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Psychic Source Reviews - FREE Trial Offers, Real Experience, Features & Benefits

One of the biggest (and oldest) psychic companies in the country, Psychic Source has gathered a large number of psychics to cater to people worldwide looking for answers in different walks of life.


Psychic Source

Are Psychic Source advisors can be trusted OR waste of money? Read this psychic source review to learn about free trial readings offers, real customers feedback, features & benefits and what to expect.

It's stressful, right? You're sitting here trying to figure out what you want in life. You don't know who you are yet, and you've got a ton of decisions to make.

Maybe you want to know if you're going to find a forever partner, or if you should buy an apartment, or just what your future holds, in general. Or perhaps you just want the reassurance that all is well in the world.


Whatever your worries are, you know a psychic reading from a reputable psychic can help.

It's like magic, honestly. It's like being able to just ask the universe anything and have it answer back with a yes or no answer that makes sense. And it doesn't matter what the question is—you'll know the answer right away.

You can ask anything, and your psychic will come up with an answer that makes total sense for YOU—not for them, not for anyone else, but for YOU. That's what makes this experience so great!


But tell us something…

Who would you choose for a psychic reading: a tarot reader sitting by the street, an astrologer you met at a party, or the thousands of experts known for offering online psychic readings for over 30 years at

Understandably, you’d want to go for Psychic Source, considering their spectacular track record. Besides, finding a psychic on the internet in general or at the psychic parlors at the corner of the streets may feel like you’re in the middle of a wild goose chase. You might not have the time and energy to test out multiple clairvoyant experts in order to find your no.1 reader.

Now, despite the stellar reputation of Psychic Source, it’s natural to wonder if all online psychics on this platform are genuine. Is there a chance you could get a generalized or irrelevant reading? What are the odds that your reader doesn’t possess any mystic powers? How has the experiences of other users been like? Is one reader better than the other?

So on and so forth…

But don’t worry. We’ve prepared a detailed Psychic Source review to answer all your questions.

Psychic Source Review – The Site and its Offerings at a Glance


Psychic Source

👍 What’s to Like about This Site?

✅ More than 30 years of psychic reading experience

✅ Broad network of the best online psychics (over 200 readers)

✅ Stringent protocols for hiring psychics

✅ Perfect psychic reader matches

✅ Trial session for newbies (3 minutes)

✅ Live psychic readings via video, audio, or chat

✅ Up to 87% price slash with special introductory rates

✅ No satisfaction, no fee guarantee

✅ Speedy customer assistance round the clock

✅ Unparalleled rewards for loyal members ($5 bonus)

✅ Horoscopes and other mystic services for free

✅ Top stories displayed for educational purposes


✅ 100% privacy protection with no-spam promise

👎 What’s Not to Like?

❌ Some psychic readers use limited contact mediums (for example, a reader may offer psychic readings by phone OR chat, not both).

❌ Session cost varies based on the communication channel—video readings are typically more expensive.

❌ Free minutes are only reserved for new joiners.

⭐⇒ Looking for Answers? Connect with Psychic Source Gifted Advisors ⭐

Yes. 100%.

We don’t have an ounce of doubt when we say that has the most reliable online psychics for all types of readings—tarot card, astrology, numerology, cartomancy, angel card, aura, chakra balancing, dream interpretation, energy work, spiritual, past life readings, etc.


No bots. No scams.

There’s a reason why this platform has been successful in maintaining its reputation in the online psychic reading world for 30+ years: it doesn’t compromise on its screening process when hiring a new psychic reader. This is super impressive, considering that several new experts join the company every day!

Each reader is carefully vetted by cross-checking their credentials and reviews and assessing their skill sets and psychic abilities. Only the ones with a flawless background and reputation are hired to serve you.

The only thing you may pay attention to is whether a psychic reader is right for YOU. You see, your psychic reading experience can be influenced by various factors—the psychic’s reading style, area of specialization, and comfort level with you.


to Psychic Source reviews, the platform has the perfect solution to address this concern, too: the intelligent reader finder tool. It will connect you with your best match in a matter of seconds so you can start your mystic journey with minimal hassle.

The bottom line is that all online psychics at Psychic Source are real.

Detailed Psychic Source Review: All You Need to Know

For the past three decades, Psychic Source has proved that it’s the cream of the crop in the psychic reading stratosphere. Every psychic reader on here is equipped with unique capabilities and talents that align with powerful mystic energies. They deliver life-altering information in a comprehensible manner to troubled people around the world.


and time again, Psychic Source has shown users that it’s takes their safety and interests seriously, and is committed to giving only the best online psychics a chance to talk to people.

addition to the strict screening process, the site wins users’ trust with a feature that gives full autonomy to choose a psychic before paying. From a detailed bio to ratings, testimonials, and specializations, everything worth considering is displayed on the website clearly. This enables you to make an informed choice.

Although the user interface is designed for smooth navigation, the customer support agents are always eager to assist you in case you face trouble signing up, booking a reading, or lodging a complaint. There’s a separate Psychic Source phone number for local and international clients for seamless exchange of information. The moment you land on the website, you can expect everything to fall into place and guide you to where you’re meant to be.


How Does Work?

info_icon Work

Psychic Source Signup

To start getting a psychic reading online, requires you to sign up as a user (for free). On the “Create Account” page, you’ll have to type your first and last name, email address, and date of birth. Next, enter a password for your account before clicking the “Proceed to Payment” button.

On the next page, you’ll be given two options: pay using your credit/debit card or through PayPal. After providing the relevant details, you’ll be allowed to review the info to correct any typos or errors.


money deducted from your account will depend on the package you choose as a newcomer ($10 for 10, $20 for 20, or $30 for 30 minutes). Rest assured that not even a penny will be paid for the starting 3 minutes of your session. This means you won’t have to pay a psychic you don’t like—you can leave the chat room or end the call as soon as your trial ends.

Types of Readers and Readings Available

one of the biggest (and oldest) psychic companies in the country, Psychic Source has gathered a large number of psychics to cater to people worldwide looking for answers in different walks of life.


find more than 200 readers to choose from, each specializing in unique psychic areas. To be clear, Psychic Source has love psychics, intuitives, clairvoyants, empaths, career psychics, astrologers, clairaudient, clairsentients, energy healers, pet psychics, shamans, mediums, and tarot readers. You can choose any of the categories to seek a mystic professional per your circumstances.

Psychic readings can be obtained in three formats: audio, in-page chat, and video call. As revealed by Psychic Source reviews, either option is guaranteed to yield high-quality outcomes because the psychic readers are all trustworthy experts.


far as the reading options are concerned, your options range from an angel card reading to aura, cartomancy, spiritual, astrology, tarot, and numerology readings. Some psychics also deliver sessions to discuss your past life, lost objects, dreams, or love matters. Furthermore, you can benefit from mystic channeling, energy work, and chakra balancing.

How to Find a Psychic (Manually) and Book an Appointment

You’ll be taken into the world of expert online psychics with just one click of the “Find a Psychic” button on the website. The web page you see on your screen will feature a list of readers who can get in touch with.


sure you check the rating, specialties, tools, price, and background details of multiple experts to shortlist the most appropriate ones. Then, you can rely on customer reviews to help you pick one reader who may exceed your expectations with their psychic reading prowess.

Booking an appointment with a psychic is fairly simple—visit their profile, see their time zone, and check their availability. If they aren’t busy or away, you can request a session right there and then. Otherwise, you’ll have to set up a meeting for some other time.


How to Track Your Psychic Readings Online

Psychic Source’s interaction tracking history allows you to keep your sessions (and psychics) at your fingertips.

For example, if you have a favorite advisor, you can add them to the “My Account” page by tapping the heart icon on their profile. This page shows the list of “My Favorite Advisors,” making it easier for you to keep a record of your readings.

What’s more?

This simple step will let you receive real-time notifications on your phone (if you have the Android or iOS app) from your chosen psychics. As a result, you’ll know when they’re online and ready for a session.


Top-Rated Psychic Source’s Advisors That Should Be on Your List

Top-Rated Psychic Source’s Advisors

While all psychics at Psychic Source bring unique energy and talents to the table, there a few readers that users can’t stop raving about.

Let’s explore their brief profiles below.

Angelica x9393

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Years in business: 36

Reading style: compassionate

Available via: call, chat, video

Angelica is an excellent clairvoyant and love psychic trained in delivering insightful readings using tarot and angel cards. She can also share psychic predictions without tools. Apart from fixing people’s love life and family relationships, she takes pride in addressing career and financial concerns.


Additionally, Angelica is a licensed Spiritual Life Coach and Counselor who can help you understand the meaning of destiny and purpose of life. Her revelations are straightforward and easy to understand. She taps into her psychic awareness and tells what the Holy Spirit shares with her rather than saying what you may want to hear.

matter where you’re stuck in life—present, past, or future, Angelica will forge the best path for you using words, symbols, and visions.

Ursula x9927

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Years in business: 52

Reading style: compassionate

Available via: call, chat


With over five decades of experience, Ursula is undoubtedly one of the best online psychics, not only at Psychic Source but the internet, in general.

She is an empath, psychic medium, and love psychic that users find extremely reliable and trustworthy. Apart from love and relationships, you can talk to her about your pets, career, money, near-death experiences, paranormal activities, and deceased loved ones. Never for a moment will you feel that she is judging you or offering biased advice.

Ursula inherited her psychic gifts from her family, so she’s a born psychic—even more reason for trusting the messages she delivers. She is also adept at reading tarot cards and angel cards. If you like, she can deliver cartomancy readings and astrological insights as well. Tools or no tools, her sessions are worth your time and money.


People worried about their future, in particular, benefit from the timelines Ursula provides. If you have such questions in mind, she is your person!

Juliette x9440

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Years in business: 15

Reading style: direct

Available via: chat

Juliette is yet another cartomancy and tarot expert who can read without tools as well. Although she is relatively new in the field, her track record and credentials speak for themselves. She has helped hundreds of users identify the best path in life per their dreams, fears, and desires.

In addition to being an excellent observer, Juliette possesses a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She has a great intuition and is committed to helping users achieve self-actualization by overcoming the obstacles in their present and future.


you need some hope and encouragement in life or are seeking a lighthouse in a stormy period marked by loss and grief, Juliette has got you covered. You can expect her to give accurate predictions regarding your relationships, finances, and destiny.

Hunter x4875

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Years in business: 29

Reading style: expressive

Available via: chat, call

Hunter is an exceptional clairaudient and clairvoyant who can give psychic readings online without tools. She is best for energy work, thanks to her gift of intuitive mediumship. Her journey started almost three decades ago when she started getting whispered messages and prophetic dreams. Ever since, she has dedicated herself to helping people transform their lives and heal their souls.


makes her different is her ability to channel the living and the dead. If you’re interested in exploring your inner desires and fears in pursuit of self-realization, Hunter is the ideal psychic reader to connect with.

Session Rates, Deals, and Offers at

Whether you’re excited for your first psychic reading online or have experienced talking to a psychic reader before, you must be eager to compare rates and calculate how much you need in your pocket.

Well, the good news is that Psychic Source is known for giving cheap psychic readings with zero compromises on the quality of predictions, of course.


must know that psychics tend to charge variably because they come from different backgrounds and possess unique skills and mystic tools and powers. Their rates may also depend on the number of years they’ve worked in the industry and the communication options they offer. Case in point, you’ll find that advisors who’re up for a video session cost more than those only available on chat and audio call.

said, the per-minute rates of psychic readings on this platform start at $0.99 and reach up to $5.99 for specialized experts.

As a new Psychic Source member, though, you’ll be entitled to receive 3 minutes of your reading for free, along with the 10, 20, and 30-min packages. In other words, once your trial is over, you’ll only be paying a dollar for each minute spent talking to your psychic reader.


These discounts and offers are exclusively for the new joiners on But you can enjoy promotional rates even as a regular customer with your psychic every now and then.

Psychic Source Reviews: What Do Real Users Have to Say?

Psychic Source Reviews

If you’re like most people, your perception of a psychic reading online service and the decision to request a session with a psychic reader will depend greatly on what other users have to say. No matter how good a mystic advisor looks on the books with their qualifications, specializations, and track record, you can only get a clear idea of how it’ll be like to get an online psychic reading from them from real customer reviews.


So, it’s a good idea to go through Psychic Source reviews to know what’s in store for you. But just so you know, big names like this one in an industry like psychic reading can get mixed reviews from customers. After all, the choice of reader can make or break your experience. Although all online psychics at Psychic Source are experts in their respective fields, not every advisor will be perfect to help with your situation.

Hence, instead of looking at the overall website ratings, we suggest considering the testimonials that users leave for individual psychics. To put things into perspective, below are a few testimonials for the best psychics at Psychic Source.


# 1: The psychic was very helpful – Lucia Cardano from GB

I have tried many online psychic reading services and I found that the psychic readers at Psychic Source were much better. I got a session with Serenity and she answered all my questions about my love life.

Anyone can easily use the Psychic Source website. Their user service is also on point. You don’t get cheap psychic readings but the results are worthy of the money you pay. I think getting a psychic reading on this platform occasionally is a great idea if you feel lost and have no one to turn to for guidance.


# 2: I tried Psychic Source for the first time and had an incredible experience – Jason B from the US

When I first decided to give Psychic Source a shot, I really didn’t know what was coming. The results blew my mind! The advisor I spoke with told me that I had everything going in my favor in the future. They also pointed toward my possessions and explained that I was going to acquire new things.

Fast forward to today, I am running a thriving business and have made significant investments. Needless to say, Psychic Source is my go-to site for psychic advice and predictions.


#3: I got psychic readings from three different readers and they were all accurate! – Jason B from the US

I was tired of debating with myself on certain issues pertaining to my personal life and business, and hence, I reached to an intuitive psychic on the platform. I booked three readings and I must say, the advisors truly are gifted!

threw the same question at all of them and guess what? Their response was similar—they advised me to alter one of my business decisions. Apart from answering my queries, the psychic readers provided me with some information that accurately applied to my situation.


I remember talking to Medium Deidre—she connected me with my late father, which was very heartwarming. She also told me a few things that only I knew to be true. I was deeply moved by the entire experience. Writing this review is my way of thanking Psychic Source for selecting qualified psychic readers who can guide and support us in times of need.

#4: I tried Psychic Source because I was in need of real answers – Gary Carter from the US

I had tried many online psychic reading sites before I landed on The biggest concern I had during all my sessions was that the reader was adamant on telling me what I wanted to hear when I needed them to blatantly tell the truth. I needed to see things as how they were.


I got connected with Shandra x8225 without wasting much time. The profiles of the readers were very helpful. I talked to Shandra about the woman I love. I was eager to know if she was real with me and that our connection was real. I was over the moon when I was told that she really did love me truly!

Shandra reassured me that this woman deeply cared about me and was happy with being in a relationship with me. She wasn’t going to cheat or hurt me. I couldn’t imagine how much love and respect she had in her heart for me. Shandra told me that it was the truth and I had to stop questioning that woman’s love for me.


you, Shandra. You gave me back my smile and my hope. Now, I can go back to being happy with no ounce of doubt in my heart.

The Alternatives: What Other Sites Can You Trust for Authentic Psychic Readings?

Even though the detailed Psychic Source review confirms that this site is ideal for truthful psychic readings from the best psychics online, it doesn’t hurt to try out some alternatives.

Turns out, the following three companies are equally reliable and experienced in conducting enlightening psychic sessions.

1: Kasamba – Featuring Psychics with an Upper Hand on Love Readings


As one of the pioneers of psychic services, Kasamba offers a wide range of readings. But their love advisors are outclass per thousands of customer reviews.


As a newbie, you can avail yourself of 3 chat minutes before paying and a 70% discount on your first interaction with a reader. You just need to share some basic details before you can get accurate revelations regarding your life matters. Rest assured that your info will remain safe with the Kasamba team.

the offers are indeed tempting, Psychic Source promises greater value than Kasamba with its $1 rate. More importantly, Kasamba doesn’t offer video readings. Nevertheless, if you want to work with a top-rated psychic via chat or phone call, this platform won’t disappoint you.


2: California Psychics – Featuring Cheap Psychics for Fast Psychic and Tarot Readings

California Psychics

This website remains one of the top choices of people seeking psychic predictions they can trust. California Psychics performs a multitude of readings with and without tools.

In addition to the newcomer reward, users are offered exclusive packages to pay less for more. These include the $1, $2, and $4/minute readings with any psychic reader you like. On top of this, you get 5 free minutes to make sense of the session and the advisor’s reading style! to learn more about california psychics promo codes and discounts read detailed california psychics review by mysticmag


Like all other psychic sites, California Psychics displays the reader profiles on the main page so that users can read and pick in a snap. It also guarantees your satisfaction, meaning none of your pennies will go to waste.

3: Purple Garden – Featuring Trailblazing Psychics for Insightful Readings on All Topics

Purple Garden

This platform promises the clarity you yearn in life with a wide selection of online psychics. Users are free to search for “the one” by reading type or reader specialty. All psychics are voted accurate and trustworthy by real users, so you can leave your doubts at the door.


Please note that a trial run isn’t an option at Purple Garden, and the per-minute rates vary from psychic to psychic. On one hand, you can find an advisor offering sessions for $0.5 a minute, and on the other, some experts charge up to $3 a minute.

The experiences and capabilities of each reader are mentioned clearly, so it depends on you who you choose to get a reading from. To acknowledge your trust on the platform, Purple Garden gives away $10 in credit when you make a purchase. You can use this money to get a reading from any reader on the site.


Psychic Source Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Psychic Source Reviews

How Secure is the Psychic Source Website? is a highly secure site, as you can see “https” in its web address instead of “http.” This means every bit of information you share on the site is passed through a secure channel where there’s no possibility of data leakage.

Additionally, all service providers under Psychic Source are strictly prohibited from using your personal details or sharing them with a third party.

You’d also be content to know that the site doesn’t record or save the words, gestures, or content exchanged between you and your psychic reader during any session. Also, your advisor isn’t allowed to access your details to guarantee your confidentiality.


What’s the Process of Adding a Testimonial at Psychic Source?

Any user can leave their feedback on the Psychic Source website after they have completed a session with one of the psychics.

process is extremely straightforward. You simply have to go to the “Review Readings” tab on your profile. You’ll see a list of sessions you were a part of during the past couple of days (the reading must be of at least 3 minutes to appear here).

You can choose any of these readings to share your feedback on. As soon as you write what’s on your mind, it’ll show in the “Review History” tab.


Please note that once submitted, a review can’t be edited. You can expect it to appear on the relevant psychic reader’s profile after a day or two (business days counted only).

What Kind of Life Problems Can a Psychic Source’s Reader Help with?

Psychics at Psychic Source are all trained professionals, so they know how to help you understand what is happening in your life. They can help you with just about any life problem, no matter how small or large. It doesn't matter whether your issue has to do with a relationship or money or health: a psychic can help you use their skills to get over whatever's bugging you so much that it's stopping you from being happy and productive in other areas of your life.


Whether you’re stuck in an unclear situation or regretting something you did, a psychic advisor can help figure out what it will take for your life to move forward in the right direction and make sure that each step you take toward healing brings a greater sense of peace than ever before.

Psychics see into the future and their experiences help them understand how events are unfolding now. You can trust their judgment to make peace with the past, do the right in the present, and prepare for the future.

Once you've had one of these insightful readings at Psychic Source, there's no going back on your decision to use a professional who really knows what they’re doing.