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Travel Host Alex Drobin Follows The Footsteps Of Influencers To Reach A Wider Audience

Being a passionate traveller, Alex chased his passion and is currently working as a travel host with one of the leading travel companies - Travelxp.

Travel Host Alex Drobin

In the last few years, social media has made radical progress across every industry. As social media platforms continue to bring innovative trends, more and more people are looking to stand out with their extraordinary content. Every creative professional has ensured to monetise their skills through different social platforms. Going the influencer way, Alex Drobin aims to bring a variety of content to all travel and lifestyle enthusiasts. 

Being a passionate traveller, Alex chased his passion and is currently working as a travel host with one of the leading travel companies - Travelxp. From an early age, adventures have left Alex fascinated. “I believe that every journey I go through has an important story attached to it. That’s the beauty of travel, it makes you lose in its essence”, says Alex.  

While working at Travelxp, Alex Drobin has hosted two successful shows - ‘Off The Grid’ and ‘Food Fact Fun’. The shows turned out to be huge hits and were widely appreciated by viewers across different countries. Based in Canada, Drobin has travelled to various countries like India, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the UAE. 

After making a successful mark on television, Alex is hopeful to maximise his reach by creating diversified content about travel and lifestyle. Furthermore, Alex said, “Travelling has made me realise that the world is vast, and we must explore the hidden gems of the earth in this lifetime. I believe that the only way to make my work reach a larger audience is through social media.”

Earlier, the travel host came into the limelight for his news about collaborating with different content creators across the globe. Moreover, Alex is already keen to make a travel documentary that will showcase his travel experiences of different countries. Along with being a traveller, Drobin is a hardcore foodie. “I not only love to try the world’s best cuisine, but I even get to learn about distinguished cultures of different destinations”, Alex added. 

As Alex continues to make waves with his work in the travel industry, he has also carved his name in the real estate sector. The travel host and realtor has been working with The Sidorova Inwood team, a leading real estate company located in Toronto. 

Managing two distinct professions brilliantly, Alex is currently focusing on improvising his content game. While concluding, he stated that he is already working on multiple projects including online shows, documentaries and short films catering to travel enthusiasts from all over the world.

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