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Meet Karan Kapoor: A Keen Physique Athlete With Big Dreams

For Karan, staying fit is the only option and he believes fitness shouldn't be sidelined by a busy lifestyle.

Meet Karan Kapoor: A keen physique athlete with big dreams
Meet Karan Kapoor: A keen physique athlete with big dreams

There is a belief that you can do anything if you really want. No matter how many difficulties you face, you will definitely reach the zenith of success if you have a passion for achieving something. Karan Kapoor of Kanpur, who is a fitness model and physique athlete, made this saying come true with his undefeated passion for bodybuilding. Because of this, he has written his name to the Mr World trophy by winning the 2022 FIF Dennis Worldwide Classic Pro/Am in the overall category.

An Overview of his Major Achievements
•  2017 Mr. UP - 4th
•  2019 Mr. Asia - 6th
•  2019 Mr. North INDIA - 4th
•  2020 Mr. Punjab - 1st
•  2020 Mr. North INDIA - 3rd
•  2021 Mr. INDIA - 3rd
•  2021 Mr. UP - 2nd
•  2021 Mr. North INDIA - 3rd
•  2022 Mr. Himachal 2021 NPC - 1st overall
•  2022 Mr. INDIA- 1st
•  2022 Mr. North INDIA - 2nd
•  2022 Mr. Punjab - 2nd
•  2022 Mr. World- 1st overall

Attracted to bodybuilding since childhood
Karan was fat as a kid and was bullied and criticized many times during his childhood. So that fire inside him came from that time and let him into the fitness world.
Karan talked about his entry into fitness and said, "I remember when I was in eighth grade, I started getting into fitness. After high school, I started working out at home and going to the gym. Since then, I got into fitness through my own hard work and dedication, and now I have a full-time career as a fitness model."

Felt amazing after becoming Mr. World
Karan shared about that moment when he became the Mr World, "When my name was announced as an overall winner, I was totally amazed. It was a big thing for me to get honoured with such a prestigious title of Mr World. Especially representing our country at the international level and winning competitions. It has been an honour to represent my country on such a big stage, and I hope I will continue to do so in the future."

The journey wasn't easy
If you're serious about something, you're going to have to face challenges and obstacles, and it's an absolute thing. Karan also faced many obstacles throughout his career as a fitness model. Losing weight and staying motivated is hard for him, but he keeps reminding himself of his ultimate goal.

Karan said, "There were times when I felt hopeless, but I didn't give up. ’Believe in yourself when no one else does' has always been my motto, and it is what keeps me moving forward."

Karan firmly believes that hard work will pay off in the end. He started at the bottom and worked his way around for about 15 years to get to where he is now. However, his transformation from fat to fit took about a year before he started competing professionally.

Social media played a significant role
The internet has engulfed us all, and social media will always play an essential role in our lives, whether we like it or not. When Karan started getting serious about fitness, he started uploading photos and videos on the internet to encourage others to start their own fitness journeys.
In 2021, he joined the Moj app, and his fame skyrocketed. Karan said: "My content has been well received by my audience, and I was able to inspire a lot of people with it. I used to post about exercise and nutrition advice on my Moj profile and have received a lot of positive feedback so far."

Fitness Tips from Mr World
For Karan, staying fit is the only option, and he believes fitness shouldn't be sidelined by a busy lifestyle. On fitness tips, Karan says: "Being fit is the most important thing for a healthy life. Even if you have a tough job or any other obligation, you must stay fit. Because diet has the biggest impact on your health and weight, make sure you eat healthy, home-cooked meals. You can also find exercises that can be done anywhere and require less equipment, including jogging, walking or climbing stairs.”

Wrapping Up
Karan Kapoor's main goal is to represent India in numerous international competitions and make the country proud. Mr. World is just the beginning for him, beyond that, he will continue to create content for his fan base to educate and motivate individuals to start their fitness journey.

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