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Meet The Expert - Bidyut Sarkar, Guiding The AI-Driven Manufacturing Transformation

Author: Vansh Ahluwalia

Bidyut Sarkar

As worldwide supply chains grapple with disruptions, manufacturing leaders urgently seek ways to enhance efficiency, quality, sustainability, and continuity, leveraging powerful new capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud platforms, digitization, and advanced robotics that form the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Bidyut Sarkar, an internationally distinguished advanced manufacturing and IT solutions expert for the manufacturing and life science industry has devoted over two decades to enabling such manufacturing gains with emerging technologies across Asia, Europe, and the Americas from his leadership roles driving IT solutions and analytics excellence at global corporations like IBM. Sarkar has already published a seminal expert guidebook for enterprises adopting these exponentially powerful technologies. Additionally, two more books with leading international imprints are currently in the publishing pipeline, focusing on leveraging cutting-edge innovations in areas such as AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, autonomous systems, and more to unlock next-generation efficiency and sustainability benefits.

His pioneering contributions have gained renewed recognition – including two Gold Globee awards in 2023, beating 2,200 applicants for delivering AI-powered supply chain solutions using cloud, IoT, and machine learning.

Away from trophy cabinets, Sarkar’s solutions deliver real-world impact, optimizing industry processes. For a major pharmaceutical manufacturer facing massive stock-outs from demand variability and upstream volatility, he pioneered an AI inventory optimization platform integrating real-time signals from numerous inputs to dynamically calibrate safety stock across distribution centers. Within months, service levels rose 10% while expired product write-offs fell 3% through precisely synchronized supply-demand. The reactive system also proactively positioned stocks using predictive analytics to slash emergency order lead times during supply shocks.

Similarly, when a medical equipment leader struggled with unreliability around last-mile distribution, causing chronic delays and customer frustration, Sarkar envisioned an IoT tracking solution ingesting shipment locations and traffic feeds to determine ETAs with 83% accuracy three days in advance. By accordingly alerting customers and adapting routing, on-time deliveries increased by 11% within a quarter.

Sarkar actively shares his thought leadership on the industry adoption of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies through prolific writing and speaking engagements spanning globally renowned publications and forums. His incisive commentary has been extensively published in major trade journals ranging from Supply Chain Brain in the USA to Logistics IT in the UK. He serves on the editorial boards and expert networks of AI market research leaders like Emerj Artificial Intelligence Researchand the world's leading AI networks like Swiss Cognitive, etc., which are frequently quoted as authorities on technology transformation trends.

A prestigious global platform, the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC), regularly features him as a speaker on Artificial Intelligence. He also serves as an AI Ambassador for the globally circulated AI Time Journal, connecting exponential technology innovators worldwide. Through these diverse channels, Sarkar lends vision and insight, guiding stakeholders ranging from enterprise leaders formulating data-driven investment roadmaps to policymakers framing legislative safeguards for new technologies permeating societies worldwide.

“Algorithms applied to the torrent of real-time data from sensors and equipment uncover transformational improvements in productivity, quality, and continuity,” he explains, pointing to AI techniques alleviating pain points across the manufacturing spectrum – from slashing downtimes through predictive maintenance to optimizing tiny integrated circuit fabrication yields by automatically detecting microscopic defects early using computer vision and deep learning.


Through his keynote speaking assignments, university lectures, and critical consulting advisory roles, he helps economies assimilate AI to fuel enterprise transformation. He highlights the immense opportunity of responsibly embracing AI-based automation. However, he emphasizes thoughtfully curating data, rigorously testing models, maintaining human oversight before deploying AI to ensure fairness and interpretability, and building user trust – aspects he actively champions through advisor roles across industries worldwide.

As intelligent systems continue rapidly proliferating while Industry 4.0 transformations reshape production floors, Bidyut Sarkar continues illuminating a prudent pathway for manufacturers worldwide – to unlock immense capability enhancement through AI's responsible adoption while proactively safeguarding public interests. The future remains one of immense promise for Industry 4.0 ecosystems powered by AI's exponential intelligence multiplication, and visionary thinkers like Sarkar plot the course.

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