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Is The Return Of BTC And ETH Imminent? Market Leaders Show Green Signals, But These New Cryptos Could Be The Superior Buy This Week!

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Is The Return Of BTC And ETH Imminent? Market Leaders Show Green Signals, But These New Cryptos Could Be The Superior Buy This Week!

Looking for alternative cryptocurrencies to invest in besides BTC and ETH? This post discusses new altcoins to consider for potential profit.

Wall Street Memes
Wall Street Memes

The crypto market is preparing for a new market cycle, as many significant altcoins are providing gains to their investors. More interestingly, the market movers, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have increased their price action to investors’ benefit. With their combined dominance of roughly 66%, Bitcoin and Ethereum’s bullish momentum indicates that a new bull run is approaching.

These market leaders’ price actions have spurred investors to actively search for the best coins that can provide excellent gains in preparation for the next bull run. Interestingly, this post discusses nine altcoins that are poised to provide massive gains to investors. Some of them include Wall Street Memes , AiDoge , DeeLance , Ecoterra , Launchpad , yPredict.ai , Copium , and SpongeBob. Keep reading to learn more about these coins.

Wall Street Memes (WSM): The King of Memes

Wall Street Memes is the new rave in the crypto space developed by the team behind the successful 2021 Wall Street Bulls NFT collection. With hundreds of thousands of social media followers, Wall Street Memes has the potential to become the biggest meme coin in the crypto market. Also, this vast community has contributed exceedingly in its ongoing presale, as it has raised over $2 million within a week.

With more presale stages to sell its native token, $WSM, Wall Street Memes is poised to provide impressive gains to investors.

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AiDoge (AI): A Fantastic AI-Meme Generating Platform

AiDoge has become one of the hottest meme coins to purchase in this ongoing quarter of 2023. Raising close to $15 million in its presale is no small feat, thanks to AiDoge’s integration of AI and memes into its ecosystem. Users can generate high-quality crypto memes by inputting a text prompt.

Its AI generative model will create unique memes, which users can post and attain popularity. While its presale event is over, you can get $AI tokens when AiDoge makes its first official listings on June 19, 2023. Thus, you still have an opportunity to buy AiDoge tokens at a great bargain before it moons.

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DeeLance (DLANCE): A Promising Web 3.0 Freelancing Platform

The traditional freelance market is riddled with slow payouts, inadequate employment opportunities, geo-restrictions, and intermediary fees. However, DeeLance plans to solve all these inadequacies as a web 3.0 freelance platform.

Thanks to blockchain technology, DeeLance aims to become the future of work by connecting freelancers and employers better without needing intermediaries. Moreso, this freelance platform aims to tokenize submitted works as NFTs, ensuring recruiters fully own the work they pay for.

Interestingly, DeeLance is currently holding its presale event and has raised over $1.5 million within a few weeks. Now is the best time to align yourself with the future of freelancing and enjoy promising investment returns.

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Ecoterra (ECOTERRA): A Great Green Project With Incentives For Users


Ecoterra is the next green project aimed toward Earth’s sustenance and incentivizing users. By launching a Recycle2Earn program, Ecoterra invites you to recycle your waste items and earn ECOTERRA tokens as rewards.

To be a part of this exciting initiative, you need the Ecoterra mobile app. Afterward, you scan the recyclable item’s barcodes and deposit it at a Reverse Vending machine nearby. Then you collect a receipt, which you’ll scan, and earn $ECOTERRA tokens in the app.

The support for Ecoterra has been impressive so far, as it has raised over $5 million, with a few stages away from market listings and its product launch. You can still get into the Ecoterra ecosystem by purchasing some ECOTERRA tokens at a discounted price.

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Launchpad (LPX): The Gateway To Web 3.0 Investments

Launchpad is another fascinating crypto project designed to make investments in web 3.0 projects possible. By building a series of Web 3.0 dashboards, Launchpad will highlight the newest and hottest trending altcoins, presales, NFT launches, and P2E games for users.

Thus, Launchpad users can get all the necessary information about web 3.0 projects on the platform while investing early in them for increased returns. Interestingly, Launchpad has been sensational in its presale event, raising over $1 million since it started. Launchpad is the right platform for your needs if you are a Web 3.0 enthusiast or want to diversify into more Web 3.0 projects. Get involved now!

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yPredict.ai (YPRED): An Amazing AI Platform With Crypto Prediction Tools

yPredict.ai is an AI platform that provides new avenues for traders to approach the crypto market. This platform is developing several AI-powered prediction tools to predict short-term crypto assets’ prices.

These prediction tools will be available for all users in the yPredict.ai ecosystem so users can purchase using its native token, YPRED. Also, yPredict will launch a Learn2Earn platform where you complete trading courses and earn in YPRED. yPredict.ai has raised over $2 million in its presale stages and is heading to its final stages.

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Copium (COPIUM): A Fun and Successful Meme Project


Copium is another meme project developed to help ease the pain of investment mistakes you made in the past through humor and memes. In a short time, Copium has become a massive success in the crypto market, and its native token, COPIUM, is listed on LBank, Uniswap, and Poloniex, captivating investors’ interest in time.

Copium continues to thrive in a vibrant investor community and hype on social media, as experts believe that Copium will provide the best value in no time.

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SpongeBob (SPONGE): A Remarkable Meme Coin With Early Successes in the Market

Based on the longest-running animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob (SPONGE) has captured the interest of investors in the market. SpongeBob’s early introduction to the market saw it gain over 5,000% in price, providing early traders with fantastic gains.

However, SpongeBob isn’t done yet, as crypto experts predict it can reach over 50x gains before the year ends. Thus, getting involved in this project now and enjoying massive price gains before the next run is imperative.

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SOLANA (SOL): A Scalable Altcoin With P2E Game Adaptation

Solana is a green cryptocurrency that offers decentralized finance solutions. It is an open-source project known for scalability, low-cost transactions, and easy integration with global systems. Solana has furthered developed a shooter game, Ev.io, to enhance its token's utility.

The game, built on Solana's blockchain, has already attracted the Solana community as they are in line to enjoy future airdrops while gaming. This game feature will drive increased adoption of Solana and potentially boost the price of its $SOL tokens through in-game asset purchases.

Concluding Thoughts: The Hottest Crypto Projects Are Here. Fill Your Digital Wallets With Them

Look at that! This post has shed light on new prospects capable of providing exponential gains in the coming months. These altcoins have revolutionary use cases that will allow them to shine and dominate the crypto market for a short and long time. Consequently, endeavor to fill your digital bags with these tokens and smile your way to earning big before and during the next bull run.



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