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CryptoHopper Review: Is This Best & Safe Crypto Trading Bot?

CryptoHopper is a tool for automated bitcoin investing. Though users will need to subscribe to a plan to access CryptoHopper's main features, they may start exploring the platform for free - they do not even need to provide their credit card information until they are sure they want to commit to a plan.


CryptoHopper is an all-in-one trading platform designed to make investing in the cryptocurrency market simpler and more intuitive. Investors can use CryptoHopper to automate their investing procedures, replicate professional traders, set signals and alerts, and much more. This enables investors to keep on top of the market regardless of the coins they trade, the exchanges they use, or where they travel.  

Although investors must pay to use CryptoHopper's most advanced features, the site does not impose a per-trade commission. Instead, it charges investors a set monthly fee based on the number of tools they can access.  


Utilization Ease  

CryptoHopper is a tool for automated bitcoin investing. Though users will need to subscribe to a plan to access CryptoHopper's main features, they may start exploring the platform for free - they do not even need to provide their credit card information until they are sure they want to commit to a plan.  

Despite the fact that CryptoHopper focuses on providing investors with access to more advanced charting tools and trading possibilities, the site remains straightforward and easy to use. Some of the favorite aspects that make CryptoHopper so simple to use are:  

Expert-level tools with no coding requirements: Unlike most open-source systems, CryptoHopper allows users to tailor their investing experience and access high-level features without coding themselves. CryptoHopper combines strong capabilities with a platform that is simple enough for beginners, from unique strategy scanners that rapidly spot candlestick charting patterns to backtesting investment ideas.  

One of the most significant advantages of CryptoHopper's platform is that it blends a sleek, user-friendly design with strong functionality.  

Simple and rapid setup: No prior cryptocurrency knowledge is required to get started with CryptoHopper. Without having an exchange account, users can set up a paper trading account to test out CryptoHopper's capabilities. Most users may register an account and get started in as little as three minutes.  

No additional fees: CryptoHopper is not a broker, and the platform does not charge a commission on trades. Users will always pay the same modest standard cost regardless of how many trades they make per month. Because they don't have to account for additional expenses, it's also easier to assess how much their exchange will cost in fees.  

Overall, CryptoHopper gets high scores for its platform's simplicity. With a comprehensive trading terminal and an easy-to-use interface, even complete beginners can get started investing quickly with CryptoHopper.  


CryptoHopper not only lets users manage all of their exchange accounts from a single platform, but it also provides newcomers with a variety of unique resources for learning more about investing and the cryptocurrency market in general. Here is a look at some of the best educational tools and activities offered on CryptoHopper.  

Trading accounts on paper: Paper trading accounts at CryptoHopper allow users to test their investing strategy without risking actual money. Paper trading access can also be useful for people who are still debating whether CryptoHopper is the perfect trading terminal for them and do not want to commit to paying for an account just yet.  

Tools for professional analysis: The indicators and analytical tools provided by CryptoHopper are outstanding. Depending on plan users select, they will have access to up to 30 specific indicators, 90 candlestick pattern identifications, and features to customize their automated trading experience. All of these features don't require any coding knowledge to set up - simply click to configure indicators and alerts.  

Copy trading functionality that is simple: CryptoHopper's marketplace gives investors all the tools they need to learn from some of the market's most successful cryptocurrency investors. CryptoHopper carefully selects each applicant to guarantee that users are learning from the best, and they can instantly buy bot templates, communicate with other investors, or subscribe to trade signals from a phone or desktop application.  

Customer Service  

Through online chat: Visit CryptoHopper's website to access online chat. To access live chat, click the blue speech bubble in the lower right-hand corner of the home screen. Users can connect to live chat or browse the company's FAQ right from the chat app. Though they will be linked to a chatbot at first, they can contact a team person if the response is not in the current FAQ.  

Through CryptoHopper's support ticket service: To use ticketing customer service, users must already have a CryptoHopper account.  

There is currently no phone option for customer service needs.  


CryptoHopper is an all-in-one trading platform that enables investors to access all of their cryptocurrency brokerage accounts from a single platform. CryptoHopper offers investors a variety of tools and services to help them improve their on-exchange capabilities, including:  

Copy Trading capabilities  

  • Access to strategy designer tools and tools that allow investors to profit from pricing disparities across exchanges  

  • Tools and functionality for advanced analysis  

  • Dollar-cost shorting and averaging tools are examples of bear market methods.  

  • Investors can use these without fear of losing money on each trade because CryptoHopper charges a flat monthly price based on the tools accessible at each tier. Though CryptoHopper does not provide brokerage services, it does supply investors with a full collection of tools that may be used to make trading simpler, easier, and more intuitive.  


    Mobile App 

    CryptoHopper's quick setup and all-inclusive access is now available on both Apple and Android mobile platforms. Some features of the CryptoHopper app include:  

    High-level security: Biometric security mechanisms are built into the CryptoHopper app to ensure that only users have access to their investments.  

    Optional push alerts: Configure push notifications to receive real-time updates on predefined patterns,triggers, outstanding orders, and others. Users may track their progress and positions from their phone's home screen.  

    One Click Trading: The mobile platform is as simple to use as the desktop variation. Trade orders with a single click and manage positions from anywhere.  


    The CryptoHopper app is free to download for Apple and Android devices.  

    Fees and Minimum Account Balances  

    Most investors can utilize CryptoHopper's site for free. Track holdings, perform real-time transactions with CryptoHopper's trading terminal, and use strategy backtesting capabilities for free. There is no minimum amount required to begin using CryptoHopper, although the platform recommends depositing at least €300 to the user's preferred exchange so that CryptoHopper can distribute risk across numerous transactions while still meeting minimum trade requirements.  

    If users wish to use CryptoHopper's automated investing features, they must upgrade to a premium account. Currently, CryptoHopper offers three levels of paid account access.  


    The Explorer bundle includes 80 positions, 1 simulated bot, 2 triggers and up to 15 coins. The Explorer bundle will cost around $16.58 per month.  

    The Adventurer package is CryptoHopper's second account tier. The middle package contains all of the functionality included in the Explorer package, plus access to 50 additional coins, 5 maximum triggers, and exchange arbitrage. The Adventurer bundle features will cost $41.58 per month.  

    The Hero package is for experienced investors seeking the most comprehensive set of tools available. With the Hero package, users can trade up to 500 positions at once with up to 75 different coins, using up to 10 triggers and an unlimited number of trading signals. They will also have access to all of CryptoHopper's premium features and extensive technical analysis functionality. The Hero subscription costs $83.25 per month.  


    Keep in mind that CryptoHopper is not an exchange; rather, it is a trading platform that allows access to a variety of markets. This means traders will be charged fees by the exchange where their order is completed, as well as any monthly costs imposed by CryptoHopper.  

    Is CryptoHopper risk-free?  

    CryptoHopper is extremely secure. It is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms available today. There is always a level of risk in trading volatile regardless of whether the trades are made by humans or a machine. Although using bots on CryptoHopper effectively can considerably lessen the risks associated with unpredictable trading, there is still the possibility of losing money.  


    Some users are concerned trading bots, including CryptoHopper, request their API keys for their exchange accounts, and with reason. This is typically how bots gain access to funds in the account to trade. Thus it may appear to be a vulnerability. But users can rest assured that CryptoHopper bots are not granted withdrawal powers. Thus they will never be able to remove funds from the account. Apart from the dangers associated with trading cryptocurrencies, this makes utilizing CryptoHopper extremely safe.  

    Suitable for 

    • Those interested in copy trading  

  • Investors who already have accounts with their preferred brokerage firms  

    • Investors seeking advanced analysis tools that do not have professional technical expertise in order to execute  



    • Does not impose a commission on top of monthly payments  

  • Access to high-level analysis tools for investors  

  • Advanced security protections are included in the comprehensive mobile app.  

  • Cons 

    There are no phone customer service options.  

    To gain access to the most beneficial features, traders must subscribe to a monthly subscription.  


    CryptoHopper may be the solution for frequent cryptocurrency investors or those who require more advanced tools than what their current broker provides. CryptoHopper, which makes it simple to analyze deals, emulate professional investors, and interact with a larger cryptocurrency community, can serve as both an introduction to the crypto market and a powerful tool for more experienced investors.