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Meet Rajsinha Rajenimbalkar, A Politician & Activist Who Is A Messiah For People In Osmanabad

When Rajsinha Rajenimbalkar returned to Osmanabad, he decided to improve his father's property. He also began working in the construction industry.

Meet Rajsinha Rajenimbalkar, a politician & activist who is a Messiah for people in Osmanabad

Today's generation has several sectors to start a business thanks to social media and the emergence of various professions. They also have an excellent opportunity to get involved in politics. Rajsinha Eknath Rajenimbalkar is one such person who has mastered both. He began his career as an activist and is now the District President of the BJP Yuva Morcha.

Rajsinha Eknathrao Rajenimbalkar was born in Osmanabad and studied Political Science at Vivekananda College in Kolhapur. His mother wished for him to work as an administrative officer. He studied for the MPSC exam while concurrently taking a correspondence MBA course at Pune's Symbiosis College and completing a post-graduate degree in International Politics at Pune University. Rajsinha chose to start a business after being unable to achieve the required results in the MPSC exams.

When Rajsinha Rajenimbalkar returned to Osmanabad, he decided to improve his father's property. He also began working in the construction industry. Rajsinha noticed how distinct Marathwada's thinking, living, and working methods are throughout his time in Western Maharashtra. He had the idea that by providing greater possibilities to the youth, he might empower them. Rajenimbalkar thus joined the Nationalist Party 12 years ago and worked as a general worker to achieve his objectives.

Rajsinha Rajenimbalkar began his political career under his father's supervision and was a prominent figure at events such as the Jubilee and Essay Competitions, Eloquence Competitions, Dance Competitions, Lecture Series, and district-level honours to the youth. Rajenimbalkar's life changed for the better in 2019 when he joined the BJP Youth Front under the leadership of Rana Jagat Singh Patil.

During the pandemic, Rajsinha Rajenimbalkar donated masks, sanitisers, and food to thousands of people as the BJP Yuva Morcha district president. Sanjeevani Hospital has cooperated with the 25-bed Covid Center and the Terna Covid Center on a lease basis under the name of his Terna Charitable Trust in Osmanabad. The District President also assisted youth in participating in various Atmanirbhar Abhiyan Yojana projects. People in his locality were aware of numerous government programmes since he always made an effort to raise awareness about them. Two thousand people were given Rs. 10 loans as part of the Prime Minister's Self-Funding Scheme. Following this, some of the persons who had returned their loans were issued new loans.

Rajsinha Rajenimbalkar has been involved in the coordination of blood donation camps and plasma donors. Aside from that, he owns Rajsinha Trading Company and Rajsinha Infra, which he runs independently. Young people, according to the politician, have a good opportunity in politics. He claims that by establishing his own business, he can carve out his niche in this sector. Rajsinha has established several public relations and youth organisations not just in Osmanabad but throughout Marathwada and Kolhapur. Under the leadership of Rana Jagat Singh Patil, MLA Sujit Singh Thakur, and Youth State President Vikrant Patil, he declared he would continue to lead politics.

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