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Klaudena Seat Cushion Reviews – Improve Your Posture Now

The seat cushion is made of memory foam, making sitting more comfortable by molding it to your body shape. The flexible, ergonomically built, and breathable product is designed to help improve posture, relieve pain and make sitting more comfortable, even for long periods.


Klaudena Seat Cushion

Klaudena seat cushion overview

Klaudena is a seat cushion made of memory foam that adapts to your body to make sitting as ergonomic as possible for extended periods. Thanks to the special foam, Klaudena is also suitable for softening too-hard seat surfaces and making worn-out surfaces harder.

The chair cushion is placed on the seat surface - and, according to the supplier, you can get the perfect sitting comfort.

The seat cushion gives the chair more height, allowing you to provide low-seating furniture with the correct size. (Affiliate links are used in this article. This means that the author receives a commission. However, the price of the product remains the same). Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!


Known FAQ about this product

Q: What is the Klaudena seat cushion?

A: The seat cushion is made of memory foam, making sitting more comfortable by molding it to your body shape. The flexible, ergonomically built, and breathable product is designed to help improve posture, relieve pain and make sitting more comfortable, even for long periods.

Q: What material is Klaudena made of?

A: The chair cushion is composed of an inner part and a removable cover. The cover is made of 100 percent polyester. The inner foam cushion is made of 100 percent polyurethane.

Q: How should I care for Klaudena?


A: The removable cover of the seat cushion can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. However, it must not be dried in the dryer, ironed, bleached, or dry-cleaned. The memory foam cushion included must not be washed but is protected from dirt by the cushion cover.

Q: What color is Klaudena?

A: The chair cushion is dark grey and thus visually blends in with any office.

Q: How big and heavy is Klaudena?

A: The seat cushion measures 45 x 38 x 10 centimeters and weighs 500 grams.

Q: Does Klaudena help with my back pain?

A: The seat cushion is designed to be as ergonomic as possible to help relieve pain and prevent the development of any pain that may be caused by prolonged sitting. If your back pain is caused by extended, unergonomic sitting, Klaudena can relieve the pain, according to the supplier. Suppose your back pain results from an injury or has another cause. In that case, Klaudena can also help, according to the provider, but you should talk to your doctor before using it.

Q: Does Klaudena actually work with any chair?

A: The chair cushion can be used on any chair, regardless of its surface material. So you can use Klaudena in the car, in the office on your desk chair, at home on the couch, or even when traveling by plane.

Q: Is it a hassle to take Klaudena to another place?

A: The seat cushion is very light and compact enough to be taken anywhere. It would help if you transported it in a medium-sized bag to protect it from the weather.

Q: Do sweat stains form on Klaudena during use?


A: No. Some memory foam products cause increased heat build-up and increased perspiration on the buttocks, resulting in sweat stains on the cushion. Klaudena, however, is designed to be breathable, according to the supplier, so that air can circulate and you won't sweat unnecessarily.

General Klaudena customer reviews

On the official supplier's website, numerous reviewers who have already bought and tested Klaudena speak out in favor of the chair cushion, which is ergonomic. They report that they use the seat cushion frequently - at home and work - and that already existing hip and back pain has been reduced within a few weeks.


They also mention positively that Klaudena's breathability ensures less heat and perspiration on the buttocks. In addition, some reviewers are enthusiastic about the fact that Klaudena is significantly cheaper than a new, ergonomic office chair. Last but not least, the cushion with memory foam is also said to have improved considerably productivity for some reviewers by reducing pain in the tailbone. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

What problems can I address with this seat cushion?

The Klaudena supplier advertises the seat cushion primarily to sit ergonomically - even for extended periods. Due to the safe and non-slip design, it is suitable for every seat, the desk chair, the couch, the car seat, and the plastic garden chair. By adopting the memory foam to the shape of your body, your weight is evenly distributed on the seat surface, which should also contribute to the natural relief of pain that often occurs in the coccyx area due to high pressure.


In addition, Klaudena is said to provide immediate relief from muscular pain, which can often be caused by poor posture in the back, hip, and leg areas, and to prevent the recurrence of these muscular pains.

advantages and disadvantages of a seat cushion

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a seat cushion?

Anyone who frequently sits for long periods knows that after a specific time, the body shows signs of fatigue, pain develops in the coccyx area, and the muscles in the hip, leg, and back area can stiffen. This is usually due to chairs that are too hard, unergonomic or worn out. Especially in the office, buying a chair that is as ergonomic as possible is recommended, i.e., ensuring a good sitting position.


However, new ergonomic chairs are expensive and must be replaced soon. An alternative to these chairs is seat cushions. They also need to be replaced regularly but cost only a fraction of what an ergonomic office chair would cost.

Sitting for long periods becomes uncomfortable because sitting is not necessarily a natural posture that the human body assumes. Sitting puts more pressure on the intervertebral discs than standing, which can have consequences. That is why it is essential, with or without ergonomic seating, to regularly interrupt sitting with movement and to change the sitting position.

You can damage your health if you remain in one sitting position for too long. So seat cushions are certainly a way to improve ergonomics when sitting. Still, they are no substitute for regular movement breaks. Suppose you decide to use a chair cushion. In that case, you will soon realize various chair cushions with very different characteristics. To make your decision easier, you can find out here which cushions have which functions and which variants are best suited to your needs.


First of all, there are chair cushions, which are mainly for decoration. They come in different colors and patterns and are intended to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. However, the decorative elements also have a practical use in that they increase seating comfort, especially on hard chairs, and at the same time protect the seating furniture from wear and dirt. However, they become uncomfortable and do not provide the necessary ergonomics in the long run.

Sitting down and standing up is so easy when you're young that few people even have to think about it. In old age, however, things often look different. Sitting down and standing up without help are usually only possible if the seat is too low. A seat cushion can help here by raising the seat surface. Chair cushions made of sturdy foam are ideal - even available up to a height of ten centimeters.


Chair cushions in the form of a wedge, i.e., with a sloping seat surface, can also provide relief for the back when sitting for more extended periods and make it easier to stand up. In addition, stand-up and sit-down aids can make it easier to get up and sit down gently. The lightweight seat cushions can be transported and can therefore be used flexibly.

If you sit long for work reasons, consider seat cushions that support dynamic sitting. These are cushions that are filled with air or gel and thus make it necessary for you to constantly balance your seat. This keeps your spine in motion, which is supposed to train your back and prevent bad posture, among other things. However, remember that sore muscles can occur, especially in the beginning.


If you want to avoid this, a seat cushion that is advertised as particularly ergonomic may be the best choice for you. Such cushions are less demanding on your back muscles, but their particular shape ensures a better sitting posture. Wedge cushions, also sold to older people, tilt your pelvis slightly forward, correcting your sitting posture and straightening your spine. On the other hand, butterfly-shaped cushions have a recess in the coccyx area and thus protect you from pressure loads.

Of course, ergonomic cushions for sitting are also available in medical versions. They are often used in nursing care, where they are used to relieve pressure, as support, and to relieve pain. Padded chair cushions are often used after hip surgery, as they can help with standing up or reduce pain while sitting.


  • As you can see, different types of seat cushions can be helpful in various areas of application:
  • Gel seat cushions provide optimal pressure distribution and shock absorption. They are used to support active sitting as well as to prevent decubitus.
  • Orthopedic seat cushions correct the sitting posture and thus contribute to relieving the coccyx and spine.
  • Seat rings provide relief in the case of hemorrhoids, decubitus, and coccyx injuries. They are partially adjustable in their degree of hardness.
  • Wedge cushions improve sitting posture and thus reduce back pain
  • Booster cushions improve the sitting position by raising the seat surface of low chairs, thus making it easier to get up and sit down.
  • Anti-decubitus cushions help relieve pressure and are designed to alleviate and prevent decubitus and correct the sitting position.


When buying a new seat cushion, ask yourself which complaints you want to alleviate with the help of the pillow and where it will primarily be used. The seat cushion features are as important as your preferred shape and size.

Where can I buy Klaudena online?

Would you like to buy Klaudena to see that sitting for hours in an office chair, car seat, or plane is possible without pain? Then the website of the official supplier is the right place for you. You can currently get a 50% discount on your order. In addition, you can buy several seat cushions in one order, for example, if you also want to buy a new seat cushion that is particularly ergonomic for family members, friends, or colleagues. Therefore, in the first step of the order process, select whether you want to buy one, two, three, or four seat cushions.


In the next step, the supplier needs your first and last name, e-mail address, and telephone number. Then you can enter your delivery address and select the shipping method. According to the provider, delivery to Germany currently takes between ten and 14 working days. In the last step of the ordering process, you can choose whether to pay by PayPal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Then enter the necessary information, confirm your order, and your new Klaudena seat cushion is coming to you.

Klaudena technical details

  • improves posture
  • relieves existing pain in the back, hip, and leg area
  • prevents the development of pressure pain in the breech area
  • for use at home, at work, in the car, or on a plane
  • Non-slip design, suitable for all chairs
  • breathable and odorless
  • pillowcase material: 100 percent polyester (washable)
  • material memory foam: 100 percent polyurethane
  • dimensions: 45 x 38 x 10 centimetres
  • weight: 500 grams


Klaudena rating

Seat cushions with memory foam are no longer a novelty. What makes Klaudena stand out against competing products, however, is that it is supposed to be breathable, contributing to less heat generated when sitting and thus less sweat and, therefore, fewer odors. Alongside this, the cushion is said to improve posture, remedy back, hip, or leg pain caused by unergonomic sitting, and prevent pressure pain in the coccyx area.

Klaudena's non-slip design suits all seating surfaces - whether at home, in the office, or during long journeys in the car or plane. Due to its lightweight dimensions, the seat cushion should be easy to transport. All in all, Klaudena is not necessarily a novelty. Still, it can be a valuable addition to everyday life and make life easier.


Contact information about the manufacturer

UAB Orbio World

K. Donelaičio g. 60, LT-44248 Kaunas

E-Mail: support @ klaudena . com

Phone: +1 (562) 662-3369


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