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INDMoney Referral Code To Get Amazon Tesla Stock Worth 1000

INDMoney is a popular and verified app that allows users to invest in US stocks. It is a super finance app that allows users to save, plan, and invest in stocks for the better planning of the family. 

INDMoney Referral Code
INDMoney Referral Code

Indmoney referral code is “TNZ43RJGAMZ” to get free amazon and tesla stocks worth rs 1000.If you are looking for INDMoney Referral code then you are in the right place. Using this referral code you will get some amazing benefits over here. 

We always think about our future and plan things but as we know that our future will be bright only if we are financially strong. To become financially strong, it is essential to save money from now on. You can get more information regarding this offer on

But are you familiar with one the best way to invest?

If No, then don't worry, we are here to provide you with the details of the best investment platform named INDMoney. Let us know more things about INDMoney and how you can Sign Up on this platform. 

About INDMoney 
INDMONEY is a popular and verified app that allows users to invest in US stocks. It is a super finance app that allows users to save, plan, and invest in stocks for the better planning of the family. 

As it is an all-in-one app that provides various features that we have never dreamt of. It is a super app, which was launched in 2019 but in a very short period, the app got 5 millions of downloads. It is a big achievement for any app to get this type of response in a very short amount of time. 

The most common features provided by this app are US stock, Neo Banking, Financial Life Tracking, and Management. This app is launched by Finzoom Financial Advisors Private Limited, which is a trusted and. SEB registered investment advisor. The name of the owner of this company is Ashish Kashyap who is also the owner of GoIbibo and PayUIndia. 

By using the referral code, users will be able to earn 1000 coins and whenever they will refer someone, they will get 50 coins in every referral. The referral coins will get transferred to the bank account or can also be used in investing in US stocks. Let us know how to Sign Up on this platform. 

How to Sign Up on INDMoney using a referral code?

Well, Signing Up on INDMONEY is an easy task but make sure you are using the referral code. If you will not use the referral code, there will be no bonus amount for you. So just follow the steps and get known how you can Sign Up on INDMONEY using a referral code.Do you know that Amazon share has become 3X in the last 5 years? I am gifting you Amazon stock worth ₹1000. Enter my code “TNZ43RJGAMZ” while signing up on INDmoney 

●    First of all, users need to download the INDMoeny app by just clicking on this link. 
●    Now just wait till the downloading gets finished. 
●    Then just open the app and enter your mobile number to proceed. 
●    You will receive an OTP, just enter the OTP and tap on the Submit button. 
●    Now you have to suit some basic information like Email ID and Password. 
●    Then just enter your correct PAN Card number. 
●    Now you have to complete the KYC by entering all the correct details. There, you will also get an option of Referral code, 
●    Enter Indmoney referral code : TNZ43RJGAMZ 
●    Now just go to the Main Menu and click on the Invest Money option. 
●    A new pop-up will appear where you will get 500 coins as a bonus. 
●    Now just visit the stock section and start investing in any popular US company with those coins. 
●    You can redeem the coins anytime at your convenience.

That's it, in this way, users can easily create an account on INDMONEY using a referral code. This platform will provide you with every information about your investment and there is no need to pay any commission for that. 

How can I share INDMONEY Referral Code with someone?

Share INDMONEY Referral code can be done by anyone and it is an opportunity to earn some coins and can redeem them in your account. So let me tell you how you can share the referral code of INDMoney with anyone. 
●    First of all, users need to open the INDMONEY app on their device. 
●    Now just tap on the INDcoins options n at the right bottom corner of the screen. 
●    There, you will find an option of refer code, just tap on it. 
●    Now just tap on the clipboard to copy that code. 
●    Once you have copied the code, just share it with as many people you want on different social networks. 

That's it, by just following the above step, users can share INDMONEY Referral code with anyone easily. 


So that's all about a popular investment advisory app named INDMONEY referral code which is “TNZ43RJGAMZ” to get 1000 inr free stocks of Amazon or tesla. This app can give you various benefits that you have never thought of and will provide you various investment plans as per your budget. So we hope that the information remains helpful for you, still, if you have something to ask then please let us know in the comment section.