psychologists to give  holistic Treatment and cater to every aspect of synchronized wellbeing. 

If this were not a remarkable feat, each facility also has a personal physical trainer or a yoga instructor, an art therapist, a music therapist and an axis bar therapist. This not only sets up a benchmark of luxury treatment in India but also worldwide 

A plan catered to your privacy

Privacy is of utmost importance to their team and they make sure that your identity is kept under covers. They also have special treatment plans for VIPs and celebrities. The following two plans are available for VIPs and celebrities to choose from

Holiday Wellness Therapy: A special Villa that will exclusively house only the VIP or Celebrity, in the holiday location of their choice. A dedicated Veda team of professionals will thereafter attend to, treat and care for the client, within the privacy and comfort of the villa, without any external interference.

At-Home Therapy: For the clients who prefer to be counseled or treated at their own house, the Veda team of experts will go to their homes and administer the treatment schedule for as long as is required.

Understanding your needs, schedules and also keeping your comfort in mind, Team Veda believes that change can also happen without a non corporal side that is relaxing, without pressuring and calming. 

A look at the prices

De-addiction treatments start from INR 3 Lakhs a month which includes Stay for 1 person in a Suite, All Meals, and All Therapies as per the Programme, All Group Sessions, One Psychiatric Assessment, Family Reconciliation, In-House Games, Follow-up Care and more. Price will also vary with the kind of plan you choose, the level of privacy or anonymity you want, the level of luxury you want to choose from. 

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