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Pioneering Changes By Animeal & Goodman In Pet Wellness

The journey of Goodman Vetcare, through Animeal and Goodman Chemist, is more than just a business success story. It is a narrative of love, care, and unwavering commitment to the health and happiness of pets.


In the ever-evolving landscape of pet healthcare in India, Goodman Vetcare has emerged as a trailblazer, thanks to its two key ventures: Goodman Chemist, a bastion of traditional pet care, and Animeal, a forerunner in digital pet care solutions. This synergistic relationship between the two entities underlines a significant shift in how pet care is perceived and delivered in India, marking a new era in this industry.

The union of Goodman Chemist's time-honored expertise and Animeal's digital prowess is a significant leap forward. Goodman Chemist, established over three decades ago, has been a cornerstone in the realm of pet healthcare, earning the trust and loyalty of countless pet owners. Their approach has always been about more than just transactions; it's about building relationships, understanding each pet's unique needs, and providing tailored solutions. This ethos is carried over into Animeal, which, while operating in the digital sphere, maintains the same level of personalized care and attention. Animeal's platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for pet owners to navigate and find exactly what they need for their pets, from the comfort of their homes.

The introduction of same-day doorstep delivery by Animeal in Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Mumbai is a game-changer. In the world of pet care, where time can often be of the essence, this service is invaluable. It's not just about convenience; it's about providing timely solutions to urgent pet health needs. This responsiveness is particularly critical for pet owners dealing with emergencies or needing immediate access to medications and health products.

Goodman Vetcare has also been instrumental in addressing the cost aspect of pet healthcare. Both Animeal and Goodman Chemist have strived to make pet care products and services more affordable. By doing so, they have opened the doors of high-quality pet healthcare to a broader segment of society. This democratization of pet care services is crucial in a country where pet ownership is on the rise but where the costs associated with pet care can be a barrier.

Another landmark achievement of Animeal is the establishment of Mumbai's first 24/7 pet pharmacy. This initiative is reflective of Goodman Vetcare's commitment to continuous care. The 24/7 pharmacy addresses a long-felt need in the pet community for a reliable source of pet healthcare supplies at any time of the day or night. This service is especially beneficial for pet emergencies that occur outside regular business hours, ensuring that pets get the care they need without delay.

Goodman Vetcare's dedication to community welfare is evident in its various initiatives. 'Paws in the Park' is a prime example, where Goodman Vetcare, through Animeal and Goodman Chemist, offered free vaccinations to over 1500 pets. Such events are not just about providing services but about building a community of well-informed and responsible pet owners. These initiatives also underscore Goodman Vetcare's commitment to reaching

out to all segments of the pet-owning community, including those who might not typically have access to such services.

Looking ahead, Goodman Vetcare has ambitious plans for expansion. They are not only looking to broaden their geographical footprint but also to enhance the range and depth of services offered. This includes opening new locations and doubling the team size, reflecting a growth trajectory that aligns with the increasing demand for pet care services in India. The expansion is not just physical; it also encompasses a broader adoption of technology, ensuring that Goodman Vetcare stays at the forefront of innovation in pet care.


In an industry where trust and reliability are paramount, Goodman Vetcare, through Animeal and Goodman Chemist, has set a new benchmark. Their approach is holistic, considering not just the physical health of pets but also the emotional wellbeing of both pets and their owners. This comprehensive approach is evident in every aspect of their operation, from the products they offer to the customer service they provide.

As Goodman Vetcare continues to grow and evolve, its impact extends beyond the confines of traditional pet care. They are setting new standards in pet healthcare, ensuring that it is accessible, affordable, and reliable for every pet and pet parent across India. Their efforts reflect a deep-seated commitment to enhancing the lives of pets and their families, making them not just a business but a vital part of the community they serve.

In conclusion, the journey of Goodman Vetcare, through Animeal and Goodman Chemist, is more than just a business success story. It is a narrative of love, care, and unwavering commitment to the health and happiness of pets. As they continue to innovate and expand, they remain focused on their core mission: to improve the lives of pets and their families across India. This dedication is what sets Goodman Vetcare apart and cements its position as a leader in the pet healthcare industry.

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