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Top Diamond Manufacturers In UAE

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Top Diamond Manufacturers In UAE

Like Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Diamonds are a girl's best friend’. So, where do you find this best friend? Below is a list to help you source better.

Top Diamond Manufacturers In UAE
Top Diamond Manufacturers In UAE

When you think of UAE cities, you think of luxury, grandeur, and transformation. Dubai has always been a hotspot destination for diamond jewelers, and diamonds were no exception. In 2021, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) overtook Belgium as the top trading hub for rough diamonds. The last few years have also seen the value of rough and polished diamonds in the UAE increase by 36%. It has reached around $11 billion (AED 40.4 billion) in the first three months of 2022. It is also one of the largest growing markets in the world, with an exponential growth rate in the coming years.  


Diamonds also account for 50% of Dubai’s gem and jewelry market. Considering all these things, diamond manufacturers have flocked to the UAE for an abundance of prospects. But amongst them all, how do you know which ones are the best? How do you differentiate the diamond in the rough?  


After all, when you go to buy something as valuable as a diamond, you simply want the best diamond manufacturers in UAE and will settle for nothing less.  


List of 5 Best Diamond Manufacturers in UAE  

Like Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Diamonds are a girl's best friend’. So, where do you find this best friend? Below is a list to help you source better.  

1. Belrose Diamonds 

Belrose Diamonds is the leading diamond manufacturer in UAE and other middle east countries with a unique flair. Their diamond experts are specialized in providing natural diamond necklace, rings, pendant, bracelets; bringing their exquisite designs to life. Their commitment to sustainability and responsible business techniques ensures that every aspect of their operation is making a difference while delivering incomparable brilliance and elegance diamond jewellery service to buyers worldwide. 

With every diamond, they are each given a rating of 4C – Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut and fifth for Character. With everything they have achieved, it’s no wonder Belrose Diamonds continues to be one the region's preferred sources for luxurious fine jewelry.  


Founded in: 1982 

Location: Dubai, Belgium 

2. Goldiama Diamond Manufacturing 

Goldiama Diamond Manufacturing, one of top diamond jewelers in Dubai, specializes in creating intricate and one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry. Their signature process utilizes cutting edge technology to craft sophisticated designs that are sure to please any enthusiast. With decades of experience, their team of experts carefully inspects each piece created to ensure the highest level of quality and excellence. Whether you're looking for a personalized gift for a loved one or a specialized custom design, their unparalleled craftsmanship cannot be matched. 


Founded in: 2002 

Location: Dubai, UAE 


3. Golden Yellow Diamonds 

Golden Yellow Diamonds has been in the business of diamond manufacturing and trading since 2003. Their mission is to deliver remarkable craftsmanship, quality, and customer service to their clients. They use cutting-edge technology and a team of master in-house diamond cutters eliminates the need for third-party diamond suppliers or diamond jewelery manufacturers. As an ethical provider, their stones are ethically sourced from conflict-free areas around the world, with certification from many independent laboratories. 


Founded in: 2003 

Location: UAE, South Africa 


4. MID House of Diamonds 

MID House of Diamonds is a prestigious diamond manufacturing firm established in 1982. With over 35 years of success, MID House of Diamonds has established itself as one of the leading names in the diamond industry due to their strong commitment to quality and service. Being the best diamond manufacturer in UAE, they create classic luxury pieces utilizing only the highest grade diamonds sourced ethically. 


Founded in: 1982 

Location: UAE, USA 

5. Ratan Sajan Diamonds DMCC 

Ratan Sajan Diamonds DMCC is a premier diamond manufacturer in the diamond market based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, primarily in New York, USA. They specialize in supplying GIA and HRD certified diamonds and are experts at manufacturing and exporting them to every corner of the world. 

With an expanding portfolio of clients throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond, the company stands out for its ability to provide quality diamonds with a quick turnaround time. Their straightforward approach coupled with their expertise ensures that they continue to be one of the most trusted diamond manufacturing companies in the international diamond market. 


Founded in: 1982 

Location: UAE, India 


How to Start a Diamond Jewelry Business in the UAE? 

Eager to get into this billion-dollar diamond industry? Well, the first and most important thing you will need to start a diamond manufacturing business in the UAE that could be profitable and rewarding in future. However, before diving into this venture, it is important to understand some of the complexities involved: 


  1. First off, one needs to research applicable laws and regulations pertaining to setting up a business in the country. 

  2. Advisable to connect with local industry professionals and listen to diamond manufaturer experiences before initiating a start-up. 

  1. After the legal paperwork is sorted out and all necessary steps for compliant operations have been taken into consideration, one can focus on setting up the online presence of their business. 

  2. Setting up an attractive storefront both physically as well as virtually will help attract customers from around the region or other parts of the world. 

  3. One must then build a website that showcases their product offerings while adhering to best practices of retailing luxury goods online. 

  4. Finally, personalized customer service always adds value which is why building good relationships with clients should be prioritized over any other concern. 


Based on where you want to open up your diamond jewelry business, UAE offers a range of licenses to its investors, including: 


  • A trading license that permits you to engage in any kind of trading activity. 

  • A manufacturing license that grants you access to engage in manufacturing activities. 

  • An E-commerce license that allows you to operate a website and provide products and services for sale online. 

  • A national industrial license that permits you to establish a business anywhere in the free zone. 


Once you have your licenses in place, you’re all set to enter the world of diamond manufacturers in UAE.  



How much does a 1-carat diamond cost in Dubai? 

The price of a 1-carat diamond is going to change depending on the current rates. But as of now, the price per carat is AED 65,000. No one ever said luxury was cheap.  


Where does UAE import diamonds from? 

Since the UAE doesn't have its own source of diamonds, they have to import them. It primarily comes from regions of India, Belgium, Switzerland, and some parts of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  


Can you buy cheaper diamonds in Dubai? 

Dubai is a shopping paradise to buy the bling and shiny. You can get diamonds at a 50% cheaper price than elsewhere. Diamond rings are also 30% cheaper than the rest of the world. 


This is because the 5% VAT law does not apply to the UAE diamond and precious metals market. More importantly, UAE has a very strategic location. This makes it easy to transport diamond jewelry from South Africa and India. Who can refuse such an irresistibly good deal. 


Which is known as the best diamond manufacturing company in middle east countries? 

This question is a complete no-brainer. Belrose Diamonds is by far the best diamond manufacturer for luxurious necklace, rings, and many more. Skilfully sculpted jewelry, hand-crafted to perfection, is what the brand is all about. 


From stunning diamond necklaces to mesmerizing diamond rings, you are assured more than just 4 Cs - cut, clarity, color, and carat at Belrose Diamonds. You are also assured of character.  


So every time you talk about Belrose Diamonds, be prepared to have heads turned in awe and people stopping in their tracks.  


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