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LUNC Price Prediction 2023 - Expert Prediction New Cryptocurrency With Web3.0 Utility Is The Better Buy In 2023

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LUNC Price Prediction 2023 - Expert Prediction New Cryptocurrency With Web3.0 Utility Is The Better Buy In 2023

So what’s happening in the Terra ecosystem? Where’s it headed in 2023 and beyond? And is recovery actually possible? We have provided the answer to that question in the article below.

Price Prediction
Price Prediction

LUNC was at the center of the destruction of the Terra ecosystem in May 2022. Moreover, the coin has also been harshly impacted by the collapse of the crypto-exchange FTX in November last year. In addition, its market cap has dropped from $1.5 billion to $735 million since then.

The most recent price movement of LUNC has been highly volatile.

So what’s happening in the Terra ecosystem? Where’s it headed in 2023 and beyond? And is recovery actually possible? We have provided the answer to that question in the text below.

Also, we will tackle why DeeLance (DLANCE) is the best alternative and investment with massive gains in 2023.

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LUNC Price Prediction

LUNC is a cryptocurrency that can never be overlooked or forgotten by the large crypto community. Also, the rugged crash of this token is a major fatal story of the 2022 bear market.

Since its launch in 2019, LUNC’s price was oscillating between $0.2 and $1.3 until April 2021. However, when the crypto market exploded in mid-2021, its price drastically increased and touched $100 by the end of the year.

At the beginning of 2022, the price of LUNC reached between $50 and $100 and made an ATH of $119.18 in April 2022. The month after, its price started to fall and the Terra system collapsed in the middle of May.

LUNC got down around 12% in price and it’s because most consider the original Terra blockchain as a dead project.

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Average price

















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Regarding the forecasts and the future ups and downs of this crypto, we’ve added it to the table above.

So will Terra Luna Classic ever recover? Well, some think that Terra Luna Classic could hit the $1 price point which is on the horizon, but others think that Luna Classic is rather more of a dead coin.

The more balanced practice is that LUNC could get some value through reasonable management and token burns, but it is improbable that it will ever reach $1 again.

As a standard rule, the more long-term projection is, the more challenging it is to be precise with a Terra Luna Classic price prediction.

Again, anyone offering a concrete LUNC price prediction is merely guessing. But, what we can do is examine the factors involved in the project and overall market to obtain a better understanding of where things are going.

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Does LUNC have the potential now for investors to profit?

The possibility of a pump in LUNC’sprice for the short term is certainly there, which means short-term investors who are interested in quickly turning over coins might be interested.

However, longer-term holders should probably look into other coins. Typically, everything is possible in the crypto world and basically, investors shouldn’t rule out the chance that the original Terra blockchain may make a comeback and reconstruct a viable ecosystem. But, truth be told, that seems doubtful at this stage.

Most investors go for much safer bets by choosing cryptos which offer them the opportunity to benefit from exponential and more probable gains.

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Luna Classic (LUNC) Alternatives to Consider

So far, we’ve said that LUNC is going through hard times and it may not be an option for you in 2023 and most likely in a few years, as well. But, what is the alternative to that?

Well, we’re presenting you the next-gen freelancing and recruitment platform that is based on decentralized Web3 technology, called DeeLance.

DeeLance has a mission to develop a space where the world can work together and redefine how freelancers connect with their potential buyers.

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DeeLance - A Web3 platform that will change the freelancing world

DeeLance provides a thoroughly user-centric and decentralized experience, which enables buyers and sellers to hold direct ownership of their work in a transparent, efficient, and safe ecosystem.

In the freelancing world, marketplaces such as LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr monopolize the market. However, the major problem with these Web2 platforms is that they deliver no control over use and data ownership, at all.

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In opposition to that, DeeLance focuses on delivering transparent and secure means, aims to return ownership rights to users, and builds a decentralized digital economy. So, with it, both freelancers and buyers are open to working together without the need for any intermediary, assuring a fair and effective system for all.

The DeeLance platform is also exceptionally straightforward, as you don’t need any KYC or share your credit card or wallet details. In fact, all you need to do is join the platform and start recruiting and earning money.

Moreover, DeeLance also provides instant payouts for users. However, if we compare it to other freelance platforms, they typically take around 5 to 10 days to send payments to freelancers’ accounts. In addition, DeeLance gives its users the possibility of making an instant payout in crypto that you can withdraw with no extra fees.

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DeeLance presale stage 2 is up

With blockchain technology backing up this exceptional crypto platform, undoubtedly DeeLance may become one of the most used freelance platforms worldwide.

DLANCE, its native token, is currently priced at $0.029 in Phase 2 of the three-phase pre-sale. Hurry up, because early investors are getting a huge discount before it hits the exchange list price.

More and more people are moving towards DeeLance, which means that the price of the DLANCE token will gain momentum quickly. Therefore, don’t wait too much and grab your DLANCE tokens right now.

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As to wrap up, we could conclude this article by saying that the price and future of LUNC crypto are not bright. In fact, the price could potentially increase, but analysts don’t see it going up significantly to enable us to say that LUNC will explode again.

On the other side, if you are looking for a much safer bet and something that is still fresh and has a lot of potentials to bring massive and exponential gains in the future, then look no more but dive into the DeeLance presale stage and secure your DLANCE tokens as soon as possible.