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Dr R. Ananthanarayanan’s Growth Strategy And Future Plans: Expanding The Horizons For Sajjan India Limited

Sajjan India Limited is actively focused on expanding its capacity and acquiring new facilities to support the growth trajectory

Sajjan India Limited

Sajjan India Limited is a prominent leader in specialized chemicals, specializing in contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) services. They are committed towards providing unflinching support to large companies operating in the agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceutical sectors. Sajjan India Limited excels at producing raw materials, intermediates, and active ingredients for the agrochemical sector by utilizing its key competencies. Additionally, they manufacture an array of specialty chemicals, including electrochemical and photo initiators. In the pharmaceutical domain, Sajjan India Limited stands out in producing starting materials and building blocks for pharmaceutical intermediates. Implementing the "China plus one" strategy in light of the growing demand for workable alternatives to supply chains that rely largely on China is their focus area. Sajjan India Limited presents itself as a credible partner by providing trustworthy and affordable alternatives to their clients who are pursuing the China-plus-one strategy. 

Sajjan India Limited's commitment is to provide outstanding goods and services of the highest calibre that are tailored to meet the individual requirements of its esteemed customers. Modern manufacturing facilities, rigorous quality control procedures, and skilled and capable team, enable the organization to constantly provide excellent solutions. 

With a remarkable industry experience spanning over 35 years, Dr R. Ananthanarayanan (Ananth) has held various significant positions and has witnessed the evolution of the pharmaceutical sector first-hand. His journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Technology, followed by a PhD in the same field. 

Throughout his professional tenure, Dr Ananth has traversed diverse functions, starting from Research and Development (R&D) and progressing to project management, quality control, and manufacturing. Over time, he has also delved into sales and marketing, ultimately culminating in executive leadership positions, including several years as Global CEO. 

Dr Ananth's expertise extends beyond borders, as he has had the privilege to collaborate with prominent organizations across various geographies. His association with renowned brands such as Teva Pharmaceuticals, Dr Reddy’s, Cipla, and others has deepened his industrial know-how and contributed to his growth as a professional. However, his journey has always been rooted in a strong technical foundation that has expanded into successful commercial leadership. 

For Dr Ananth, the essence of this industry lies in its people. He firmly believes in deriving valuable learnings from individuals and their experiences, which fuels his passion for placing people at the core everything he does. He is equally passionate about Planet, and places environment, social and governance goals closely aligned with personal and organisation Purpose. 

Receiving the prestigious "CEO of the Year" award evokes a combination of profound emotions. It is a moment of immense pride and recognition, acknowledging the remarkable accomplishments he has achieved. The CEO expresses deep gratitude towards the colleagues and partners who have worked alongside him, highlighting the integral role played by the team and the organization as a whole in accomplishing shared goals. This recognition serves as a powerful reminder of his commitment to 3Ps as he frequently mentions- Purpose, People and Planet. 

Dr Ananth believes in the need for revolutionizing industry, to achieve self-sufficiency within India reducing dependence on China. The chemical industry in India must prioritize backward integration to ensure complete control over supply chain and mitigate concerns related to geopolitical pressures. In the chemical business, key elements revolve around service, delivery, quality, and cost, therefore the imperative of local production in India. Forging strategic partnerships become vital as no company can single-handedly achieve everything, long-term relationships with reliable partners play a pivotal role in achieving collective success. Additionally, relevant technological solutions need to be implemented to attain cost competitiveness and maximize manufacturing efficiencies. 


When it comes to competitive strategy, there is a sensitive aspect that holds particular importance. The CEO refers to it as ASQCI, a comprehensive framework where each letter represents a vital component. "A" stands for the assurance of supply, emphasizing the commitment to consistently meet customer demands and ensure a reliable supply chain. This is closely followed by the "S," which represents the security of supply, highlighting the need to safeguard the supply chain from any disruptions or uncertainties. The third element, "Q," signifies an unwavering focus on quality. It encompasses not only meeting specifications but also delivering excellence in every aspect of the customer experience. Maintaining impeccable quality standards is crucial to building trust and satisfaction. The letter "C" represents a relentless pursuit of cost optimization. It is essential to continuously explore avenues for cost reduction while maintaining efficiency throughout the system. Lastly, innovation serves as the foundation for cost improvements. By harnessing technology and embracing innovative approaches, the organization can drive sustainable advancements and enhance competitiveness. The CEO firmly believes that adopting the ASQCI framework sets the company apart more sustainably, going beyond one-time cost reductions. By adhering to these principles, the company strives to establish a robust competitive position in the market. Through the assurance and security of supply, a persistent focus on quality, cost optimization, and a strong emphasis on innovation, the organization aim to deliver exceptional value to the customers while ensuring long-term sustainability. 

From the CEO's perspective, receiving the prestigious award has a significant impact on the organization. Firstly, external recognition for an organization operating in the CDMO space underscores the strong values and culture, which might resonate with customers. It serves as a validation that surpasses the impact of mere presentations and contributes to positive word-of-mouth referrals. Secondly, the recognition also strengthens relationships with supply partners, highlighting the value and significance of the work being done. The award is a strong validation internally for the passionate employees, who take immense pride in their achievements. Additionally, the recognition acts as a magnet, attracting potential employees who are drawn to an organization with a proven track record of excellence. This opens up opportunities for collaboration and fosters a sense of connection among individuals who envision themselves working with such a credible organization. 


The CEO is resolute in outlining the future plans of the company. Sajjan India Limited is actively focused on expanding its capacity and acquiring new facilities to support the growth trajectory. They are considering both organic and strategic acquisitions to enhance operations and leverage synergies with complementary businesses. 

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