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How To Watch Heartland Season 16 In USA On CBC [Updated 2023]

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How To Watch Heartland Season 16 In USA On CBC [Updated 2023]

Heartland Season 16 premiered on October 2, 2022, airing on CBC on Sundays at 7:00 p.m. ET/ 4:00 p.m. PT. The platform will simultaneously release a new episode each week.

Heartland Season 16
Heartland Season 16

Get a Canadian IP address and access CBC to watch Heartland Season 16 online in USA.

Heartland, CBC's most popular family comedy-drama, is now airing its season sixteenth. Despite the fact that Season 16 debuted on October 2, 2022, new episodes continue to air every week. But, unfortunately Heartland Season 16 is only available to watch on CBC and CBC isn’t available everywhere. So, family fans in USA, if you don’t want to miss out Heartland Season 16, we have got you!

Using a VPN, you can simply get around its geo-restrictions, get a Canadian IP address and access CBC to watch Heartland Season 16 online. Keep reading to find out how you can connect to a VPN and watch Heartland Season 16 in USA on CBC:

Easy Steps to Watch Heartland Season 16 in USA on CBC [Updated 2023]

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Set it up on your device and connect to a Canadian server list.

Visit the CBC official site and sign up or log in using credentials.

Search for Heartland season 16 and enjoy binge watching!

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What is Heartland Season 16 Release Date?

Heartland Season 16 premiered on October 2, 2022, airing on CBC on Sundays at 7:00 p.m. ET/ 4:00 p.m. PT. The platform will simultaneously release a new episode each week.

Official Synopsis of Heartland Season 16:

Spoilers for Heartland season 16 are up ahead. The show is a CBC original, and it will only be accessible there. The 16th season of Heartland was released on October 2, 2022. The Heartland family will be seen this season making past choices that have the potential to radically alter their life.

Amy will make an effort to form new friendships and ties. Lyndy, her daughter, will also be fully devoted to honing her riding abilities and chasing her passion. Jack and Lisa will discover that hardship is a part of life and that achieving goals often requires it. Tim and Jessica fight to save their marriage as Lou and Peter reconcile.

Watch Official Heartland Season 16 Trailer:

Heartland Season 16 trailer was made available on YouTube. The trailer was released on the Heartland channel, and it has had over 403K views. To find out more about the series, watch Heartland Season 16.

Official Plot of Heartland Season 16:

Heartland Season 16 is anticipated to be a dramatic and heartbreaking epilogue for the cherished Fleming-Bartlett family. As they negotiate their way through the ups and downs of life on a ranch, viewers can expect to watch the characters taking on new tasks and conquering difficulties. The family will eventually accept Ty's passing in this season and start moving on with their lives. Amy is prepared to begin a new chapter and oversee operations at the horse treatment center after confronting Ty's murderer in the previous season.

Lou and Peter will be attempting to mend their broken relationship as a reunited family in the meanwhile. Fans may anticipate seeing Lyndy make new friends and embark on adventures when she begins kindergarten. Fans are eager to learn how Logan will advance to a permanent assistant.

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As viewers eagerly anticipate who will fill Ty's shoes and capture Amy's heart, the season will also offer a new love interest for Amy. Fans are eager to watch how their relationship progresses and want the new person to live up to Ty's standards of intelligence, love, and caring. In case Quinn makes a comeback, fans are also eagerly anticipating their wedding. Many people believe her absence from the show during the previous season was only brief and that she will soon return.

It will undoubtedly be a season to remember with the debut of new characters and the reappearance of familiar faces. We eagerly anticipate the family's reunification and continued support of one another.

Official Heartland Season 16 Cast:

The official cast of Heartland season 16 is as follows:

Chris Potter 

aka Timothy Fleming 

Shaun Johnson 

aka Jackson “Jack” Bartlett 

Ziya Matheson 

aka Katie Fleming Morris 

Amer Marshall 

aka Amy Fleming 

Lucian-River Chauhan 

aka Luke Kashani 

Jessica Steen 

aka Lisa Stillman 

Alisha Newton 

aka Georgina Fleming Morris 

Kerry James 

aka Caleb O’Dell 

Nathaniel Arcand 

aka Scott Cardinal 

Michelle Morgan 

aka Lou Fleming Moris 

Aidan Moreno 

aka Rick Adderly 

Gabriel Hogan 

aka Peter Walter Morris 

How many Heartland Season 16 Episodes are there?

There will be 15 episodes in Heartland season 16. Check out the official synopsis, and release date of each Heartland season 16 episode:

Episode Number  

Episode Title  

Release date  

Heartland S16, Ep1 

Something’s Got to Give 

2 October 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep2 


9 October 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep3 

On the Ropes 

16 October 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep4 

Spark to Flame 

23 October 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep5 

Higher Ground 

30 October 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep6 

Into the Wild 

6 November 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep7 


13 November 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep8 

Running Down a Dream 

20 November 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep9 

True Colours, New Tricks 

27 November 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep10 

Lurking in the Shadows 

4 December 2022 

Heartland S16, Ep11 

Head Over Heels 

8 January 2023 

Heartland S16, Ep12 


15 January 2023 

Heartland S16, Ep13 

Striking a Balance 

22 January 2023 

Heartland S16, Ep14 

After the Ever After 

29 January 2023 

Heartland S16, Ep15 

To be Announce 

5 February 2023 

Official Synopsis of Heartland Season 16 Episodes:

Heartland Season 16 Episode 1 [S16E1]

Amy wonders why she is in the Youth Center after yet another amazing demonstration of her paranormal talents. Jack's heart breaks for Lisa as he sees Tim and Jessica leave for their new house.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 2 [S16E2]

When Amy works with Peyton Westfield's horse, it ruffles Logan's feathers, and Jack offers assistance to Katie while she travels. Lou must step up and help Rick in the meanwhile.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 3 [S16E3]

While Jack and Tim disagree about Blue's fate, Amy and Caleb try to teach one of Sam's rescued horses how to rope. Katie and Logan, meantime, get caught up in an unexpected adventure while river rafting.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 4 [S16E4]

Everyone was shocked to see Finn return to town. The Hudson Entrepreneur of the Year Award was given to Jack and Tim, which resulted in unforeseen complications for Lou and the presence of someone from Tim's background.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 5 [S16E5]

When flood victims arrive in Hudson, Amy attempts to help a scared horse, Jack and Lisa help a young couple, Tim develops a relationship with one of the victims, and Rick takes over in Lou's absence.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 6 [S16E6]

Amy helps a rare animal from a neglected zoo; Tim goes with Jessica to the Big Apple for her art exhibition in an effort to make things right; and Jack and Lisa work to overcome their differences.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 7 [S16E7]

Lou invades Katie's privacy by reading her diary, and the raging storm compels Amy to bid a melancholy farewell, fearing that her suspicions about Finn were true.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 8 [S16E8]

As Logan's father arrives at Heartland, Jessica looks for distractions from a recent setback in the Big Apple, and Lou and Katie quarrel over Katie's decision to get her ears pierced, Amy takes Lyndy under her wing and teaches her the ropes of barrel racing.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 9 [S16E9]

Rick is troubled by Lou's mayoral event while Amy and Jack argue during an overnight trail ride that Amy planned to support Jessica's photographic endeavor.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 10 [S16E10]

While Tim gets ready for an amazing rodeo school exhibition, Amy and Lou head out on the highway in pursuit of the fake Miracle Girl. Amy is debating whether or not to visit Finn in the interim.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 11 [S16E11]

Episode 11 of Season 16 of Heartland Lou tries valiantly to restore his relationship with Katie, Tim pursues vengeance against whoever caused Jack's injury, and Amy gives Logan the reins to work with a new client's horse.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 12 [S16E12]

Episode 12 of Season 16 of Heartland Amy's opinion of Finn is altered when a surprising visitor shows up; Katie finally shares her secrets as Jack struggles with his past at a cabin vacation; and Lou and Peter's evening gathering takes an unexpected turn.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 13 [S16E13]

Episode 13 of Season 16 of Heartland Lisa receives assistance from Amy with the Platinum Bow, and Tim and Shane's encounter is successful.

Heartland Season 16 Episode 14 [S16E14]


Heartland Season 16 Episode 15 [S16E15]


How Many Heartland Seasons Are There?

Heartland has 16 seasons total. On CBC, you may watch every season of Heartland series. It is an original series from CBC. The series' 16th season is most likely going to be its final one. Since, CBC is restricted outside Canada, subscribe to NordVPN (56% Off Avail now) to access CBC and watch Heartland Season 16 in your country.

Where to watch Season 16 of Heartland online?

On CBC, you can watch Heartland Season 16 online. The website offers free access to both current and previous seasons for viewers. Therefore, the CBC website is the place to go if you want to catch up on the show or binge-watch the full series.

Where else can I watch Season 16 of Heartland online?

Heartland is available to watch on the CBC, Peacock TV, CBC Gem, and Pluto TV. You must connect a VPN if using the platform to stream this series because CBC and CBC Gem are Canadian-based and only accessible there. While Peacock and Pluto TV are also available in the US.

Why NordVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Heartland Season 16 in USA on CBC?

NordVPN provides users with a secure and private internet connection. Some of its key features include:

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What is Heartland Season 16 IMDb Rating?

Heartland Season 16 has an IMDb rating of 8.5/10. Heartland Season 16 has an excellent 8.5 rating on IMDb thanks to the overwhelmingly positive reviews it has garnered from both viewers and critics. This grade is a reflection of the hard work and commitment of the cast and crew, who produced a season rich in emotional complexity, gripping narrative, and standout performances.

How are Fans Reacting to Heartland Season 16?

Check out how fans are excited for Heartland Season 16:


Will Heartland get a Season 17?

There is currently no formal information available. The 17th season, if there is one, will probably start airing later in the year.

In Heartland season 16, is Lou expecting?

Heartland's season 16 does not feature Lou being pregnant.

In season 16, will Ty return to Heartland?

No, Ty is not returning because he passed away in season 14.

Is Heartland cancelled?

Heartland is not cancelled.

Heartland is it scripted?

Heartland was indeed scripted.

Is Heartland Season 16 still filming?

Yes, filming on Heartland is still ongoing. On CBC, there are over 10 episodes. The remaining episodes are still being filmed.

Wrap Up:

Heartland season 16 will be exciting, and you would never want to miss that! Watch all of the episodes on CBC, despite being geo-restricted in USA, CBC is still accessible to viewers worldwide. To watch Heartland season 16 on CBC in the USA, you'll need a reliable VPN and we highly recommend NordVPN to instantly unblock the CBC channel and access all Heartland episodes.

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