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Ledger Stax Reviews: Is This Next-Gen Crypto & NFTs Hardware Wallet Safe?

For those of you who are still not aware about what exactly a digital wallet means, let us break it down for you – it is an online service or an application that is used by individuals to make payments but on an electronic basis or simply to store digital documents or electronic tickets.

Ledger Stax Reviews

When we talk about wallets, don’t we all have an emotional attachment towards it? We always have that one wallet which we believe brought as luck in terms of money income. But the world right now is a bit different, they look at Wallets in terms of technicalities, and if there is any one particular type of wallet that has gained momentum in the last decade, it has to be the digital wallets. Click Here to Buy Ledger Stax From The Official Website

For those of you who are still not aware about what exactly a digital wallet means, let us break it down for you – it is an online service or an application that is used by individuals to make payments but on an electronic basis or simply to store digital documents or electronic tickets. You can just think of it as a digital version of your normal wallet which helps you make quicker money decisions.

Now let’s step on to the next big thing — the hardware wallet! Have you heard of it? It’s one of the best wallets to own at present and has proved to benefit one financially as well! And it is the cryptocurrency hardware wallet which has been the buzz for the last couple of years now! Did you know that the global cryptocurrency hardware wallet market has been anticipated to touch almost 1328.7 million USD by the year 2028 from the recent 250.7 million USD as recorded in the year 2021? That’s a massive growth, right? The expansion of the cryptocurrency world is forecasted to increase by 26.9% with every single passing year. Which is why owning a cryptocurrency hardware wallet has become very crucial! So, what is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet?

These wallets can be looked upon as physical devices which are used mostly to store digital keys linked to any kind of crypto related asset. This wallet enables its users to ensure security of critical information which is required to authorize any type of an outing transaction in the blockchain network. Wallets like this enable the crypto owners to carry out their purchase and sales of crypto assets like an easy process from anywhere in the world just by having protected access to the private keys stored in these wallets. Such wallets also helps its users to manage several other accounts such as facebook and Google accounts. These wallets can be safely stored in a microcontroller. 

Believe it, or not, but the onset of Covid-19 worked as a catalyst for the heightening development of the cryptocurrency market which led to a rising demand for the cryptocurrency hardware wallets. And if you are someone who is struggling to find a cryptocurrency hardware wallet which is reliable and is extremely user-friendly, then allow us to introduce you to Ledger Stax, a credit card sized wallet made by the company Ledger which helps in managing the digital assets in the best way possible. Let’s read on to understand it’s unique features and benefits. 

A Brief About Ledger Stax 

Ledger is a renowned crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet producer known for their usable, useful, and extremely desirable crypto wallets. Recently, they launched a unique credit card sized hardware wallet into the market called “Ledger Stax” The speciality about this wallet is that this was designed by a former design engineer of Apple, Tony Fadell who was the man behind the designing of the revolutionary iPhone and iPod. This Ledger Stax hardware wallet was created with a hope of providing an easier and more accessible method for users to deal and secure their crypto assets. The manufacturers are an 8 year old company and have successfully sold nearly 5 million plus devices across 200 countries and are known to secure nearly 20% of the global crypto assets in the market right now through its devices. 


Working Of Ledger Stax 

The main objective of this device is to help its users with something called the cold storage device through which their cryptocurrency assets can be safely stored even in an offline manner. This credit card sized wallet comes with a plastic and aluminum build and has embedded magnets within for stackability making this device both easily portable and durable. It is a Bluetooth-enabled device and can be used in conjunction with your iOS and Android mobile devices completely cord free. You can charge this device easily with a Qi wireless charging which is the same kind of wireless charging which is supported by both Apple and Samsung devices. And once charged, it can hold the charge for months. Another unique factor of Ledger Stax is that it can manage NFT collections as well! You can even customize your lock screen by creating your own unique NFT. It comes with an E Ink display which is almost similar to Kindle. 

Features Of Ledger Stax

Let’s have a look at the nitty-gritty details of this device:
●    Dimensions: 85mm X 54mm X 6mm which is almost that of a regular credit card
●    The screen resolution has 672 X 400 pixels
●    The security is that of a Ledger which a EAL 5 + secure element which is certified
●    It comes with an array of magnet for stacking easily
●    It’s weight is 45 grams
●    Connectivity features include a Bluetooth 5.2 and a USB C
●    It comes with Qi type of wireless charging
●    Its screen type is that of an E ink which comes with up to 16 grays and has a capacitive touch and a customisable Lock Screen which can be used always. 


Functionality And Design

The Ledger Stax can fit in the palm of your hand perfectly. It comes with a 3.7 inch  curved touchscreen display. This large display helps to easily read and carry out transactions and keep a tab on your crypto asset portfolios. The cool feature of embedded magnets can help you stack several Ledger Stax together. Its Bluetooth feature makes it easy to connect with your mobile phones and use it easily. 

Supported Tokens, Devices, and Coins

Nearly 5500+ tokens and coins are supported by Ledger Stax along with Polygon and Ethereum NFTs. These NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have gained popularity and have grown enormously and Ledger Stax decided to make them a path of its customisable features. Ledger Stax is easily compatible with macOS12+, iOS 13+, windows 10+, Ubuntu, and even Android 9+. 


One can personalize their Ledger Stax by providing a name which is unique and setting up a favorite NFT or an image on the lockscreen. It’s so cool as this feature remains on even while your device is turned off. 

Charging And Battery

It comes with a 200 mAh battery which ensures that your Ledger Stax device works and stays put for a really long time. And it comes with Qi wireless charging feature so that you won’t have to carry the charging cable with you all the time. 

Helps In Clear Signing

All of the Ledger devices do come with extremely clear signing features. You see, clear signing reduces any vulnerability to phishing attacks or any hacking when you try to engage your assets with smart contracts. Whenever you sign with Ledger Stax, you will be able to verify all the transactions through this clear signing feature. These details will help you assess your transactions in a better manner and avoid falling prey to scams. 


Pricing And Purchase Of Ledger Stax

The Ledger Stax is priced at $279 and is available only for pre orders right now on their official website only! The preorders will be due for shopping by the end of March 2023. The price of Ledger Stax makes it the most expensive hardware wallet in the market right now. 

Coin Support

You will be able to manage nearly 500+ tokens and coins in your Ledger Stax through its Ledger live app and native software. And you can always expand your supported assets with the help of Ledger Stax by using it in conjunction with any other third party wallet app. This will help you in managing nearly 5000 tokens and coins and even your NFTs on several 

Pros Of Using Ledger Stax

●    Large electronic touchscreen
●    Wireless charging of Qi
●    Bluetooth enabled
●    Helps in clear signing required for transactions 
●    Strong build
●    Sleek design of the size of a credit card 
●    Compatible with most of the mobile devices

Cons Of Using Ledger Stax

●    Pricing is very expensive
●    You cannot stake several cryptos on the Ledger Live

The Final Conclusion 

Its sleek design is extremely alluring and so are its features and other capabilities making it one of the best and the most expensive hardware wallets in the industry and on the market right now.

Ledger Stax is clearly a revolution in the digital era of hardware wallet which we have been looking forward to. The launch of this device has created excitement among several crypto users. And if you are on the lockout for a hardware wallet to manage your crypto assets easily and on a secured note, then Ledger Stax should be your pick. 

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