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Dodow Reviews – Don't Buy This Sleep Aid Device Until You Read This

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Dodow Reviews – Don't Buy This Sleep Aid Device Until You Read This

Dodow is a small sleep aid device consisting of a metronome light and is scientifically designed to help people sleep quickly and peacefully while removing troubled thought patterns

Dodow Reviews
Dodow Reviews

Do you struggle with sleep issues? You are not alone in this. Around 30% of adults experience short-term insomnia, and 10% have long-lasting issues. Dodow is here to change this. It is a small sleep aid device that helps you relax and clear your mind.
According to an estimate, more than 70% of Americans suffer from terrible sleep disorders. If you are like me and millions of others, you must have trouble falling asleep at night for many unknown reasons. The continuous struggles and hardships of life are slowly affecting our lifestyles and destroying the sleeping patterns of everyone. Due to this, people spend hours staring at walls and ceilings, and their minds jump from one life problem to another within seconds. Inadequate sleep doesn’t let them concentrate on everyday activities, and they always feel tired, exhausted, and drained.

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Because of this poor sleeping pattern, people are now compelled to take different antidepressants and pills to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night.
Unfortunately, these medications are extremely harmful to our health in the long run. They may offer short-term relief, but they have terrible effects on our minds and bodies in the long term. Luckily, you are no longer required to rely on those dangerous sleeping pills. Why? Because there is a device called Dodow that claims to relax and clear your mind from troubling thoughts and worries. Instead of staring at your walls and ceiling at night, you can stare at this small sleep aid device named Dodow that emits a relaxing blue light and calms your mind slowly.

Today I will discuss everything about this compact device that helps you regain your sleeping pattern and works like magic. Let’s find out how the device works, its features, and many interesting details in this review.

What is Dodow?
Dodow is a small sleep aid device consisting of a metronome light and is scientifically designed to help people sleep quickly and peacefully while removing troubled thought patterns. The device works by blocking out all the worries and overactive thought patterns and slowly lulling you into a very comfortable, long, and peaceful sleep.

There are several practices and life patterns that you can combine with the device to have fantastic results. For example, activities like meditation, yoga, and behavioral therapy are all great options that combine to strengthen the effects of Dodow. The device is safe for all ages and doesn’t cause any harm or side effects, even in the long run.

This small sleep aid device primarily works using a hypnotic light. A person needs to focus on this relaxing blue light, which slowly calms his mind and breathing rate. After a few minutes, their mind’s natural ability gets restored, and they fall asleep without effort.

Dodow is a straightforward product to use. You are not required to get any extra accessories or use any third-party software.
Moreover, it is a one-time investment that lasts for years. You need to activate it's 8- or 20-minute sleep cycle, and the device will shut out on its own.

How Does the Dodow Sleep Aid Work?
Before you spend money on this small gadget, it’s important to know the science behind its functionality. Dodow breathing aid is a very effective and straightforward solution for all. You don’t have to put in much effort to set it up, and it doesn't require a great room.
Dodow has a touch-sensitive surface that needs to be touched for three seconds. The device emits a relaxing blue light that projects onto your ceiling directly, and when you lie in bed, you need to stare straight at the blue light. After a few seconds, it will slowly expand and seem bigger before it contracts to a smaller circular point.

When you watch the light, you should focus on your breathing state. The general science behind the product is that it will slow your breathing state, and its relaxing blue light will bring your body to its natural rhythm. It relaxes your mind and calms your breathing within seconds.

After that, your breaths per minute get reduced and eventually slow down your heartbeat. Dodow is available with two different settings. With these settings, you can determine how long you need to focus on every session. You can choose between an 8-minute or a 20-minute sleep cycle. Surprisingly, some people fall asleep even during the 8-minute cycle. The device shuts off automatically after the end of every session.

Some Technical Specs of the Product:
●    Battery type of Dodow = 3 AAA
●    Dimensions =5″ x 4.5″ x 2″
●    Weight = 7 ounces
●    Power consumption = more than hundreds of nights
●    Basic Functionality = Helps sleep quickly using 8-minute and 20-minute cycles

How to Use the Dodow Sleep Aid Device?
Dodow is a very simple-to-use device. Follow these steps to use it correctly and make the most of it.
●    Place the device on a flat surface like a bedside table.
●    Select from an 8- or 20-minute cycle and tap its surface.
●    When lying in bed, the device projects a soothing blue into the ceiling. Breathe in and breathe out with the slowly growing blue light. As the cycle continues, the light moves slower, and your mind automatically focuses on its blue light and removes all distractions. That way, your breathing slows down, and your heartbeat gets stable.
●    After the cycle completes, you wake up fresh and energized.
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Unique Design and Construction:
Dodow is a great device that is compact, lightweight, simple to use, and portable. The best thing about Dodow is that it takes up very little space on your bedside table, which you can easily place alongside important items like tissues, a glass of water, and a clock.

If you get accustomed to the device, you won’t spend a night without it. It doesn’t mean it’s addictive; it’s just because the device has very useful features and exceptional performance. 

When you compare it with other devices, you may not experience the same relief and calm as with Dodow. It quickly removes all your anxiety and stress and gives you peaceful sleep all night without experiencing any sleep-related issues. The Dodow device is small and simple, and you can take it anywhere. You can even purchase bundles of Dodow for family and friends.

Features and Benefits of Dodow:

Overall Score: 95% 





Ease of Use 








The Dodow sleep aid device has many interesting features and benefits. People love the product due to its ease of use and amazing performance. Let’s find out some more features and benefits that make the Dodow a perfect device to consider.
●    Solid Design and Construction:
The Dodow sleep aid has a very simple and convenient design. The device is only 45 inches wide and 2 inches tall. So, despite its small size, the device is the most durable product. It has a solid construction, which means it doesn’t break or get damaged even if it accidentally hits the ground.

●    No Cords, Only Batteries:
Unlike traditional devices requiring a long cord for proper functioning, Dodow is available with solid AAA batteries that can be replaced when they run down.

●    100 Nights of Sleep:
According to all the users who have been using Dodow for years, the product can easily sustain more than 100 nights of peaceful sleep. No matter whether you are a light or heavy user, the product runs for months before giving any charging-related issues.

●    Best For All Ages:
According to the product manufacturer, Dodow is best for all ages up to 6 years and above who experience insomnia-related issues. The product is 100% safe for all and has no side effects, even if you use it every night.

●    Easy to Use:
The best part about the product is that it is very easy to use. You don’t need to read any guidelines or instructions before using it. Just choose the 8-or 20-minute sleep cycle, tap the surface, and enjoy a long and peaceful night.

●    Comes with 2 cycles:
The product is available with two sleeping cycles. Depending on your preference, you can tap the surface for 8 minutes or choose a 20-minute sleep cycle. The device shuts off automatically and allows you to fall asleep during sleep.

●    Quality Sleep:
The basic purpose of Dodow is to help you sleep quickly and effectively. It ensures quality sleep while removing all the troubling thoughts from your mind. 

●    Calms Your Breathing:
Dodow works by slowing down and stabilizing the person’s breathing rate. Its hypnotic, relaxing blue light slows the breathing rate to around six bpm.

Who Should Use the Dodow Device?
Dodow is the most intelligent gadget available and is best for everyone who suffers from anxiety, insomnia, and other sleep-related issues. When you don’t sleep for more than 2-3 hours at night, it leads to constant sleep deprivation and can cause a lot of serious issues in the long run that can affect your whole body. And when your body is sleep deprived, you don’t give cells a chance to recover from different issues stuck in your brain, and you already feel tired and stressed for the next day.

The longer you spend nights without sufficient sleep, the more symptoms you can experience. When you are sleep deprived, you can even make simple mistakes at work, for example, sending emails to the wrong clients or maybe making mistakes in counting numbers. After a hectic day, you won’t be able to do everyday tasks, including grocery shopping or driving home.

The makers of this device also recommend it to those who suffer from jet lag. When your time zones are changed on a business trip or maybe on a family vacation, it will be hard for you to return to your everyday schedule.

Ideal for Back Sleepers:
Are you a back sleeper? If yes, then Dodow is worth a shot. This small gadget projects a hazy and calm light onto the ceiling. So, when you focus on Dodow’s blue light while lying on your back, you can easily complete an 8-minute or 20-minute cycle without losing focus or interest. People who sleep on their right or left side often have difficulty staring at it because they need to twist their necks.

The purpose of this device is to lull you into a deep sleep. If you usually sleep on your back, it’s great, and you don’t have any problem staring at it. But if you, like most people, prefer to sleep on your side or your stomach, then do not expect to fall asleep within 1-2 minutes because your muscles are not relaxed, and you may be a bit uncomfortable.

Sometimes people also get tired because, as you watch the light, sometimes it fades and then illuminates again after intervals. However, it's still recommended to adjust your focus and position.

Pros and Cons of Dodow:



Small, compact, and lightweight 

It is only available on the manufacturer’s website. 

Portable and reliable sleep aid 


Durable materials and a solid design. 


Helps regain the natural ability to sleep. 


Calms your mind and slows your breathing rate 


The soothing blue light relaxes the mind. 


An easy-to-use product for all 


No side effects, safe for all ages 


Non-addictive solutions, unlike medications 


Best for Insomnia and Sleep-Related Issues: