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Dark Age Defense Reviews - Scam or Legit Survival Book? [Amazon Update]

In this review of the guidebook, we’ll be looking into its various aspects to see if it is really worth trying out. 

Dark Age Defense
Dark Age Defense

Dark Age Defense Reviews: Natural disasters are becoming an increasingly common occurrence nowadays. And one of the biggest issues that arise as a result of this is a power outage. When power outages occur, they can be quite troublesome. Because of this, many people are now looking for ways to create their alternate methods of generating energy. 

While solar energy and generators are one way to go, they are far from the only solution. And considering that they don’t really last that long, there’s no denying that these are far from the best answers. For this reason, many people have now begun switching to the methodologies that are highlighted in the Dark Age Defense Book. This is a guidebook that provides users with a look into how they can generate electricity for themselves with ease.  

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In this review of the guidebook, we’ll be looking into its various aspects to see if it is really worth trying out.  

Dark Age Defense Reviews: Is This Handbook Worth Buying in 2022? 

Have you grown increasingly concerned with just how common natural disasters are becoming around the world? Extreme weather events that used to happen just once in a couple of decades seem to be an early occurrence now. And when this happens, people are often left stranded without electricity for weeks at a time.  

This can cause a huge hindrance to one's daily life and can become a problem that requires fixing immediately. But unless one is taking the necessary steps quickly, they will likely not be able to deal with the issue. And for this reason, it is imperative to look into how one can generate electricity on their own without needing the aid of generators , UPS systems or solar panels. While this might seem too good to be true, apparently, all of it is something which has been highlighted in quite a lot of detail in the Dark Age Defense book.  

So, there’s no surprise to see it becoming quite popular nowadays, with more and more people giving it a go. Anyone that wants to ensure that their home is properly fortified and has a solution to a potential power issue in the future, can utilize the learning it has to offer to ensure their home remains connected to electricity under any situation. 

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About Dark Age Defense Book 

Dark Age Defense Survival Guide is a renewed way to generate electricity that anyone can follow along on with ease. The guidebook introduces us to a number of interesting methods that can help them power their home, from small appliances to everything else too. It apparently cis a methodology thath elps in matianing electricity during emergencies. These can range from things such as power outages, or even natural disasters that might make it so a person is not connected to electricity for weeks at a time. 

If you’re wondering just how it works, rest assured, the time behind it has given quite a bit of information and knowledge about it. The handbook apparently brings forward the idea of the infinite coil. This is a coil that generates electricity and is based on the research that was done by Nikola Tesla. Many people remember him to be the real father of electricity, who unfortunately hasn’t gotten that much recognition for his work. 

Tesla aimed to make electricity something that was freely available to all people, but his research was poorly used by some parties, and he never got recognition. And now it seems a lot of people have begun looking into just how he managed to create his coils, resulting in lots of new research and testing coming out. 

Among this new research is the knowledge contained in the Dark Age Defense book. The handbook tells users of a way they can empower their homes while keeping their family and themselves safe in the harshest of weather conditions. The guidebook takes users through a series of different steps that will help in creating this infinity coil right at home. 

Not only this, but it also provides information on how to maintain this coil and to get the best use out of it in different situations. The author behind this guidebook even claims that it uses technology that is not much known currently, and it is supposedly superior to other alternatives to generating electricity in the market. As such, even if one is using solar panels or generators at the moment, this method claims to be a much better alternative to them. 

For anyone who’s living in an area that sees frequent power outages, or has issues with natural weather conditions or disasters, then having a backup like the Dark Age Defense Book is a highly recommended course of action. And as is becoming apparent to a lot of its users, it is definitely a must-have considering how the weather around the world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. With the aid of this infinity coil that is showcased in the Dark Age Defense guidebook, users have already managed to empower their homes with the best electrical technologies. 

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How Does the Dark Age Defense Survival Guide Work? 

While it’s great to hear about how good this guidebook is, it’s another thing to actually see it in action. And so, many people have been wondering just what goes into making the Dark Age Defense Survival Guide work as well as it does. Apparently, the reason behind its success comes from the research and testing that has been done on it by its creator, Paul. He looked into the work of Tesla, and realized how the scientist was able to harness the power of coils to produce energy. 

Now this knowledge has been harnessed into modern technology to provide users with something called the infinity coil. This apparently has the ability to provide energy for long periods of time, even in the case of a natural disaster. The survival book states that users will be given the information they need to easily overcome any form of power disaster. The handbook also states that it will give users the proper compass and assistance they need to navigate the darkest of days without any kind of issues. 

It has apparently been made with the idea of empowering users, and will ensure that users will be able to avoid any kind of risks and potential issues that are involved in the making and maintenance of the aforementioned coil. Not only this, but the product also includes some useful additions such as:

  • The lawful felony method which helps in boosting the efficiency of the coil by a whopping 261%, which is more than any other power source that one can likely get at the current day and age 

  • How this method can be made use of to ensure that one’s dead automobile can be brought back to life 

  • The top things that users should consider doing when they enter into a power outage, and the exact steps to take in the first 30 minutes 

  • The top tips and directions on construction a force field around one’s home that can help keep a person’s surroundings safe and secure 

  • The best way of creating an infinity coil that is suitable to the size of the home that you currently reside in, while making sure that a person keeps their safety a top priority 

  • Tips on how to create seven infinity coils that can be used to carry out the pencil squared method which has been highlighted in the guide book 

  • Discover and learn about things such as the Cosmo generator, which is apparently something that can generate power out of literal air 

  • And how to make the infinity coil generator out of a literal fisher toy, which is a good option for people that want to produce this thing on a smaller budget  

All of this is quite detailed and apparently the team behind the guidebook is fully certain that it can back up all that it is stated here. With some of the reviews and testimonials of the guidebook being positive, it does seem like a couple of people have been able to use it to some extent and see results. 

But again, it is worth noting that everyone’s results may vary, and so, using the guidebook on your own to see if it is right for you is probably the best course of action as it avoids any kind of issues. 

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Does the Dark Age Defense Survival Guide Come with Any Bonus Content? 

As is the case with a lot of these products, they offer bonus content to make the deals that much more appealing for their users. And this one is no different. The Dark Age Defense guidebook comes alongside a number of useful bonuses that make the overall package that much more appealing. It is worth noting that these add-ons and bonuses are completely free of cost. And so, users are basically getting all of this for free. The following are some of the additional bonus content that has been included in the final purchase:

  • Water On-Demand 

This is the first free bonus that users will receive when they get this ebook. It is quite a useful addition to anyone’s arsenal and this is because it is one of the first essentials a person will need in any crisis. From water comes life, and so knowing how to best be able to gain access to water is a big deal. In this bonus, users will gain knowledge on three big mistakes people make when they are out shipping for water. As well, users will learn how to identify water safely in their home. And how to manufacture at-home filters that can take care of any issues or potential contaminants in one’s water supply. In case of a disaster all of these tips will definitely come in use.  

  • Generate Oasis 

This is the next big addition and it is useful for anyone that wants to learn how to make meals during a natural disaster. Food is tough to come by in a disaster situation. And thus, knowing how to be able to grow one’s own food is essential to survival. With this e-book users will be able to create excellent superfood for kid growth using a special method of fertilization. And through this, one will be able to grow food that is more densely nutrient-packed than even regular meals are. During times of natural disasters, food like this is highly required to ensure that one is not facing any kind of malnutrition.

  • Bulletproof Escape 

This is the next big addition to the bonus content. It is known to provide users the ability to create a 72-hour special forces survival pack. In some cases, a person may be forced to leave their house at short notice. And with this bonus, users will get a guide on how they can do this and the first steps to take within the 3 days of doing so. It will teach users stuff such as what to carry and what to leave behind. 

  • Escape from the Grid 

The final of the bonus content that has been added into this package is called Escape from the Grid. It is a way for people to escape the system and stay safe in havens that are resistant to Blackout Day. The bonus material makes use of real-world examples on how to create havens in such a case. And these are off the grid too. They use cutting-edge technology to do this, and can ensure that one’s family can properly thrive in these locations instead of simply enduring and living. 

While it might be tough to imagine being able to achieve all of this, especially if a natural disaster is ongoing, much like the other stuff on this guidebook, the team behind it seems quite persistent and determined in their ability to provide results. Especially since it uses real-world examples, it looks like there’s going to be some truly interesting stuff that is shared with readers of the Dark Age Defense.  

Where to Download Dark Age Defense PDF and How Much Does It Cost? 

With all that is given to users with this ebook, especially the bonus content that is seemingly free, the next question that everyone is asking is just where and how they can buy this ebook. And apparently, it is available for purchase on the official website of the team behind it.  

The official Dark Age Defense guidebook is only available from the website at a price of just $67. This is a one-time purchase that includes not just the base guide but also all the bonus content that has been highlighted above. To check if there are any bonus or discount deals currently being offered, visit the official order page here

Because the purchase is made from the official website, users will likely not have to go from one online store to another trying to find this ebook. Through this, the team behind it has made it much easier for their users to find the guidebook without having to jump through any hoops or similar issues.  

As soon as you make your purchase, you will be able to download the ebook along with all the bonuses right away.  

That being said, the website has allowed for a simple way to order it, and one can easily get their very own book with ease. The product also is available through the safe transaction on the store, so there is no reason to worry about one’s banking details not being safe. Furthermore, in case the user is not pleased with the ebook, they even have the option to return it within 30 days of purchase. This makes it that much more reliable for anyone that wishes to get their hands on the product and truly judge it before they are convinced.  

Dark Age Defense Amazon 

Many consumers look for Dark Age Defense Amazon availability, but we only recommend that you download Dark Age Defense through the official website. That way you can be sure you’re getting the authentic book, and not some ripoff.  

Pros of Choosing the Dark Age Defense Survival Guide 

  • Makes use of technology that has apparently not even made its way to the general public yet. In fact a lot of the stuff that has been used to make this ebook has been documented all the way back from the 1920’s. For this reason, it is highly well-versed and detailed. Users will likely be able to receive a whole bunch of benefits when they begin to learn from this ebook. 

  • The guidebook is made with the users being novices and beginners in mind. There is nothing in there that anyone won’t be able to learn and do so on their own with the right steps. 

  • It is made to be legal, so there is no reason to worry about anything being done that would be outside the confines of the law. 

  • It has already received a lot of positive reviews from existing users, making it a considerable option and one that is highly reliable.  

Dark Age Defense Reviews: Conclusion and Final Thoughts 

From the details available, Dark Age Defense really does seem like this guidebook is designed for people that want to take their safety and security into their own hands. Relying on someone else to come save you in case of a disaster is a pipe dream.  

And so, being sure that you have access to all the necessities, especially things such as electricity is the first step towards being safe. And the Dark Age Defense guidebook seems to do this quite well. 

To learn more about the Dark Age Defense ebook or to download it today, click here to visit the official website.