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How To Order Food In Train through IRCTC Partner Zoop

With a strong focus on promoting the Digital India Initiative, the Indian government has introduced E-catering services through IRCTC. This initiative aims to enhance the variety of food in train available to passengers during their journey.

Now order food in train with Zoop's go-to WhatsApp and Instagram platforms

New Delhi (India), July 25: With the increasing advancement of technology and the widespread availability of food ordering services, it has become convenient to order food from any location. Whether people are at home, office, or even travelling by train, it has become incredibly easy to place orders for meals. In the past, people used to rely on homemade food, pantry options, and the limited food choices during train journeys. However, with the advent of food delivery apps or websites such as Zoop, now passengers can enjoy the luxury of delicious, hygienic and freshly prepared food on train, which is delivered directly to their birth.

With a strong focus on promoting the Digital India Initiative, the Indian government has introduced E-catering services through IRCTC. This initiative aims to enhance the variety of food in train available to passengers during their journey. Passengers now have the convenience of ordering or pre-ordering their meals digitally. According to the Ministry of Railways , the E-Catering service is currently accessible at 310 railway stations, facilitated by 1,755 service providers and 14 food aggregators. And on average, a total of 41,844 meals are being supplied each day through this service.

Zoop, an online food delivery aggregator, received authorization from IRCTC under their e-catering project, with the aim of delivering an exceptional train travel experience and offering the finest food options and enabling passengers to order food in train. By collaborating with more than 2500 FSSAI approved restaurants across India, Zoop ensures that train passengers enjoy a comfortable and convenient dining experience.

Zoop takes pride in providing a diverse array of food delicacies, including North Indian, South Indian, Snacks, Chinese, fast food, and even Italian cuisine. Recognizing the significance of religious dietary practices, Zoop also caters to the food preferences of Jain passengers. Through their curated restaurant network, Zoop ensures the availability of satvik food, enabling passengers to access wholesome meals during their journey. This eliminates the need to carry homemade food that may become stale during long journeys or rely on limited pantry options or unhygienic food from vendors at train stations.

“Zoop has truly transformed the way we dine during train journeys. As a frequent traveller, I appreciate the convenience of ordering delicious and hygienic meals from an extensive range of cuisines. From our user-friendly interface to the prompt and reliable service, we at Zoop wish to exceed all expectations. The availability on various platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram adds to the charm. With Zoop, I look forward to a delightful dining experience every time you are on the train.” says Puneet Sharma, Founder of Zoop.

Zoop is available on multiple online platforms

Zoop set itself apart from other online food aggregators by offering a standout feature which is the availability across multiple platforms. Customers can order food on train through Zoop via multiple channels - its official website, Mobile App, Dial-in number, Google chat, Whatsapp chatBot, and an Instagram BOT called Ziva. Moreover, all of these platforms are automated and support widely spoken languages, including English, Hindi, and Hinglish. This extensive accessibility and language support make Zoop an exceptionally user-friendly platform for ordering food on more than 5000 trains in India.


How to use Zoop to order food in train

Zoop employs cutting-edge technology across its platforms, enabling passengers to easily access its services with just a few taps on their smartphones and get food delivery in train. Each of Zoop's platforms is automated, presenting passengers with a range of options to choose from. They can select their preferred choice and have their food order in train promptly delivered at their train stop.

Here are the steps that passengers can follow to order food online in train through Zoop:

  1.  To begin, open Zoop's website or mobile app (Zoop, WhatsApp, Google chat or Instagram), or call 8010802222.
  2.  Message through the apps or speak directly with an assistant over the phone.
  3.  Start by selecting your preferred language and then proceed to choose your desired options for placing an order.
  4.  Provide essential personal details such as your name, contact number, and the location of your train.
  5.  Browse the list of restaurants and make your selection for a meal.
  6.  Choose your preferred mode of payment and make a secure online transaction.
  7.  Zoop's assistance will promptly connect with you to confirm your order.
  8.  Finally, keep track of your train food order through the mobile apps or Zoop’s website to stay updated on its progress.

Additionally, Zoop prioritises valuing customer feedback and enabling them to raise complaints after completing the food ordering process. It also offers passengers the flexibility to request refunds and cancel orders, contributing to an enhanced customer experience while online food order in train.

What else does Zoop Offer?

Zoop provides a diverse selection of features for users to choose from. These options include checking the PNR status, accessing the train time table, locating the coach position, and finding the platform location. In addition, Zoop allows users to order food on train in different ways. They can opt for a bulk meal or a group order, or they can order for a single individual, which can be pre-booked based on the train details. For large orders, Zoop is capable of delivering meals for up to 500 people in a single order, making it highly convenient for various types of tours, such as official trips and religious excursions. To ensure a smooth food ordering process for large orders, passengers need to plan ahead by ordering the food at least 24 hours in advance and make a minimum advance payment of 30%, unlike regular orders. Zoop will take care of the food-related arrangements, easing the burden for customers. Group food orders can be placed by filling out the form online at the Zoop's website or by calling +91 801080 222.


Zoop, founded in 2016, offers a round-the-clock food delivery service with personalised meal choices at over 150 train stations throughout India. The company is fully dedicated to providing top-notch service to train passengers and is actively working towards their goal of delivering 100,000 meals per day at over 250 railway stations across India by 2024. Zoop places great importance on customer satisfaction and ensures hygienic conditions to guarantee food safety in India. They prioritise offering safe and wholesome food options to customers during their train travels.

Train passengers in India now enjoy a revamped dining experience, thanks to the inclusion of IRCTC ecatering partner Zoop. Moreover, Zoop's additional features like PNR status checking, bulk ordering, and dedicated customer support contribute to an elevated customer experience. As Zoop continues to expand and strive for excellence, its goal remains to provide safe and nutritious food choices to train passengers throughout India.

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