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Dan Hollings The Plan Reviews: Grid Bot Gold (Rapid Crush Crypto Training)

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Dan Hollings The Plan Reviews: Grid Bot Gold (Rapid Crush Crypto Training)

The Plan: Grid Bot Gold is a crypto training program that teaches new, intermediate, and expert crypto users how to use a unique trading system to make money via crypto trading.

Dan Hollings
Dan Hollings

The Plan: Grid Bot Gold is a crypto automation masterclass available exclusively through

Over a 6 module training program, you can discover how to setup special crypto trading bots to “wiggle” your way to crypto profits via a unique trading system.

Does The Plan: Grid Bot Gold live up to the hype? How does The Plan work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about The Plan today in our review.

What is The Plan?

The Plan: Grid Bot Gold is a crypto training program that teaches new, intermediate, and expert crypto users how to use a unique trading system to make money via crypto trading.

According to the official website , The Plan already has 16,000 customers in 131 countries, making it one of the best-selling crypto training programs available online today.

Anyone can sign up for The Plan: Grid Bot Gold online today for a one-time payment of $3,497 or 4 installments of $997. Your purchase includes lifetime access to Phase 1 of The Plan, which is called Grid Bot Gold. You also get access to all future updates to Phase 1.

Registration for The Plan is open until Monday, October 17 at 11:59pm PST.

The makers of The Plan market the system to anyone interested in making money online through crypto trading – including beginners who don’t own any crypto and experts seeking to make more money by trading crypto online.

How Does The Plan Work?

The Plan is a masterclass consisting of 6 modules. As you progress through The Plan’s 6 modules, you learn more about how the system works, how to use the Grid Bot Gold system to “wiggle” your way to crypto trading profits, and which coins to buy and trade.

Over the modules, you’ll learn things like:

  • The basics of The Plan and how crypto works
  • How to setup your crypto trading bot for the first time using The Plan’s automated crypto trading software
  • The best coins to buy today, including coins that are worth hodling, stable coins to protect your wealth, and which exchanges are the best
  • How to time crypto markets to amplify gains, including how to setup your bot to find the “sweet spot” and wiggle your way to maximum profits
  • How to minimize risk while trading in the high-risk, high-reward world of cryptocurrencies
  • How to lock in your gains and elevate your lifestyle after getting rich with crypto

You can access all of the training modules at once online. You receive access to the modules within approximately 48 hours of signing your NDA & Participation Agreement, which you can sign immediately after your purchase is confirmed.

Overall, the goal of The Plan is to explain how crypto trading bots can maximize your crypto profits while minimizing your risk. You’ll learn how to use a specific type of automated software to setup a successful trading bot – even if you have zero programming experience, crypto expertise, or trading knowledge.

What Will You Learn in The Plan?

The Plan consists of six training modules. Over the six modules, you can discover how The Plan works, how to setup and execute your first trading bot, and how to begin making money with crypto.

The six training modules are part of Phase 1, also known as Grid Bot Gold. This phase includes everything you need to know to wiggle your way to crypto profits online. The company plans to release future phases. However, your purchase includes lifetime access to Phase 1 and all future updates for Phase 1’s modules.

Here are all of the modules covered in The Plan and what you’ll learn in each module:

Module 1: Digital Gold: Overview of The Plan & Crypto

In the first module, you can discover an overview of The Plan and how it works, along with a general overview of how crypto and crypto trading work.

Some of the topics covered in this module include:

  • Why the goal of The Plan is to generate daily revenue with minimal effort and maximum safety
  • How to make money by acquiring and holding high-value cryptocurrencies, including which coins are the most popular coins to “hodl” long term
  • The four core strategies to get rich with crypto, including why crypto trading is frowned upon
  • The 3 circle concept to help you manage risk while making money with crypto
  • The Strategy-Hodl-Reserve approach to crypto capital to help you increase returns and lower risk
  • The portfolio effect, and why you should strive to attain the portfolio affect as soon as possible
  • Why “do nothing” is the go-to strategy nearly all the time once crypto automations are up and running
  • Why you should ignore headlines, rumors, Reddit threads, and “moonshots” in crypto and focus on another thing instead
  • And more

Module 2: The Hodl Bot

This module discusses The Plan’s automated trading software interface. You can discover how to setup a trading bot for the first time, including a step-by-step guide to setting up your first successful trading bot. You can also discover some of the different trading bot strategies to consider implementing.

Topics covered in the second module include:

  • A walkthrough of the automation software interface and how it works, including the things you should focus on and the things you can safely ignore for now
  • How to use the hodl bot to setup the safest, and most powerful long-term bot (assuming you believe crypto is the future and has long-term value)
  • The step-by-step process for setting up a bot, including an over-the-shoulder video guide as Dan walks you through the entire process
  • The magic of dollar cost averaging (DCA), including a real-world example of how buying bitcoin via DCA led to 5x greater returns
  • How to use the 20-30-50 approach to manage capital risk, including how to maximize your upside while minimizing your downside

Module 3: Exchanges, Stablecoins, & Standard Coin Bots

In this module, you can discover how to pick the right crypto change on which to run your bot. You can discover the benefits of using multiple exchanges, the step-by-step process for setting up bots with specific coin pairs, the best coin pairs to focus on, and more.

Some of the topics covered in this third module include:

  • What to look for in crypto exchanges, including how to safely and easily exchange your current currency (no matter what you hold) into crypto in a low-risk way
  • The benefits of setting up accounts on multiple exchanges
  • How to setup your crypto portfolio to always be in control (The Plan’s team never has access to your crypto, nor do they have access to your automated trading software)
  • How stablecoins work, what they do, which ones to consider, and more
  • The step-by-step process for setting up standard bots, including how to select the right coin bars, setup bot parameters, and more
  • The 5 things you need to know when setting up standard coin bots on exchanges
  • How to identify the most “wiggly” coins to maximize crypto bot cash flow
  • A little-known website to identify low risk crypto coins for use in your bots
  • And more

Module 4: Standard Coin Bots Part II

Is Module 4, you can discover the bot setting “sweet spot” to maximize your chances of getting the most wiggle profits out of your bots. You’ll discover how to time the market to amplify your gains, choosing the best times at which to launch your bot. You’ll learn about the concepts of dips and runs, including how to spot double bottom zones and take advantage of them, among other market timing strategies.

Some of the topics covered in Module 4 of The Plan include:

  • How to maximize your chances of getting the most wiggle profit out of your bots by setting your bots in the sweet spot
  • How to time the start of your bot to amplify your gains
  • The concept of dips and runs, including how to filter dips and runs through a one-time window to gain powerful insight into the profit potential of a specific coin or bot
  • How to spy on the lower half of the channel to launch bots with confidence
  • How double bottom zones work and how to take advantage of them
  • Why you should avoid crypto coins that are new to exchanges
  • What FUD is, how to avoid being a victim of it, and how to separate yourself from the noise to reveal the true value of each coin
  • How to sidestep FOMO that could cause you to sink your money into a coin that ultimately disappoints, allowing you to make your gains in a stress-free way
  • And more

Module 5: Crypto Savings Vaults

You can access crypto savings vaults today to retain access to your money while earning interest on it, allowing you to increase your crypto holdings over time. In this module, you can discover the best ways to store your crypto assets, including:

  • What bank-like crypto savings vaults are and why you should consider using them as part of your portfolio
  • The pay yourself first rule when hodling, including how to lock in your gains and elevate your lifestyle
  • Why you should avoid hodling all of your assets on a single crypto platform, and what to do instead
  • How to always keep your crypto liquid and never have it locked up
  • The scoop on crypto savings platforms and why most people never find out about them
  • And more

Module 6: Closing Bots & Bot Regridding

In the sixth and final module, you can discover how to continue optimizing your bots over time, when it’s time to close your bots and restart them, and how to “re grid” a crypto bot when necessary.

Topics covered in this module include:

  • Why you should never be in a hurry to close your bot, regardless of whether a coin is going up or down in value
  • How a good bot can wiggle you out cash flow profits “most of the time” in bear and bull markets
  • Why most bots stay within the wiggle range a majority of the time to maximize profits, and what to do when they fall out of range
  • Why the most common reason to close a bot is because of how profitable it is – not because it stopped wiggling
  • Step by step instructions on closing a bot in an easy, simple, hassle-free way
  • Reasons you may need to re-grid a crypto bot – and why it’s rare to re-grid a crypto bot
  • And more

How to Make Money with The Plan

The main goal of The Plan is to teach you how to use crypto bots to “wiggle” your way to crypto profits.

Crypto bots make money by buying low and selling high. Bots do this by timing markets: they identify trends to maximize upswings and minimize downswings. According to the makers of The Plan, you can setup a bot to consistently buy low and sell high in small intervals, helping you wiggle your way to profits whether you’re dealing with a bear or bull market.

There are two ways to make money with The Plan, including:

Buy low and sell high. You sell crypto in the future for a price higher than what you paid for it. This is the main way most people in crypto make money. In The Plan, you can discover the value of buying and hodling cryptocurrencies you like today.

By setting up bots that take advantage of the “wiggle.” The Plan teaches you how to setup crypto bots that buy and sell small amounts of cryptocurrency multiple times per day. Each bot is programmed to only sell a bit of crypto for a higher price than what they purchased it for. These small profits can add up when made consistently, and you have immediate access to these profits in your exchange account. You can use those profits to buy a crypto you like. Or, you can use those profits for more wiggle money.

The makers of The Plan are careful to explain that “you may lose some or even all of your money” even if you follow The Plan exactly. Unlike other crypto education courses sold online today, The Plan isn’t a get rich quick scheme, nor does the company promise immediate, easy profits; instead, they ensure people recognize there is no sure thing and that all investments carry risk.

Bonuses Included with The Plan

As part of a 2022 promotion campaign, The Plan: Grid Bot Gold contains a bundle of bonuses with each purchase.

Here’s what you get when you buy The Plan today:

Bonus #1: 24/7 Support: Your purchase includes access to The Plan’s customer support team, which is available 24/7/365. The support team has a 97% satisfaction rate and average response times of less than one hour.

Bonus #2: Access to The Plan’s Shareholders & Experts: The Plan has a group of original members known as “shareholders.” These shareholders are available live on Zoom for trading sessions. You can join a session and see how the experts use crypto trading bots to wiggle their way to enormous crypto profits. If you can’t make a live session, you can also view on-demand sessions via the members-only area.

Bonus #3: Crypto Exchange Deep Dive: Finding the right crypto exchange is tough, and most people have some level of bias. However, the creators of The Plan do not claim to be affiliated with any single exchange, and they claim to have zero financial incentive in recommending exchanges. In The Plan’s crypto exchange deep dive, you can discover the best and most proven exchanges for various needs.

The Plan Pricing

The Plan is priced at a one-time payment of $3,497 or 4 installments of $997.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordered online today:

One-Time Payment: $3,497

4 Installments: $997 per month for 4 months

You do not receive immediate access to The Plan upon signing up. Instead, you need to sign an NDA & Participation Agreement. After you sign that agreement, you receive access to The Plan and all included modules within 48 hours via email.

You are permitted to share your subscription to The Plan with one family member in your household or one legal business partner.

The Plan Refund Policy

All sales of The Plan are final, and the company does not offer any refunds on any purchases.

Other Fees with The Plan

The Plan is a crypto education course. Your purchase does not include access to the crypto trading software, nor does it include money you actually need to start setting up your crypto trading bots.

Other fees you may want to pay during or after signing up for The Plan include:

Access to Crypto Trading Bot Software ($69 to $149 Per Month): You can pay $69 per month to run up to 5 active bots at once. Or, you can pay $149 per month to run up to 20 active bots. The makers of The Plan do not own this software; they just like it best. However, Dan receives affiliate compensation when you sign up for this software through his affiliate link.

Trading Capital (Minimum Recommended Amount of $3,000): The makers of The Plan recommend investing a minimum amount of $3,000 in any cryptocurrency for which you’d like to run a crypto bot. If you want to make money off trading the bitcoin “wiggle,” for example, then you should be prepared to buy $3,000 worth of BTC.

Crypto Tax Tracking Software ($667 Per Year, Optional): Although not necessary for beginner traders, the makers of The Plan recommend buying crypto tax tracking software. This software tracks all your trades and prepares them in an IRS-friendly way, making it easy to make crypto profits without putting yourself in a tax mess.

How Long Does It Take to Get Started?

The Plan is designed to help you start setting up crypto trading bots soon after you access the course. Here are some of the recommended time frames mentioned by The Plan’s team:

After 16,000 customers in 131 countries have completed The Plan, it takes an average of 5 to 10 hours to get a solid foundational understanding of the materials in the course and the 6 included modules

It takes 1 to 2 hours to setup your first bot, including all additional research

Once your bot is live, it’s almost entirely hands-off; although you may want to check and perform minor maintenance, you do not need to touch the bot

With some experience, you can start setting up bots in less than 5 minutes; you only need to run a handful of bots at the same time, which means a few hours of work could help set yourself up for significant returns

About Rapid Crush, Inc.

Rapid Crush, Inc. is the Florida-based company behind The Plan. The company was founded in 2011 by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos.

You can contact Rapid Crush and The Plan’s customer service team via the following:

The Plan masterclass itself is led by a man named Dan, who walks you through the bot setup process and other areas.

Final Word: Is The Plan: Phase 1: Grid Bot Gold Worth It?

The Plan: Phase 1: Grid Bot Gold is an online masterclass available through

Over 6 modules, The Plan teaches you how to setup your crypto trading bot for the first time and potentially generate profits by taking advantage of “wiggle” movements in crypto markets.

To learn more about The Plan and how it works or to buy The Plan today, visit the official website.