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KuCoin Referral Code: QBSSSC5K (Claim Sign Up Bonus)

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KuCoin Referral Code: QBSSSC5K (Claim Sign Up Bonus)

Founded by Leon Kuensingh in 2017, it noticed many traders were flowing from Binance to Coinbase following the recent ban on crypto trading across US exchanges. By referring friends to Kucoin through your affiliate account, you can earn up to 40% on every successful trade!

KuCoin Referral Code
KuCoin Referral Code

The KuCoin referral code is QBSSSC5K. Use this code to claim a sign up bonus upto $500 into your Kucoin app. KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. 

What is KuCoin Referral Code? 

QBSSSC5K is KuCoin referral code. By applying referral code you will get the best signup bonus and unlimited discount on trading. You can earn upto 40% on sharing your referral code with your friends. 

KuCoin Referral Code 

KuCoin Referral Code 


Signup Rewards     

$10 Bonus 

Referral Code   


Refer and Earn   

 40% Trading Commissions 


 20% on Transaction 

About KuCoin 

In addition to having a high liquidity level, KuCoin has low fees, and it offers quick withdrawals as well. Founded by Leon Kuensingh in 2017, it noticed many traders were flowing from Binance to Coinbase following the recent ban on crypto trading across US exchanges. By referring friends to Kucoin through your affiliate account, you can earn up to 40% on every successful trade! 

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin offers trading, buying, and selling of cryptocurrencies. Along with basic trading options, the platform also offers margin trading, futures, and peer-to-peer trading. To earn rewards, users can stake or lend their crypto. 

How to Apply KuCoin referral Code ? 

1. Download the app on your smartphone 

2. Open the app after installing it. 

3. On the top left corner of the screen and click the User icon. 

4. To create an account with KuCoin, click on Sign Up. 

5. Enter your email address and verify it with the OTP. 

6. Enter your Password and then click "Next" 

7. Apply the KuCoin app referral code 2022: QBSSSC5K in the referral code section and get $10 bonus 

8. That’s it!!! Your account is successfully created. 

What is Best KuCoin app Referral Code 

Best KuCoin app referral code is QBSSSC5K. Using this code you will get a sign up bonus of $10. Share your code with your friends and earn $10. You can receive the best sign-up bonus upto $500 in USDT as welcome rewards. Additionally, you can refer friends and receive a 40% trading fee rebate on each trade made using your referral code. 

KuCoin Refer and Earn 

Refer your friends to register and trade on KuCoin today, and receive a crypto referral bonus whenever your friend places a trade on KuCoin. There is, however, a completely new referral program implemented by the exchange.  

In addition to allowing users to invite friends and family, the app will now reward them with stars instead of dollars. In addition to prizes, these stars can be redeemed for a variety of rewards upon collection. 

You can follow below steps to get started with Kucoin refer and earn 

1. Open app and the click on menu 

2. There you will see “Invite friends” option, just click on it 

3. Finally there you will get your Kucoin refer code. 

By sharing it with your friends, you'll receive a 10% referral code and a 10% discount on your trading. 

Kucoin Affiliate Program 

KuCoin Affiliate Program lets you create a unique referral link that randomly invites people who click on it and complete the registration process. All trades completed by your referee will earn you commissions, including spot, futures, and margin trading.  

Commission periods will be determined by each invitee on a 12-month basis. You will be receiving commissions based on how many people you have invited. This particular invitee will no longer generate commissions after the commission period has ended. 

How to join the KuCoin Affiliate Program? 

Step 1: Become a KuCoin Affiliate  

Fill out the form to apply for the KuCoin Affiliate Program, and the KuCoin team will review and contact you.   

Step 2: Promote your exclusive link  

KuCoin Affiliate lets you customize your personalized promotion links according to different channels, and it also allows you to create and manage your exclusive invitation links. 

Step 3: Earn commissions easily  

In addition to receiving 45% commission on each KuCoin trade completed by the user you sponsored, you will also receive an additional 5% commission if you refer others to the program. 

Claim The KuCoin Referral Code Bonus Now 

Use the KuCoin referral code QBSSSC5K to get the sign-up bonus right now. KuCoin is a great platform for traders that want access to advanced features, but also want to be able to manage all of their crypto in one place. 

Is KuCoin safe? 

The Kucoin trading platform is one of the few out there that allows traders to do almost anything they want with their funds. One can buy and sell futures, crypto, and earn interest on USDT. Active traders can monitor their trades through the KuCoin app on their phone, and use KCS to avail discounts on trading fees. 


Kucoin referral code: QBSSSC5K can be used to get the welcome bonus. The signup bonus is extremely easy to get. Just enter the Kucoin app referral code QBSSSC5K while creating an account. The referral code can only be used when creating an account. 


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