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Top 10 Android App Development Companies In India

To find a top Android app development company in India, we have curated a list of top Android app developers in India to work with. This guide will help you choose the best and most reliable technology partner for your business needs.


Android App Development Companies In India

With the growing popularity of Android devices, the need for Android applications skyrocketed over the years. Android apps have become an integral part of modern life, transforming the way we interact, connect, and conduct business. Whether you are a startup or a well-established brand, mobile apps can significantly increase your brand visibility and customer interactions.

With 2000+ Android apps launching every day, building an app that stands out from others can be challenging. The Android app development company you work with can steer over how successful your online presence would be. The best development company comes with an ample understanding of frameworks, technical knowledge, industry experience, innovative approaches, and splendid customer reviews.


This article features the top 10 Android app development companies in India. These companies are leading the Android application industry and helping companies scale their ROIs with best-in-class Android apps.

Stating Some Facts:

  • Around 90 thousand mobile applications were released in June 2023 through Google Play Store.
  • Users downloaded approximately 27 billion apps from Google Play in the first quarter of 2023.
  • The mobile application market is expected to increase at a CGR rate of 18.4, reaching $407.31 billion by 2026.

Top 3 Android App Development Companies India

List Of Top 10 Android App Development Company In India


Suffescom is a top Android app development company in India specializing in building award-winning apps that generate revenue. The company has delivered more than 300 interactive, functional, and result-driven apps to clients worldwide. With 750+ in-house app developers, the company has gained the trust of over 1200 clients.

The company’s Android development services are backed by 13+ years of experience in the industry, quality assurance, standard process, sleek design, and attractive UI/UX design. The company offers its clients a range of Android app development services, such as custom Android app development, Android game development, Android social media app development, Android web-based applications, Android multimedia applications, and more.

The company caters to multiple business niches with its exceptional development services, including food delivery, taxi dispatch, beauty services, dog walking, handyman, carwash, tutors, roadside assistance, etc. It has attained a 4.8/5 rating on Clutch, which speaks for the quality of services it offers to its clients.

RisingMax is one of the best Android app development companies in India, offering fully functional and secure app solutions tailored to business needs. Founded in 2013, the company has helped 20+ startups to grow with their Android app development solutions. They have a team of 250+ developers and designers who are experts in developing error-free, scalable, and robust apps for their clients.


Their company has an impressive portfolio of 1000+ projects successfully delivered globally and has more than 500 clients, ranging from startups, industry leaders, and big enterprises. The company offers multiple Android app development services to its clients, such as Android wearable app, Android social media app, Android multimedia app, Android web-based app, Android business app, etc.

3. TCS

TCS is at third in the list of android app developers in India known for developing innovative and user-friendly apps. Since 1968, the company has successfully developed many applications for its clients globally. The company Android app developers have extensive industry experience and wide knowledge of the app development process.


The company’s in-house developers and designers excel in OpenGL using Android SDK (Software Development Kit), Android Security Architecture, Artificial Intelligence , Hybrid app development (Xamarin, ReactNative, Flutter), Native mobile app development, and game app development.

The company has worked with many clients all over the world. Some of the key clients are Cisco, Vodafone, British Telecom, SBI, Experian, Tata McGraw Hill, JP Morgan, Citibank, WallMart, Nokia, Royal Bank of Scotland and the list goes on and on.

4. Cognizant

Cognizant is a prominent Android app development services company in India known for providing cost-effective yet high-quality development solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, the company has successfully completed many projects for its clients globally. The company helps businesses reach new heights with its app development solutions, such as app migration, app integration, custom app development, game development, app modernization, and app assessment.


With around 2000+ dedicated app developers, they have gained the trust of their clients all around the world. The company takes pride in delivering error-free, robust, responsive, scalable app solutions.

5. IBM

Founded in 1928, IBM is one of the best Android app development companies in India, with expertise in developing native, hybrid, and cross-functional Android applications. The company has a pool of 3000+ developers and designers who have profound knowledge of advanced tech stacks and frameworks.

The company offers high-end and scalable Android app development services to startups, enterprises, and industry leaders, including Android UI/UX design, Android app consulting, Android web apps, and Android testing. To date, the company has created Android applications for their clients all over the world.


6. Accenture

Accenture is the top-rated Android app development company in India that provides world-class mobile app solutions to its clients globally. Founded in 1989, they have an outstanding track record of developing scalable and robust Android apps across different industry vertices. The company has worked with several small/medium, and large-scale organizations in generating massive profits and revenue. Until now, they have worked with 8000+ startups and significantly helped them achieve their business objectives.

The company has over 25 years of experience in developing mobile applications that are fully embedded with top-notch features like UI/UX design, seamless navigation, flexibility, faster loading time, responsiveness, customization, etc. They have nearly 1.5L+ members onboard, successfully delivered 5000+ mobile apps, and generated a massive revenue of $61.6B+.



KPMG is a leading Android app development company in India that was founded in 1987. They have over 25 years of experience serving their clients with fantastic app development services. The company has a highly skilled development team comprising software developers, testers, designers, automation engineers, etc. They have partnered with around 35000+ clients worldwide, providing them with matchless tech solutions.

With around 6500+ dedicated developers that have built numerous Android apps for businesses, resulting in high ROI and profits. They charge heavily for their projects but it may change according to the business requirements. Their level of dedication is proved by the fact that they have delivered 98% of projects on time at pocket-friendly prices.


8. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is another prominent Android app development company accrediting businesses with its modern tech solutions. Founded in 1986, they offer their clients highly user friendly, secure, error-free Android apps. They have transformed businesses by amplifying their growth and helping them generate massive sales. They provide various services, such as legacy transformation of applications, web/mobile application development, high-productivity data manipulation and visualization and rich device integration.

The company has around 150K employees in their entire team. They have developed applications for various industries like healthcare, retail, e-commerce, banking/finance, insurance, supply chain management, and so on. The company has 920k+ satisfied clients globally and have facilitated over 1500 digital transformations.


9. PwC

PwC, the best Android app development company in India, provides innovative web/mobile app development services, enterprise apps, and portals to its global clientele base. Their world-class team has delivered over 6500 projects on the decided timeline and sometimes even before without compromising on quality. Founded in 1998, they are a team of around 2000 professionals.

The company provides unparalleled Android app development services in India for different sectors like healthcare, government organizations, capital markets, energy & utilities, consumer markets, etc. Their comprehensive Android app development services include cross-functional Android app development, in-app integration, UI/UX design, widget & extension development, quality assurance, etc.


10. Infosys

Infosys was founded in 1981, and it’s been almost 41 years that they have existed in this IT business. The company guarantees to build an app in 10 weeks instead of the usual 6-7 months taken by other companies. Their services include Android app ideation consulting, custom Android apps, games, embedded IoT, migration, app support, and maintenance development. Their development team is proficient in every advanced programming language, framework, software design, plugin, library, database, and cloud service.

The company provides extraordinary features when it comes to Android app development. Not only that, they are always open to customization that is in accordance with the business requirements. They have even been recognized with several awards from the world’s reputed platforms.



Android applications have emerged as an effective tool for businesses to earn maximum ROIs. While many Android app developers in India can build an application for you, we have founded some of the companies that stand out from others.

These companies have vast expertise in developing error-free, responsive, visually attractive, and user-friendly Android applications for you. Our list of companies have highly skilled Android developers, cutting-edge tools, fast delivery schedules, technical expertise, and much more. We hope this guide will help you in choosing the right Android app development company in India for your next development project.

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