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JR Compliance: Cherish Woman Entrepreneurs For Economic Growth

The term 'woman entrepreneur' was coined after decades in India, probably because women were only involved in the business world when the idea of women in business became palatable to the general public.

International Women's Day

A Woman has the power to transform “Her World”
And a woman can create a “Better World.”

“In order to achieve something BIG, you should have a tendency to do millions of small things,” - said Mr. Rishikesh Mishra.  

For decades, entrepreneurship has never been considered a woman’s cup of tea. However, evidently, the first female entrepreneur was Eliza Lucas Pinckney, US, who took over her family plantation business in South Carolina, in 1735. Well, the first female entrepreneur in India was Kalpana Saroj, a Dalit woman, whose story is referred to as a “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Though, the term, “woman entrepreneur” was coined after decades in India, probably because women were only involved in the business world when the idea of women in business became palatable to the general public. However, with the appropriate opportunities, there are a number of women entrepreneurs standing in the light, being a source of inspiration for millions of women in India.

Yet, it can not be ignored that even after setting ideal examples, a fundamental stereotype - women belong at home or kitchen, has not changed much. Additionally, lack of finance, improper education, low risk-taking abilities, family responsibilities, poor networking skills, and safety issues - still remain reasons why women take a step back. 

Although, women are realizing their potential and breaking the human, social, and financial barriers by overtaking the male peers in the business world. Be it artificial intelligence, digital, ed-tech, analytical, and research services - women are part of fields that were once considered obsolete. 

While it can not be ignored that, women are juggling their responsibilities towards home or their business perfectly. 

No doubt, the government of India has made impeccable strides to encourage women to come out from the shadows to eliminate inequality. Thus, several government policies or initiatives have been taken such as Nation Policy for Women, Startup India Program (10% of corpus fund reserved for women-led startups), Udyam Sachi, and more.

Apart from the government, JR Compliance - India's #1 compliance service provider is providing Free corporate compliance services to women this complete month, considering that women entrepreneurship is critical for economic growth as more startups will be established that will generate more employment opportunities along with minimizing the gender gap. 

We must add, JR Compliance has a reach beyond 50+ countries - from Asia to South America, while serving globally recognized companies like Softbank, Newline, and Troy - which indicates the reliability and high-quality services they offer. The mentioned recognized companies/ firms need no introduction and onboarding these internationally recognized companies does reflect the quality of the services JR Compliance provides and how committed they are to ensure conformance with compliance requirements.

Moreover, in India, they provide over 200+ Indian and global compliance services and are working on over 1000+ Indian and global projects. Be it providing unparalleled services to get a BIS certificate, WPC certificate, EPR authorization, company registration, and other compliance services to Indian clients or providing a helping hand to enter countries like the USA, China, Russia, South Korea, and more by obtaining certificates like FCC, CCC, EAC, KC, and other applicable certification requirements - they have a load of services you can get, covering each continent from Asia to Europe. 


And of course, the award they have received in the year 2020, the “Future of India Business Award” speaks for them - a compliance service provider started as a BIS consultant is now reaching new heights of success.

Therefore, providing women to explore the new possibilities to develop themselves and to enhance their expertise, not only in India but also globally, what possibly could be better than providing women to tap into a global market, that further will have a positive impact on our economic growth. 

So, if we look at it, it is accomplishing two goals with less effort. 

It is best explained by CEO and Founder of JR Compliance, Mr. Rishikesh Mishra, “creating a women-tailored entrepreneurship business can help minimize the gender gap while eliminating the inequalities prevalent in business. We believe that women must set a foot in the business world to utilize their untapped potential and we also believe that men can be their better allies by creating women-focused networking opportunities, making women’s representation a top priority in a company, treating women as equal - a few mantras that I believe can push women to come forward. And in order to cherish their growth, we would like to make a contribution in a good deed by providing free corporate compliance services - a month-long fair to celebrate womanhood or to show our reverence.”

He also mentioned that, in his organization, he makes sure that no employee, be it, men or women, feels unequal thus, they ensure to provide equal opportunities, be it at an individual level or professional level. And hopefully, their small effort can bring a vital change. 

Additionally, considering compliance with established parameters, laws, and regulations - providing free compliance services can inspire more women to take a step forward towards growth. Therefore, contributing to the growth of the economy and making the phrase, “a woman is the wealth of the home,” true, and here that home is our economy.

We would like to appreciate the government of India and JR Compliance for taking such initiatives to be a part of economic growth or development - something which is not restricted to women only, but to the entire country. 

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