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Pretty Litter Review: Is PrettyLitter Worth It? My Experience on Cat Litter Service

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Pretty Litter Review: Is PrettyLitter Worth It? My Experience on Cat Litter Service

Pretty Litter can be considered as an improvised version of cat litter that is developed to provide the cat parents some peace of mind by helping them to keep a check on their cat's health. Being a cat parent is not that simple! Yeah and when it comes to the cat litter box, the odor problems are a pain.

Pretty Litter
Pretty Litter

Being a pet parent is one of the greatest joys in the world, isn’t it? There are so many health benefits of having a pet at home. Pets teach us to be kind, to love unconditionally, and to care no matter what.  

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Yeah of course, we deal with a lot of stress and anxiety in today's world and having a pet at home is one of the ways of relieving that anxiety and stress and feeling at peace and harmony with oneself at home. 

However, having a pet also comes with its share of disadvantages. The main one is the lack of communication — most of the times we do not understand what our Pet is trying to communicate to us and the same goes with Pet as well. The animals' inability to communicate with you if they are not feeling well can be considered as one of the hardest parts of being a pet parent. We handle our health problems by recognising the symptoms, but how can we do the same with our pets? And in the world of pets, it is the cats with whom we can face difficulties in recognising or understanding their health problems. This is because cats seldom express themselves unlike dogs and cats mostly take care of themselves or think that they can. 

Yeah, one of the Boons of having a cat as your pet is that they love living in a clean environment and we all know how kittens and cats all require the litter to be cleaned immediately. By instinct, the tiny kittens were impelled to just bury their excrement in any kind of sandy area. This act of hiding their poop in the sand box comes naturally to the cats, and the mothers don’t really have to teach their young kittens on how they should be using a litter box. At an age as young as four weeks old, the kittens will start handling their own potty business in the sand box without even having their mother to keep a watch over them. All you will have to do as a pet parent is to keep the litter which is clean in a familiar and accessible location, and your kitten will quickly understand that it has to poop in the litter box and this act requires no teaching from your side. 

And, if you are on the lookout for a cat litter that screams high-performance and that can also help the problem of understanding any symptoms of health condition when it comes to your cat, then you might want to consider Pretty Litter!  

Read on to understand more about what is Pretty Litter made up of, what are its pros and cons, its health monitoring system, and more.  

A Brief About Pretty Litter 

Pretty Litter can be considered as an improvised version of cat litter that is developed to provide the cat parents some peace of mind by helping them to keep a check on their cat's health. Being a cat parent is not that simple! Yeah and when it comes to the cat litter box, the odor problems are a pain. The traditional cat litter ingredients which have been there in the market for a while tend to trap your cat pee which causes the litter to clamp heavily and might require you to either remove it or replace it several times in a month. The feces and urine generate a stink and if your litter is not of good quality, this stinky smell can Escape and enter your surroundings making your home very and appealing.  

Pretty Litter came up with a unique formula involving silica gel which is used in a very thin manner but results in higher absorption when it comes to other kinds of litter.  

The ball is made up of extremely tiny and dry silica gel that helps in absorbing the odor and the urine gets trapped inside while the water from the urine evaporates so that you will not have to worry about a litter smelling. The only work you will have to do is to scoop out the solid waste and throw it away which will ensure that you will not have to be bothered about using baking soda or removing any other excess odor from the litter.  

The benefits of using Pretty Litter doesn’t just and there – the makers of Pretty Litter went on to help cat parents recognise feline ailments of cats which the cats have a high reputation for hiding. Most of the cat illnesses go unnoticed.  

What is Pretty Litter made up of? 

It is made up of highly absorbent silica gel which comes along with a set of indicators that is patented and helps you check the cat urine for any signs of abnormally low or high levels of alkalinity or acidity and also any presence of blood. The PrettyLitter obtains its silica microges from very carefully monitored and handpicked mineral resources. We can conclude that Pretty Litter is made up of materials that are found in nature which makes it safe for your cat consumption and safe for everybody else in the house as well. 

Health Indicating System of Pretty Litter  

Pretty Litter comes with a patented technology that helps in monitoring health and it utilizes the composition of your cat’s urine. 

Pretty Litter changes color when it is exposed to any abnormal levels of alkalinity, acid or blood in the urine. We made a list of some color variations that you can notice in the cat litter and what they indicate: 

  • Olive green or dark yellow: This indicates that the urine is perfectly normal. 

  • Yeah dark blue or green: This indicates that the urine contains high alkaline content indicating an increased risk of stone formation in your cat's bladder or presence of bacteria that could lead to a urinary tract infection. 

  • Orange to Yellow: yeah this indicates that the urine is SA dick and the possibilities of health conditions include — kidney disease or metabolic acidosis, or UTI, or kidney tubular acidosis, or formation of calcium oxalate crystals. 

  • Red: this indicates presence of blood in the urine and can be an underlying symptom of health conditions such as – bladder inflammation, UTI, bladder stones, renal pathology, or bladder cancer. 

Please note that PrettyLitter cannot be treated as a medical diagnosis product. It is just a tool that offers help to help you to understand if there’s anything wrong with your cat and only a vet doctor can treat your cat’s health issue.  

How To Use Pretty Litter 

It is very easy and simple to use and requires no stress. Follow these basic steps: 

  • Phone all the contents of Pretty Litter bag into your litter box which is clean. Ensure that you have at least 2 inches of proper depth. 

  • always remove cat feces daily. Shake off any extra granules when you scoop it out.  

  • Remember to thoroughly mix the litter every day in order to avoid creating any saturating points in the box where the cat would prefer to urinate at all the time. Once your litter has reached saturation point, which is almost after a whole month's use, you can empty the litter box contents inside a trash bag, clean the litter box and pour the new supply in. 

  • Keep a watch on the color of the litter to monitor your cat's health closely. 

Where to Buy Pretty Litter? It’s Price and Return Policy 

Buying Pretty Litter from the official website will give you access to limited time discounts and ensure that you enjoy a 20% discount on your first order. The pricing as as follows:  

  • For one cat, prices $22 per month 

  • For two cats prices $40 per month 

  • For three cats prices $60 per month 

First time customers are eligible for a 30-day guarantee off refund from the date of purchase.  

Otherwise, if you return Pretty Litter after 14 days from the date of delivery and a bag is unopened, a refund can be considered. 

Pros Of Using Pretty Litter 

  • Less messy and dusty 

  • Comes with 99% dust free feature 

  • Has revolutionary way of monitoring cat health 

  • Best when it comes to odor control 

  • Once in a month refill 

  • Veterinarian approved 

  • Comes with a refund option and a 30-day money back guarantee 

Cons of Using Pretty Litter 

  • It cannot be considered as a diagnostic tool and you will have to visit a vet to understand and treat the health problem at the right level. 

  • The rate at which Pretty-Litter has been trending in the United States might expose it to getting out of stock soon as the demand is outweighing the current supply. 

The Final Conclusion 

The pretty litter is reasonably priced, less dusty, long lasting, and most importantly helps you understand if your cat has any underlying health problem. And the fact that it comes with a 20% discount on your first purchase and a 30 day money back guarantee, makes it an ideal choice for you cat litter woes.