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Is DOGE About To Explode In March 2024? Experts Back New Meme Coins For 10x More Gains!

Will Dogecoin explode in March? Or will new meme coins SMOG Token, Sponge V2, and Scotty AI perform better? Let's see.


SMOG Token is the best new meme coin for 10x more gains

Dogecoin has gone a long way since its listing price of $0.000603 to the title of one of the best meme coins.

And despite being around 90% lower than its all-time high, Dogecoin is still a favorite among community members. Many investors also choose it for their portfolio because of its leading position in the meme crypto market.

However, despite the bright Dogecoin price predictions, experts back new meme coins and Dogecoin alternatives. Among them, SMOG Token, Sponge V2, and Scotty AI are their top picks. Unlike Dogecoin, these bring long-term utility and a passive source of income.

If you want to learn more about them, keep reading. We will tell you all after we discuss Dogecoin price prediction for March.


Dogecoin Price Prediction March 2024: Will $DOGE explode before halving?

AI model predicts $DOGE price to grow 305% by March 2024. If this comes to be, Dogecoin could trade at $0.35 by March 2024. This price growth would also push Dogecoin's market cap towards $500 billion.

Coindcx suggests Dogecoin could trade between $0.092 to $0.095 in March. Bitcoin halving could increase the value of many coins and increase the fresh liquidity on the market. According to Changelly (table below), Dogecoin will have strong buy signals in March. Its price should move between $0.0742 and $0.0823.



Minimum Price

Average Price

Maximum Price





Forbes also put Dogecoin on its list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in February, suggesting it is a good investment choice currently. Factors that could impact $DOGE price are:

  • Positive sentiment on the crypto market

  • Dogecoin's advancement in real-world utility through partnerships

  • Dogecoin community and its support for the project

But, despite the bright Dogecoin price predictions, there are new meme coins that could bring you 10x more gains! SMOG Token, Sponge V2, and Scotty AI are the best Dogecoin replacements and new hopes on the market. Experts also back them up, agreeing they have a terrific future.

Here is more about them.

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SMOG Token is the best new meme coin for 10x more gains!

SMOG Token

The latest release on the Solana network, SMOG Token, is among the best launches of the year. The project is preparing the largest airdrop on the Solana network. You can join the airdrop when you buy and stake your coins and complete daily, weekly, and monthly quests.

The more tasks you complete, the more points you earn. This means your airdrop will be larger. You can also earn rewards when you stake your coins. The APY, in this case, is 42%.

SMOG Token launched on Jupiter and collected over 23,2k holders. The project has 55 thousand cross-platform community members and a market cap of over $50 million. Over 270 thousand tasks are completed with over 8.6k airdrop members on Zealy.


The project started with airdrops to holders of other trending meme coins. SMOG Token team airdropped over $1.5k to Bonk, Dogwifcoin, MYRO, and Samoyed coin holders.

Experts predict a massive growth for the project after the CEX listings. $SMOG price predictions say $SMOG will trade at $0.15 this year. By 2025, the project could hit $0.3 and $0.7 by 2030.

The project pumped 245% since Monday, and crypto expert Franklin Emmanuel thinks this is the best meme coin of all time. If you want massive gains, hurry and grab $SMOG while it's still available at a low price.


Sponge V2 is among the best Dogecoin alternatives!

Sponge V2

If you missed 100x from SpongeBob Token, you can invest in its improved version, Sponge V2. Compared to the first version, SpongeBob Token has multiple benefits. Foremost, with its staking platform, it brings utility to investors. The current APY is 189%.

Foremost, the project will release a Play 2 Earn game, allowing you to earn extra $SPONGEV2 tokens when you play the paid version. If you want to test the game before paying, the free version should be your choice.

With the first CEX listings, you could earn between 50x-100x ROI on your investment. Sponge V2 could hit a $100 million million cap and a price of $0.0035 this year. By 2025, $SPONGEV2 should trade at $0.0075 and $0.011 by 2030.


The SpongeBob has been discontinued, and you can now only invest in Sponge V2. This best new meme coin is available on Polygon with a rewards rate of 968%. Soon after the Polygon launch, Sponge V2's price increased by 56%. The total staked and bridged amount through the site exceeds $10 million. The total purchased and staked through the site is over 8.4 billion coins, almost 20% of the original total supply.

Many think this is among the best crypto projects of the year. If you also want to be in the line for massive ROI, head to the Sponge V2 website and buy now.


Scotty AI is among the best new AI meme coins!

Scotty AI

Thanks to the combination of AI and blockchain, Scotty AI has all it takes to become the next big altcoin. Thanks to its algorithm, Scotty AI spots trends, cues, and connections in blockchain, helping you make the right and informed decision.

Scotty AI is in its 4th presale stage and has so far raised over $400k. The project aims to reinvent how we think of security, fraud detection, and knowledge in the crypto market. This best new meme coin also included ScottySwap, an exchange allowing seamless and fast token exchanges. Further, you can also join ScottyChat, an online community, and discuss cryptocurrencies, get market insights, or explore digital assets.


Scotty AI is a project with utility. The staking platform allows you to earn 222% APY on your staked coins. Further, well-informed sources claim a Scotty AI Play 2 Earn game is in development.

Scotty AI is the next potential 10x crypto, according to the crypto YouTuber Jacob Bury. So, if you want to join the community of people who can earn massive rewards and make informed trading decisions, buy Scotty AI now.

What are the best new meme coins for 10x more gains?

If you want gains from crypto, stay away from Dogecoin and choose SMOG Token, Sponge V2, or Scotty AI. Unlike DOGE, these three new meme coins bring utility and massive rewards. They are terrific sources of passive income and have promising price predictions, suggesting they have a long-term future on the market.


The best thing is that you can get them for less while they are on presale. So, don't wait any longer! Invest now.