Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022
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CoinCRED’s Founder Speaks Out On India’s first Crypto Coin, GanderCoin Launch 

At the moment, Indian people’s interest in the crypto market has skyrocketed. This digital era influenced the Indian marketplace so badly that even the RBI plans to launch a 'Digital Rupee' cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrencies have become million-billion-dollar opportunities nowadays. Today, it has turned to be one of the world's fastest-growing industries. Many developed countries have already adopted these trending tech currencies in their market.
We get hot topics on cryptocurrencies, exchange, wallets, trading, and the launching of new digital assets daily. In fact, thousands of cryptocurrencies are introduced into the market regularly, and the amazing thing is that people are switching to them. In Arab countries like Dubai, people prefer to buy things from crypto payments. This trend is taking up a great space worldwide at a breakneck pace. 

At the moment, Indian people’s interest in the crypto market has skyrocketed. This digital era influenced the Indian marketplace so badly that even the RBI plans to launch a “Digital Rupee” cryptocurrency.

Where RBI was preparing for its launch, GanderCoin gave a great shock to the nation by going live in the crypto world. And on 30 May 2022, it signed its name in Indian history by becoming the nation’s first and foremost cryptocurrency. 
GanderCoin is now initiating its ride from three well-known Indian crypto exchanges, CoinCRED, COINLORD, and iNDOEX. The founder & Managing Director of CoinCRED, Rafiuddin Khan Mohammad, said, “I highly believe in big-dreaming and big-achieving. So, if one wants to touch the sky of heights, one must take on new challenges. Though we have been trading in cryptocurrencies for so long, this is India’s initiation which itself holds different respect. That is why we are very excited to begin the journey of CoinCRED with an Indian digital asset”. 

Moving forward, CoinCRED founder & MD Mohammad stated, “GanderCoin holds such power to cover the worldwide crypto market in a very short time span because of its delightful quirkiness.” 

All exchange platforms are currently operating in the Indian region, but soon they will be used for trading globally. GanderCoin has already committed to its worldwide success by collaborating with India’s most trusted and fastest-growing exchanges.

As per social media buzz, Gandercoin has begun the airdrops for crypto users through exchange platforms like CoinCRED and COINLORD from 22 May 2022 to 29 May 2022. If we talk about GanderCoin's initial price, it is 0.13 USDT. In INR, it would be 10 rupees. 

Meanwhile, Bollywood’s new love affair with crypto is becoming popular after the talks of Sunny Leone, Vivek Oberoi, Rahul Dev, and Ronit Roy on India’s very first crypto, GanderCoin. Now, crypto enthusiasts can buy, sell, and trade GanderCoin, which is highly recommended by Bollywood stars. Their reels and videos are getting viral all around the social media platforms.    
Not only this, many social media accounts and profiles are seen raising questions about GanderCoin out of curiosity.

GanderCoin is the modernistic Peer-to-Peer network coin built on blockchain technology powered up with Scrypt Algorithms for fast, smooth, and reliable transactions. Being based on the Decentralized Finance concept, GanderCoin removes the central server and remains end-to-end encrypted between two parties.


 GanderCoin is accessed with lightning speed, which means 1,00,000 transactions can be processed within a second. Also, its high-tech features allow its users to do quick settlements of all deals. Gander users would be surprised to know that storing all data and transaction details for GanderCoin is a matter of minutes. It means it would not be wrong to say that India’s first and foremost crypto is specialized with simple, secure, and instant features.

 This cryptocurrency project is initiated by two strong female entrepreneurs, Shaik Ayesha and Subi Ansari. They believe that digitalization is for the benefit of mankind.
GanderCoin came into the market with the mission of making crypto not just a store of value but utility. The prime motto of initiating GanderCoin is to build the trust of cryptocurrency devotees by providing them with the right platform for crypto trading. The total supply of GanderCoin in the Indian market, for the time being, is 10,00,00,000 crore coins. And they have set a reward of 50 coins for their acquisitions.

It will soon be available on gate.io, LBank, Bitget, and other platforms.

Somehow, It is a moment of pride for many crypto enthusiasts to see the digital development of the nation at its peak. Because GanderCoin is a hope of revolution for digital payment or money keeping for the country.