Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022
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PIP (Payal Industrial Park) Bolsters Indian Economy’s Prosperity

India is a developing country, but what can make it elevate from its current global position to the dream of being a developed and future-forward nation? Let’s see!

Experience centre at PIP, Dahej
Experience centre at PIP, Dahej

India’s rapid economic growth has been fuelled by industry-led development. And to that end, industrial parks play a crucial role in fostering new industries and businesses over time as they provide the necessary infrastructure for survival while also prioritising connectivity with other aspects of life like transportation hubs or resource centres nearby. 
The built environment is often a reflection of its community and industrial parks, in particular, take cues from the local culture and focus on being located strategically, while being well-connected multi-modally with strong networks. Taking inspiration from this thought, Arete Group, one of the largest industrial park developers in India, stepped forth and curated an unparalleled avant-garde project – PIP . 
Now that PIP has been mentioned, it is only natural to question its purpose and how it will reach the end goal of making India’s economy stronger! Here’s how -

There’s no second thought to PIP the industrial park arm of the Arete Group and being a privately-integrated industrial park leaving its mark over a vast 3,500 acres of the area earmarked for large-scale industrial development, logistics parks and utilities.
PIP is growing into a space that bears a fruitful future for chemical and petrochemical industries. PIP has several permissions already in place and can fast-track the setting up of your industry. For instance, the Industrial Parks are Government approved. PIP also has permission for Water & Effluent Discharge for its parks. Further, the Industrial Ecosystem is already in place in the Dahej-Vadodara belt. The Connecting Infrastructure is already established, as the entire region is part of DMIC. Further, India’s only functional PCPIR is part of this region and PIP is in PCPIR, which is an ideal hub for setting up Industries. All these add up to make the industrial park a dream site for all industries, that are looking to grow without any hiccups. Moreover, given PIP’s experience and expertise, you can be assured of 100% ease of set-up that complies with all environmental guidelines, under all circumstances.

Experience Centre at PIP is one of the USPs that makes it stand apart in the crowd. It’s an immersive three-dimensional virtual tour of PIP and has been designed to make the experiences of industry veterans much easier and more productive. Experience Centre will give you a walkthrough or more like a demonstration tour and show off its superlative facilities that are perfect if your business needs more space or new ideas. Since the inception of this nascent facility, the brand has continued to engage and educate the industry players with a first-of its kind virtual experience. These sessions allow visitors from all over the world to get an idea about how to foresee and vision their future expansion plan and how it would look once the new manufacturing plants start operating. 

Commenting on the uniqueness and future-forward approach of the project, Siraj Saiyed, Director, Arete Group, said, “Through our privately integrated project - PIP, we are not only aiming to foster the industry but also include technology as a helpful tool in evolving this sector and meanwhile supporting PM’s ‘Vocal For Local’ initiative by generating more employment opportunities. We endeavour to bridge the gap between supply and demand to further whet our edges in the sector and make India more globally competitive by putting it on the map.”

Areteians at PIP conference
Areteians at PIP conference

PIP stands in a unique location, surrounded by some of India’s most exciting new industrial developments. The Gujarat PCPIR has been an important breeding ground for future growth and it is no surprise that this area will soon be home to many more companies thanks largely due to its low-cost labour force. The park has been developed within the framework known as “Petroleum Chemicals & Petrochemicals Investment Region” - conceived under policy 2007 issued by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India. It holds significance because here you can find ample opportunities including job prospects which may benefit those seeking employment or starting up their own business.

The excellent connectivity of PIP makes it an ideal location for businesses looking to expand into new markets. The park has easy access via the National Highway-48 on the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor. The park has access to Dahej port, Kandla port, Mundra port situated in close proximity which can be used in order to widen trade routes across Middle East, Europe and Central Asia. Further, the Park is situated close to the Western Railway Network, and is also in close vicinity to 3 international airports viz. Surat International Airport, Baroda Airport and Ahmedabad Airport (with Baroda and Surat airports being in the nearest vicinity to the Industrial Park).

Alongside professional associations and everyday business, this project is also contributing on a countrywide as well as global level in its own way. It promises significant opportunities not only domestically but also internationally because many countries rely heavily upon India’s output when considering chemical and petrochemical industry-centric solutions.

Commenting on the operations and the vision, Virender Kumar, Group Head-Marketing and Strategy, Arete Group, said, “With Payal Industrial Project, we are bringing together the changemakers under one umbrella and looking forward to thriving while taking the entire country alongside us. The project has proven to be a one-of-a-kind project adored by the people and businesses alike and we are working relentlessly to elevate our other endeavours in the same way as well. The goal is to create a profitable and progressive industry for future entrepreneurs and industry leaders to take over. We are building a legacy that’ll be here to stay and continually help the sector to prosper while supporting India’s economy and giving back to the society”.

PIP offers superlative access to manpower, close proximity to vendors and other ancillary products by being a part of the industrial cluster. Securing a deal with the ideal hub for water-intensive and polluting industries such as chemical, agro-chemical, fertiliser, dyes intermediates, pigments, Chlor-alkali, polymer, rubber, metals etc., thus making any and every name that connects with it to have an upper hand in the Indian market. It is bound to get more traction by the day, given the advantages of the location and amenities. 

Uplifting the industrial sector with an expansive portfolio teeming with amenities and unique offerings with an unmatched potential, PIP is built within a sustainable ecosystem for the economic and competitive advantage of industries. It is striving to not only create a business but also focus on collective and national growth. Disrupting the sector and uplifting the industrial domain of the nation, is bolstering the Indian economy and creating an upward spiral of prosperity for it to climb.