OdinSchool At The Forefront Of India’s Upskilling Initiatives

Since its inception in 2021, OdinSchool has been at the forefront of bridging the critical skill gap seen in the Indian technology industry.

OdinSchool at the forefront of India’s upskilling initiatives

OdinSchool has emerged as one of the fastest growing upskilling platforms in India on the back of a market-focussed technology curriculum, practical exposure to industry coupled with active placement support. The upskilling platform’s bootcamp on data science has received overwhelming responses from learners, helping it to achieve more than 100 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) since its inception. The company has since launched courses in web development and is actively considering areas such as Digital Marketing, Cloud Technologies, and various management domains for new courses.

According to a joint report by industry bodies NASSCOM & Zinnov, India could face a shortage of 14-19 lakh technology professionals by 2026. The demand-supply mismatch is especially acute in emerging technologies like data science, AI (artificial intelligence), and ML (machine learning) domains with Nasscom putting the skill gap at 51 percent. With the advent of generative AI tools, such a skill gap is likely to widen in the coming years.

OdinSchool is in pursuit of resolving this significant challenge through its curated, customised, and industry-ready data science and web development programmes. Currently, it has over three thousand learners from diverse backgrounds learning these technologies.

“The fundamental purpose of OdinSchool is to upskill for better careers. We believe upskilling is the only way to succeed in today's dynamic job market. So, we put a lot of effort into carefully curating and designing our Bootcamps, ensuring that our learners acquire the most relevant and hands-on skills. At the same time, we address the skill gap by providing a productive and skilled talent pool for our industry partners and the country,” Vijay Pasupulati, CEO of OdinSchool.

Re-entry into job market & successful career transition:

Learning a new on-demand technology course for career transition or re-entry into the current competitive job market after a break is considered a tough task. But OdinSchool makes the process easier with easy to comprehend course curriculum with online support. The upskilling platform’s curriculum is vetted by the industry, making it highly dynamic. It is updated frequently based on the changes in the industry. Moreover, the instructors are practitioners of these technologies in the industry and hence, can provide a very real-time application-based approach to the whole learning process. Multiple projects are included as part of the training process to give learners hands-on experience.

The live online component is another distinct feature that makes the learning process engrossing. “Learning hard technology skills is not very easy, especially for people who are looking to transition their careers into these domains. They need support, handholding, timely doubt clarification, mentor support, and a learning environment, where they can directly interact with the faculty and understand not only the concept but also its application. So, we ensure a very healthy proportion of live online components in all our Bootcamps. Industry leaders advise, mentor, and share market trends with our learners. Together these stakeholders help us stay current and relevant,” Srinivas Vedantam, Director at OdinSchool said.


These features make it attractive for learners from diverse educational and professional backgrounds to upskill themselves. Interestingly, many learners are women who are returning to the workforce after a career break as well. Angelina Daisy, a mother, took a 16-year gap to relaunch her career as an Associate Software Engineer, Analytics, at Motivity Labs after completing OdinSchool’s course. "OdinSchool got me on the right track. Their guidance and support, starting from scratch helped me to relaunch my career successfully. Grateful for their impact," she said.

Similarly, many others have successfully transitioned into a new professional career. Nipun Gupta, enrolled in the Bootcamp while working as an assistant professor, is now a Data Scientist with Ab-InBeiv, the world’s largest brewery. "OdinSchool's Data Science Bootcamp is my clear winner! Top-notch skills and leading company placements fulfilled exactly what I wanted. I am glad that I made this choice," Gupta said.


Active placement support:

OdinSchool makes every effort to make its learners industry-ready in all aspects. Through its Career Acceleration Programme, it inculcates essential skill sets such as making effective presentations, developing a problem-solving mindset, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and confidence-building that enhance learners' ability to showcase their capabilities effectively. Moreover, the company offers expert guidance on various aspects of the job search process, ranging from crafting the perfect resume to mastering interview techniques.

“The industry is always seeking talent that is skilled and has a strong problem-solving mindset. At OdinSchool, our efforts are focussed on grooming talent on these lines, so that they become assets to whichever company they get placed at. We handhold our learners through the entire placement process through hackathons, mock interview drives, and several other initiatives. Hundreds of our learners have met successful career outcomes through our programme and we are eager to enable thousands more,” Arvind Thoopurani, Head of Placements and Corporate Relations at OdinSchool said. The upskilling platform is also a member of several industry bodies including NASSCOM, SHRM, and HYSEA.


Trusted talent pool for enterprises:

OdinSchool with its customised and rigorous training process has emerged as a trusted talent hub for enterprises across the spectrum. With more than 500 hiring partners, the upskilling platform can provide productive and skilled professionals to corporate houses.

"Finding the right talent is always challenging. It was in this regard that we looked at Bootcamps like OdinSchool. My appreciation to team OdinSchool for the effort put into providing the right candidates, suiting the job roles in our company, hence assuring quick TAT (Turnaround Time). It has solved a pressing problem for us." Niraj Gupta, Technical Recruiter, Human Resources at Cotiviti said.

OdinSchool not only provides a skilled talent pool for enterprises but also offers excellent training solutions for enterprise clients. These customised training solutions are designed and deployed after conducting a need analysis and identifying the upskilling needs of the internal teams of each enterprise.

“While our Bootcamp addresses the hiring and talent needs of companies, our Enterprise Training solutions address their specific employee upskilling needs. We design and deploy training in custom formats with a focus on enhancing the productivity of those targeted teams. With our talent and training solutions, we aim to address the skill gap challenge holistically,” Shruti Jayakumar, Head of Enterprise Business of OdinSchool said.

Going forward, OdinSchool intends to address other high-demand areas in India through similar Bootcamps.