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Diamantaire Perfect Designs Unveils Stunning Dubai Office Branch

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Diamantaire Perfect Designs Unveils Stunning Dubai Office Branch

Diamantaire Perfect Designs' new Dubai office is an impressive addition to their growing list of branches. The opening was not only an expansion of the company’s production capacity but also signaled the beginning of a new era in The Middle East for the company.

Nihar Parikh
Nihar Parikh

Perfect Designs diamantaire recently celebrated the grand opening of their main office branch expansion in Dubai, UAE. The ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 1st marked the official opening of the new branch, which boasts a stunning interior and state-of-the-art facilities. 

We also had the chance to talk about how Nihar Parikh – CEO of Perfect Designs, is leading his company as a leader in the luxury asset management industry. 

Perfect Designs Officially Enters The Middle East 

Diamantaire Perfect Designs' new Dubai office is an impressive addition to their growing list of branches. The opening was not only an expansion of the company’s production capacity but also signaled the beginning of a new era in The Middle East for the company. 

The highlights of the event included a tour of the new office, showcasing its remarkable interior. With the Dubai branch having state of the art diamantaire facilities, guests were treated to a demonstration of the latest computer aided machining technology and software used by the company, showcasing Perfect Designs’ commitment to excellence. 

Key features of the office include ample space for employees to work, relax, and collaborate. The open floor plan promotes teamwork and encourages employees to work together to achieve the company's goals. 

A Greener Future for Diamonds 

Perfect Designs has stated, that they fully support sustainability and ethical sourcing in the diamond industry. The company understands that diamonds are not only a symbol of love and commitment, but also a representation of the values and beliefs of those who purchase them. These shifts to a greener way of production come as consumers become more conscious of the impact their purchases have on the environment and society. 

To achieve this, Perfect Designs works with suppliers, who have made investments themselves in automation and artificial intelligence technologies to streamline the production process and in turn reduce costs. 

This benefits consumers by making diamonds more affordable and also helps to minimize waste and improve the sustainability of the industry. 

Roots in Diamonds: The Journey of Nihar Parikh 

Nihar Parikh, CEO of Perfect Designs, comes from a long line of diamond merchants. Parikh's philosophy is to help others achieve their vision, just as his own vision became a reality. With such a devotion for the craft, Nihar Parikh's achievements can be attributed to his dedication and drive. 

Though he initially entered the jewelry design field, he eventually discovered a true passion for luxury watches and bespoke jewelry. Parikh’s specialty though lies in luxury asset management – a recent addition for his high-net-worth clients. 

Why Should Investors Invest in a Luxury Asset Manager? 

While the concept may sound new, it’s one luxury connoisseurs have been familiar with for a while. Especially if you appreciate the finer things in life - whether it’s diamonds, watches, or art. 

Why not learn to diversify? Invest in buying luxury goods that you can not only enjoy, but will also retain if not appreciate in value over the years to come. 

Investing in the right luxury products can prove to yield a better return on investment than a blue chip stock over a period of time. 

Nihar Parikh said it best himself: “People love investing in the stock market, but investing in the right diamonds and watches can be more lucrative and even more pleasurable to own compared to an intangible asset such as stocks or shares.” 

Nihar Parikh’s Experience in Luxury Asset Management 

Over the past few years Nihar Parikh has become an expert in luxury asset management. Nihar spends his time travelling the globe, helping HNWIs source luxury watches and jewelry that will maintain its value and even increase in value over time. 

He is now the go-to-guy for high profile individuals around the world who are looking to invest in luxury assets such as watches and jewelry. 

When we discussed Mr. Parikh him helping clients manage their luxury assets he mentioned: “I have a variety of HNW clients of whom I manage their watch portfolio. My clients get to wear these investments as tangible assets that they enjoy and take pride in and at the same time these assets are appreciating in value” 

The Future of Perfect Designs 

The future of Perfect Designs looks bright, with multiple new branches having been planned and the company has set its sights on reaching 100 million USD in revenue within the next five years. 

Dedicated to maintaining their commitment to excellence and their clients' satisfaction with ambitious goals set by the team to continue the rapid growth and expansion that has earned the company its recognition in the jewelry design industry. 

About Perfect Designs 

A diamantaire company specializing in luxury watches and bespoke jewelry designs. Perfect Designs with headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, has offices in Mumbai, India; London, UK; Hong Kong and now Dubai, UAE. 

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